Best LED Desk Lamp 2018: Lampat LED Light Review

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“Everybody i was going into weapons back again with you wanted to do a quick quick review on this lamp at led desk lamp that i purchased for my office at got bought a couple of these lamps about four months back for my master bedroom after doing just a ton of research online on the different models and the different prices the there s just at this point in time the led technology has come a very long way. So. There s a lot of different led products out there a lot of different offerings in my opinion. This is probably the best one for the price and the features that it offers and again i got it on amazon.

It was twenty nine dollars and you get free shipping. If you order over fifty. Dollars. Otherwise i think the shipping was only like 499.

So that s not horrible and again for the number of features you get with that even under 40 is a really good price point for this if you re interested in checking out yourself go ahead and check down in the description of the video here and i ll throw a link to the amazon product. If there you can check it out again and like i said i highly recommend this thing. But the reason for that is because it s got a lot of really nice features for that price tag. It has a lighting with different lighting molds four of them reading studying relaxation in bedtime and i really didn t think i was going to use that that much but those different modes.

Really do make a really big difference on you know your eye and how much strain. It has as you re doing those different activities for each of those different levels. You have a dimmer so you can actually do a dim down to five different levels. Its touch sensitive.

It s got a little control unit right down towards the bottom. Here. Which is really nice and lights up the buttons that you would need in this you know specific circumstance. So if you need to turn it on the power buttons a lot of red light.

You need to turn off same thing. So it kind of lights up that little area of that control panel. It does have a moment for one or one hour out of timer. So if you want to you know turn it on and then fall asleep.

Not turn off on its own..

It does that and the one feature that i really want to make sure my light and my led desk lamp had was a usb charging port and you can see that s kind of built in here and once we set it up here. You ll be able to see it a little bit easier. But that s a really nice feature and i noticed that when i plug in my samsung. Om.

A cord cable to this it still does the fast charging. I don t get a slow charged message which a lot of these generic type led. Desk lamps or charging cradles will do for you so overall the quality of it s really nice so i m going to bust into it real quick here and you notice it actually comes in white. We re black i got it in black because most of the stuff here in my office is black.

But packaged real nice came from amazon. Really quickly comes individually wrapped for all the different pieces. You got the extension arm. Here.

Probably zoom out a little bit make sure i get you guys in the camera. And some instructions functions warnings that kind of thing. The bottom panel for it. Which is very the heaviest part of it i should say and it s kind of screws into bottle and locks in and you can kind of rotate and twist around oscillate again when we set it up.

But a nice solid unit. Definitely made a metal got some weight to it and then a box here looks like it ll probably have the charging cables and all that stuff in there the cables for it so just plug into the wall. And it does come with the us plug thankfully. So one thing you always kind of want to check depending on the retailer you purchase it from as if it comes with a pu plug or a us.

Plug. I purchased a lot of things from aliexpress where it ends up being a you plug and it does you no good so we re go ahead and set this guys up set this up for you guys. And we can take a closer look ok so just taking a closer look at what we got in the box. We have the power adapter we have the actual housing or the light assembly.

I should say and it comes a little cap screw down to the bottom there s one screw that and then you have the bottom base plate..

And again the bottom base plates got a little bit of weight to it so essentially real easy to put together just going to go ahead. And so they fit the light housing into the base plate. You re going to take this little end cap here. And you re going to as best as possible they ll cross running it try to screw this thing in and try to get it as tight as possible so it doesn t wiggle itself loose.

And then at that point set it up and you have yourself you know the setup lamp. There essentially and we ll go ahead and zoom up a little bigger for you can kind of see it and as you can see you can spin. It left. And right you have the control assembly down there towards the bottom.

And then the power adapter will plug in a little later. But we ll go back into my master bedroom. Mostly the one that i have set up next to my bed. And you kind of see the whole operation play okay here s the light setup in my bedroom.

I really like this light because it looks really good it s got a real nice modern look to it it is pretty compact. You re able to kind of get it down into a small package where it s not taking up a lot of your end table space provides a ton of light. You know can open it up and that one comes out and i ll show you the bottom that wand. All the leds on there.

But it provides a ton of light for reading if you need it and likewise you can shut. It all the way to the bottom there. And i ll show you that too and you can really just let just a tiny sliver of light shoot through the back there and i ll show you kind of they got a little slit cut in the back panel. There but really cool i like the ability that i can charge my phone and i got a retractable phone charger cable that i ll show you and then just the different levels right now.

I have it on or i should say different modes right now i have it on the relaxed mode. Which is probably my favorite my personal favorite. I can read with it it s not a strain it doesn t strain my eyes at all yet it s still very relaxing so we ll get a closer look here guys i ll show you what we got going on and maybe i ll just zoom in a little bit for you as i get the control panel and play there for you. And what we ll take a look at your first.

I guess is just this cannibal here that you can see is retractable again..

So you can plug your usb. Phone charger. In there. Just a standard usb and i again use this retractable.

One which is really nice because i can put it away. When i m done using it in the morning it doesn t kind of sit on my desk. That kind of thing or my end table. The control panel itself you have the reading mode and hopefully.

The lights kind of picking up the differences between there for you i do have it on full power. Don t know it s on full power. There so we ll show you a full power and then we ll go all the way down to dim. All the way that s the very bottom so again five level adjustment and we re on the reading mode.

We ll go to study. We ll go to relax and go to sleep. So you can see there s a lot of different modes. There a lot of different brightness adjustments.

I believe each mode actually does retain its dimmable adjustment level. So if you have reading mode set to let s say level three and then you jump down the sleep mode. And you wondered that level. One.

Which you can see a set at you can do that again you can leave that those levels. So it does have the 60 minute timer. So i can turn that on you can see the hopefully. The power button starts blinking.

There letting you know that it s on a 16 minute timer you can turn it off real quick in order to turn it on and off it s just this power button right there and as you can see when i have it all if that polar button does light up so when you re at night..

You can t see anything you can kind of street. Over and touch that spot it turns right on and then again just touch control there s no button protrusion there this one opens up and closes and we ll probably do is just kind of bend. It over here so i can give you guys an idea of what the the actual lighting wand. Looks like hopefully.

The again camera will pick up kind of the size there for the leds. So it s a very good led sized wand and i ll try changing the colors you guys can see the difference. There and so this is the reading. I think study relax and sleep and sleep all the way to top level and all the way to the bottom level that s that again you can rotate that which is really nice so you got it on the stand.

There you don t turn the whole stand you just kind of rotate. The actual light itself or what my favorite feature is my wife does this when i m not in bed. Yet she wants to go to bed. She just closes that all the way up and you can see there maybe i ll pop her off with staying here so they can show you a little bit better.

But it ll actually just put a line on the wall or whatever you got it facing against from on the back there. And what s happening is they have just a line cut into the back panel. Which allows that light to pass through so really easy kind of almost like a nightlight more or less kind of setting where again why it doesn t really bother my wife yet. I can still find my way to the bed at the end of the night so not only does it bend that way guys.

But it it bends this way as well and i haven t really never bent it that way. But it gives you kind of that extension if you re really needing it to you know reach out to you at the on the bed level. There and not only can you actually change it on the base or that base holding it really well holding that weight especially when it s extended. So a lot of really nice features guy for thirty dollars or even.

If you have to pay up to you know forty dollars for the features i found in the comparables it s a pretty darn nice lamp hope you guys enjoyed if you have any questions let me know otherwise i hope it helps it out until next time take her ” ..

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