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” s been an amazing boat week on the rc sailors. But i think this is is the boat that i m most excited about so far looks amazing. Never done mime a be pleased with breville still popeyes battening down the hatches where the artsy sailors welcome to our artsy family guys. This is a ready to run brushless rc boat that comes in under 90.

This is very very impressive. I love the style of this check out the the fake still functioning. That s our rudder and then the water cooling system is here by the prop sucks in the water. You got the hose right there very nice.

Wltoys. Transmitter and then we transition here. Let s take a look under the hood. We have our two latches there and one on the bottom in the front.

How unique is that isn t that really cool before we get in check it out we have the hole here on the back of the pontoon. So that if this would flip over we can let that fill up with water. And i think have a self riding feature. We re going to test that i assume that s why there would be a hole.

There intentionally here s our brushless motor with our included battery that s a 1200 milliamp. 3 cell lipo and i brought a spare to test today there s our steering servo and our water cooled esc and receiver. How cool is that very cool let s pop this in the water and see how it does all right we picked up a new subscriber to the channel. You only give us a wave here we re going to test the self writing feature.

He s very interested to see this boat run a little bit. Actually yeah you don t need to do that look at that just be out of that hole in the side and then when we drive the water is going to shoot out of the bag right so right now. It s sitting crooked kind of caddywhompus. So as soon as he throttles it ll straighten up okay.

Oh yeah. That s a fast boat. I m sorry i ll keep it over here 90 bucks..


That is amazing and it runs on rails look at this little rooster tail. Either how cool is that wow. I am. Really impressed with that you guys look at that hands free on the steering right out of the box straight as an arrow.

There s wl wt s waist make a lot of boats. Because i just can t think of any wltoys boats not of this quality. We ve had a couple others on the team. Volvo is cool well guys.

One of my favorite things about this hobby is sharing the experience with mothers. I m gonna let our guest here give it a shot with a very confident it would be great with this and don t be afraid to go full throttle. Let s get a feel for it. Though yeah.

Very cool. This is an awesome rc boat. I love the bright red and the white is holding very straight. And very true right out of the box possibly one of the best performing brushless boats.

I ve seen put a price under 100 that s amazing you caught on fast. He said. He s never driven a boat or a ground vehicle before so good good hobby. It s your turn.

I think yay you re gonna like this a b. So yeah. When it sits still it does sit kind of funny because it fills up with water. But that s you have that prop back in the water.

There you go i m amazed yeah. You almost did that i m amazed at the lack of rooster tail on this and you know why that is that motor and rudder positioning. Normally when you have a boat this fast you ve got a giant rooster tail popping up the back in this case..


We don t have that wow this is impressive. I think for the money this might be the best boat of all time yeah. Very good. This is definitely the best vote under 100.

Yeah. I know set up the races. So in case. You guys may be watching.

And this is your first vote you ve been interested in a boat like this runs on what s called 24. Gigahertz. The transmitter. So you could literally have hundreds of these running together without interference marcis five or six years ago.

You d have to buy different channels. Yeah. We don t have that anymore. Yeah with the card yep that s right.

I remember that you don t have that anymore. So you can keep driving a b. Okay. It isn t he how fast it oh yeah so we ve probably tested maybe thirty or forty votes this year.

Maybe roughly around that number good range too. And i think this stands out the most to me. Yeah. What is the range.

Yeah. I d say as far as you can see happy. Why don t you test the range and head out to the left..


There see we have well if it gets out of range you just take a few steps toward it and i ll come back in the ring. Yep right there so let me zoom out abbey. If you guys can t even. See that i m still four times zoom.

That is very far so what we ll do is just walk toward it and we ll get the connection back and drive it back you might have to walk along the grass. There she s got the range back and we re back back under control here here we go get a nice fast drive by good job abbey. Good recovery. Wow.

That s an impressive bow. Good job wltoys. Wow. Yeah.

Nice that is cool isn t it. Yeah. Yes. It doesn t do the best.

No just wants to be a bullet and go straight uh huh. When you start doing turns like that it the other problem. The prop. Doesn t really get as much water.

Yeah. Oh no donuts. I don t care. I d still say.

This is for the price. The best boat of the year for the price. Wow..


That s so cool isn t it look how good that looks do it do it i think he wants the race that he s just trying to entice him let s see what you got buddy all right do some laps all right be careful. Though he could probably knock you underwater laughter. Let s do a water test hit it jane there you go there you go guys keep hitting the waves keep it in life hit it hit it hit it hit it hit it nice let s do a water test. And see how much water.

This is taken on after the waves are done here we go yeah yeah water test you can hit right here you can hit right here just get a little bit of speed nice you re still ramping okay. You don t have to hit full speed. You don t have to have full speed okay that s good let s do the water test. And that ll be it okay yeah.

I m still going so i like to show you guys a full non cut look at that through the grassy job stuck there okay. That s just dumping out so we only show water test to see how much water is in our boat can do that watch this watch this one let s see how much water is brought on with all that crazy ramping and flipping. I see all that hall of course let s see it s a little wet inside. I do see maybe a teaspoon to a tablespoon worth of water it could use some boat tape and that s not it that s okay.

Though that s okay that s not much water. Considering what we did there you go just emptied it out and there s actually a rubber plug here if you pull that and then nice that drains everything out so that s nothing guys. This is a home run of a boat if you know you like boats. You cannot pass on this one this is amazing look at that though there s a couple of holes up here too to help it fell out to help fill up and then there you go to drain.

And the drain. So fast. What an impressive boat a massive home run this would make a great first rc boat. And it s a must to add to your collection guys.

We ll have a linked in the description box below amazing price thanks so much for watching see in the next video. ” ..

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