Best Google Home Smart Speaker 2018 LG WK7 ThinQ Review

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” s have a real talk you bet go ahead. Say anything you re bothering me. Me. Lately.

We all have a love hate relationship with technology sometimes i just hope wins actually the smart speaker by lg has done anything. But bother me if you new to the channel make sure you hit that subscribe button down below. We do monthly giveaways and every month. You could have a chance to win something we re giving out a couple mp3 players this month.

It s free to join easy. It s just a couple clicks. You can find the link down below in the description. So make sure you check that out now so this is the wk.

7. Think speaker by lg it s very modern looking it has extremely clear sound and it connects to wi fi. Using google home through your smart phone..


Upon plugging the speaker in it automatically powered itself on and began talking. It told. Me to download the google home app. And the setup took less than three minutes inside the package.

You will receive the speaker itself an ac power adapter and a user s manual. So the power cable must be plugged into this at all times. As this is not a portable speaker. This is a home speaker designed to sit on a countertop in your living.

Room. Your kitchen your bedroom. And it s not made to take on the go. I m not going to go over all the functions and features that google home has to offer as that would take forever.

But i will say this google home is like alexa and siri in a sense that it can take voice commands you can ask it to play music order food set. A reminder. So here s a few quick examples..


I did while testing this speaker. What s the weather like today. Today in west palm beach ill. Be partly cloudy with a forecasted high of 91 and a low of 79.

How many calories in a pizza. There are 285 calories in one slice of 14 inch cheese pizza sing me a song song song songs. I love singing. Songs the end.

So the w k. 7. Speaker. Does do a good job at detecting.

My voice. Even when there s music playing all i have to do is say hey google. And it will start listening..


There s a few buttons on the top of the speaker. For volume up and volume down bluetooth mode. And answering calls and if you re a bit paranoid. If you think the government s coming to get you coming to get you there s a button on the back of the speaker that will disable the microphone.

The mic is muted. Thank god and yes you heard me correctly. The speaker also has bluetooth mode. Which is great if you don t want to control the speaker by voice you could simply control it using your cell phone.

The volume and sound quality of the speaker are actually really good it s loud enough to fill a full room and the base hits nice and low. While the trebles and mids still remain very clear. And you can also adjust the volume by using voice command. While the speaker does look like it has a 360 degree sound based upon the shape the sound only comes out of the front.

Which is not a big deal for me. But some might see this as misleading and as far as the price point goes. It is not cheap..


However it still is less expensive than most other google home speakers. So if you were looking to save a few bucks have a loud smart speaker in your home. This one might be the one for you there s a link down below in the description guys. This is fairly new to the market check it out these are on sale right now made by lg.

Let us know what you think about this speaker. Down below. In the comments and if you enjoyed this video or you just like looking at my face smack that thumbs up button down below. We ll be back with more cool content in no time stay tuned.

And i will catch you guys later you got a rotate piece hey. Google who s your best friend. It s hard to pick. But if i had to i pick you i love mine.

See tv and all of the viewers me too me too ” ..

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