Best 1440p Monitors in 2019 – Great Options For Gaming, Working & Watching Movies!

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“Today s video. We re gonna check out the top 5 best 1440p monitors in in 2019. I made this list based on my personal opinion and i try to them based on their price quality durability and more to find out more information about these 1440p monitors. You can check out the description below.

If you d like to win one of these products make sure you watch the whole video click the like button and comment. The hidden word found in this video. At number 5. It s the ven q.

Ex35 o 1r. If you want an excellent. 1440p or qual. Hd.

Monitor and want a bigger one in the process. The 35 inch. Ben qe x3. 501 are ultrawide monitor is your best choice with great resolution.

Plenty of teto good colors out of box hd are fast. Refresh. Rates for gaming and perfect cinematic experience. You can t go wrong with this benq.

The ben qe x3. 501 r. Is marketed as a video enjoyment monitor by the company. And it has a sleek and streamlined design.

Unlike other gaming monitors with plenty of flash and aggressive angles. It allows plenty of adjustments. So you ll find the most comfortable angle for use connectivity wise. The ben qe x3 501 r.


Has all the ports you may need with a usb type c. Port two usb type a ports two hdmi ports and a display port to complete the package. It is worth mentioning that the ports are fairly accessible and a placed at an excellent angle in the performance department. The benq x3.

501 r. Excels with amazing technological advancements and features such as the brightness intelligence plus. Zero. Flicker.

And low blue light to provide a great experience. It has an amazing refresh rate of a hundred hertz and has amd freesync support for the seamless gaming experience at number four it s the aoc aegon ag 2 for 1 qx the aoc aegon ag 2 for 1 qx is an amazing q hd monitor that comes in a 24 inch size with all. The features that the big boys have it provides amazing gaming performance with plenty of responsiveness and amazing features refresh rate low input lag resolution. And high pixel density.

And an overall premium panel despite being marketed as a gaming monitor the aoc aegon ag. 2 for 1 qx has a pretty understated design with sleek construction and smooth angles on its stand and base. It has a small footprint and the base offers plenty of adjustability settings for maximum comfort and efficiency for perfect gaming performance. This monitor utilizes a professional grade twisted nematic panel with 144 hertz refresh rate and an amazingly low one millisecond input lag in normal mode.

If you have an nvidia gpu unit on your pc. It can support g sync mode with adaptive sync for one of the smoothest gaming experiences. Ever. This monitor is rated at a thousand to one contrast ratio and as plenty of backlighting to support it for deep blacks.

It has also managed to reproduce about 97 of the srgb color gamut with good accuracy of delta e 304. With good picture right out of the box. This monitor is capable of so. Much with a little tweaking.

At number three. It s the dell u. 25. 18.


D. There are plenty of budget monitors in the market in the 1440p category. But your best bet is the dell you 25 18. D.

This 25 inch monitor is very attractive. Thanks. To its amazing. Features like the hdr support good.

Refresh. Rates low. Input. Lag and decent backlighting.

The gel. You 25 18. D. Is one of my favorite monitors in the market due to its beautiful and simplistic design.

I like that the manufacturer has chosen to go with such a minimal design providing a clean bezel this look. Which is pretty neat. The company is brand at this monitor as a versatile and multi purpose. One and it definitely is with plenty of connectivity ports that include a display port a mini displayport hdmi.

Usb ports. And more the overall build quality is great and on its price point. You can t complain about anything. The dell u.

25. 18. D. Has a 2560 by 1440 resolution.


At the 25 inch. Size. With 60 hertz refresh rate and 5 millisecond response. Time.

Which is pretty good at the price point. Impressively. The dell u. 25.

18. D provide could brightness levels. And reproduced a hundred percent to the srgb color gamut with decent accuracy and a good contrast ratio of 950 to one resulting in excellent blacks at number two it s the gigabyte 8027. Qd.

Gigabyte. Has been a prominent brand in gaming circles with its mighty gaming performance and striking designs one of their most popular models is the gigabyte ad 27 qt with a 1440p qual hd resolution plenty of features that are targeted for gamers. And an aggressive design this monitor rocks the game a design with striking angles and sharp design with rgb lights. In the back.

And an ergonomic stand that provides stability. Adjustability and aesthetics. The display has almost non existent vessels on top and sides. And just a small band with a brand logo on the bottom.

This display is very feature. Rich and customizable first off it s a 27 inch ips panel with 144 hertz refresh rate and 10 bit color and hdr support this means. It s plenty fast and has lots of rich colors. And amazing responsiveness on top of all this it has amd freesync support for smooth gameplay with the osd sidekick app.

You can control the monitor settings through the software and you can even preset settings. That you can change on the fly from just the hot key combinations. One of the best gaming dedicated monitors with plenty of features that ll take you to the next level. And at number one it s the dell aw three four one eight dw.


If you want an ultra wide curved monitor with 1440p resolution that l. Aww. Three four one eight dw is the most sensible option with good size fast response times. Great refresh rates beautiful image and amazing gaming performance as well as a cinematic experience.

The dell aw three four one eight dw will not disappoint. You fidel aww. Three four one 8 dw comes from the company s alienware line. Which is known for its amazing gaming designs with sharp lines and attractive lighting.

This one is no different it s gorgeous with its slim bezels and curved display. I love it despite sporting a game design this 34 inch monitor rocks a 21 by 9 aspect ratio with a 1900 radius curve to provide you an amazing field view of 178 degrees. Which gives an immersive gaming experience for productivity. You can comfortably split the monitor to work more efficiently thanks to its size.

Eliminating the need for two monitors. The dell aw3 41. 8. Dw is pretty strong performance wise producing one hundred and twenty seven point two percent of the srgb color gamut and a delta eg of 02.

Amazing accuracy and colors. The brightness is rated. At 270 units. And with the refresh rate of 120 hertz coupled with a four millisecond response.

Time and nvidia g sync. Support. It provides the smoothest experience on the market thanks for watching i hope you liked the video. If you found it helpful please remember to leave a like and subscribe to my channel to see more videos like this in the future.

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