BEST 5: Multi Point Chargers

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“Are the top five multi point chargers go to the video description to get the the full list of best multi port chargers. But only after watching the video the port charger that takes the fifth position is the anchor 40 watt. 5. Port usb usb c.

It s ultra powerful 1 usb. C. Port and 4 usb ports pump out 40 watts of power enough to simultaneously charge. Several devices.

It s usb c. Port. Can charge the nexus 5x 6p. At a full 3 amp rate anchors exclusive smart charging power iq and current stabilizing voltage boost technologies maximize charging speed up to 8 amps or 24 amps per port the surge protection short circuit prevention and more advanced safety features.


Keep you and your devices safe. It has been awarded the us department of energy s top energy efficiency rating fourth on our list today is the anchor 5 port charger with qc. 30 it uses qualcomm quick charge 30 to deliver charging speeds up to 4 times faster than standard chargers anchors proprietary power iq and voltage boost combined to deliver the fastest possible charge to non quick charge devices it has a hard wearing matte exterior which resists scuffs and scratches the high gloss detailing and cool blue usb ports give a sleek look to this powerful device anchors exclusive multi protect system provides surge protection short circuit prevention temperature control and more to give you and your devices unbeatable protection at number three is the jelly comb. 3 port wall.

Charger this wall charger designed with a superior fast qc 30. Port the latest 3 8 type c port and a smart identification usb port compatible with all. Qc 30 backwards to qualcomm quick charge versions. 10.

20. And all usb type c. Enabled. Smartphones.


The three usb ports wall charger. Have 43 watts of power and will allow you to charge three devices. Simultaneously at top speed. The premium usb type c.

Output. Features a next generation type c. Interface with a new design that can be plugged reversibly by usbc cable. It can charge usb c.

Devices like the ipad pro nexus 5x. 6 p. Lg. G5 at a full 3 amp.


Rate. The chowie tech 3 port charger with usb c. Takes the third spot on our. List it is a multi usb charging station with qualcomm quick charge 30.

Tech. It delivers up to 4 times faster than standard chargers. It can intelligently identify your devices and offer the available fastest charging speed for 6 x devices android or iphone at the same time at 10 amp total output an additional holder makes it easy to be placed on the desk as a perfect working companion. It is built with industry grade materials and premium circuitry.

Fully protected against over current charging and overheating for safe. And fast charging. And number one on our list is the alkie 2 port charger with qc 30. It is powered by i know intelligent negotiation for optimum voltage technology for fine tuned power output and more optimized charging.


Cycles it delivers up to 38 more efficient than quick charge 20. And is compatible with a full range of usb connector types from a to c. It has advanced circuitry and built in safeguards to protect your devices against excessive current overheating and overcharging. It is backed by a 24 month product warranty.

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