Best Pet Cameras in 2019 5 Top Picks For Dogs & Cats

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“Guys in today s video. We re going to check out the top 5 best best pet cameras in 2019. I made this list based on my personal opinion and trying to list them based on their price quality durability and more to find out more information about these pet cameras you can check out the description. Below.

If you d like to win one of these products make sure you watch the whole video click the like button and comment. The hidden word found in this video at number 5 it s the felix and fido pet bot pits have become a large part of our lives and as the 21st century life requires us to work we leave our babies alone for the majority of the day to check on them while you re at work or when you re on vacation. Slow down here why would you leave your companion at home ok back to the topic to check on them. While you re away.

It s wise to invest in a pet camera. And if you re in a cat. The best one in your case is the felix and fine opec bot. This is essentially a robot that has a camera on top can be controlled from your smartphone at all times.

And can dispense treats and has a laser pointer to keep your cat entertained at all times. Let s take a closer look first of all i should mention that the felix and fido pet pot looks pretty cute in its white plastic body on its two large wheels in the front and a smaller one in the back making it very maneuverable. It s also pretty small measuring 14. By 9 by 10 inches in total and it s very light weight.

However that doesn t mean that the pet bot is of lesser quality on the contrary. This device is very durable. Thanks to its hardened plastic body and amazing front wheels that can make the transition from smooth surfaces to more rugged ones and vice versa with ease the smartphone app for the device is very intuitive and clean explaining everything you need to function. The bot and you also control its various functions from wherever you are via wi fi connectivity from the app you can monitor your pet at all times thanks to its amazing.

Controls and you can even. Dispense treats for your pet to reward. Them. Or keep them occupied speaking about occupation.

The built in laser pointer. Is one of the most useful features for cat owners. Which allows you to play with your account. Without being right next to it another nice feature is it s two way audio.

So you can soothe your pet. Even. While you re not..


There. Full interaction. The camera has hd quality and delivers a great monitoring experience. And you can even.

Record footage and snapshots for memories. This product has a pretty hefty price. However if you can afford it it s well worth it at number four rit s thereby oxxo pet monitor camera. If you check the last option you saw that pet cams can get pretty expensive.

And it s not realistic for everybody to invest that amount of money into that kind of product for those of us that are more on a budget. The buy oxxo pet monitor camera delivers plenty of versatility and function for its price. While it may have some caveats for its cost. It delivers plenty of desirable qualities.

Such as the amazing camera that can be tilted and panned motion sensors two way audio and smartphone control so without further ado let s dive deeper into it the buy oxxo pet monitor camera is a pretty small device with a tiny footprint. So you don t have to think a lot. About its placement as it measures. Just 35.

By 39 by. 51. Inches in total and has a weight of 14. Pounds.

It has a white plastic body with silver details and a black camera array. It is a pretty adorable look. And it isn t intimidating at all it s worth mentioning that the camera is very durable so it ll survive knocks and bumps from your pets. When i said versatility the buy oxxo pet monitor camera is really multifunctional and you can employ it to do things beyond its intended function for example you can easily use.

It as a security camera thanks to its motion detection. Features. That work via a thermal sensor. And it alerts you at all times.

When it senses. A change of temperature you can also utilize it as a baby camera thanks to its two way audio that allows you to soothe your child from another room. And it s excellent night vision..


That delivers you amazing footage in 720p and 1080p in normal mode. That allows you to see everything in detail one of the best features of this particular model was the call button that alerts your phone at all times. When pressed for two way audio and monitoring a pretty useful feature for pets. And for children.

As well. It has remote pan and tilt features as it can pound for three hundred and fifty five degrees and tilt for sixty five degrees. So you can check everything that s happening in your house. The best budget solution that delivers plenty of versatility.

A gem in the budget range at number three. It s the poor bow life. Pet camera like everything in life. Pet cameras.

As well come in different shapes colors and sizes. And for most of us. The middle is the better for those that are all looking for a great mid range pet camera that ll comfort your fears about your pet without breaking the bank. The poor bow life pet camera is the answer poor bow.

Has made quite a name for itself with its amazing products and it s worth mentioning that the company is a subsidiary of the tech giant ater. It delivers plenty of features and practicality such as the amazing camera built in microphone and speaker. Treat dispenser and laser game to keep your pet occupied and let you keep an eye on it. The poor.

Bow. Live. Pet camera has a pretty interesting egg shaped design rocking. Some pretty approachable aesthetics.

With its black lens. That looks like an eye and the treat dispenser opening that looks like a smiling mouth your pets won t be intimidated by its looks. It s worth noting that the device is extremely durable and it needs to be so because once your pets notice that it dispenses treats they ll try to knock it open. But to no avail of course to add to the durability.

The company has chosen a dc jack connection for power instead of a usb port. Which isn t the most convenient. But it is the most durable option in the market setting up the device is really foolproof you just download the poor bo companion app on your smart phone and pair it with your device via wi fi and you re ready to go in just a few minutes the treat dispensing feature works amazingly..


However you have to fit in smaller treats because it can t accommodate larger ones and you can clean it in a breeze it dispenses treats from the app from wherever you are the video quality is pretty good at an hd resolution of 720p with a wide angle. 130 degree lens. And with the two way speaker you can communicate with your pet from anywhere you can take pictures and capture footage from it and instantly you can upload them to your social media accounts at number two. It s the pet cube.

Play you can get various pet cameras from a wide range of manufacturers with different features. But if you want to get the most bang for your buck. The pet cube play is the best option. It delivers plenty of value for its mid range price.

And thanks to its functionalities and features. It s not hard to mistake. It for a high end device it offers you a great camera that delivers amazing footage two way audio laser pointer to play with your pets sound and motion detection and a versatile app that s excellently designed for the price. It checks.

Every box as its name would suggest the pet cube. Play has the shape of a small cube coming in three different paint jobs. You can choose from the carbon black. Which is also my favorite the matte silver and the rose gold.

Which is the fanciest of the three it measures three by three by three inches in total and won t cover much foot. Space it s also worth mentioning that it weighs 143. Pounds in its hardened plastic body that s extremely durable just perfect for pet owners. It s worth mentioning that the device itself is pretty attractive sporting.

Some rich aesthetics. Unlike many other pet cameras. It s powered by a pretty long usb type c. Cable.

That s included in the package. So you can get creative with the positioning. The setup of the camera is extremely fast and straightforward and it can be done in a matter of minutes. The petcube app is a pretty useful one and there s also a social network for the cameras.

So you can allow other users to interact with your pet. However. This feature is optional the pet cube play is equipped with a 1080p camera that delivers amazing footage in full hd quality meaning that you get amazing detail..


And you can zoom in around the room to observe your pet closely if there was the ability to pan and tilt. This device would be the perfect one for everybody the two way audio feature works excellently so you can interact with your pet from work to keep it amused. It truly justifies every last cent of its price just amazing and at number one it s the foreboding camera. If you want the best camera for taking care of your dog properly the solution is not so far away.

As the foreboding. Ray is your best possible option and not just for dogs it ll give you peace of mind. When you re leaving your dog home alone thanks to its two way audio excellent camera with perfect night mode smartphone companion app and many other features that will make life easy for you one of the biggest selling points of the fur boa is its beautiful design that looks like a normal vast that you d keep in your home. It has a glossy white finish with a wooden lid on top of it and it s just 9 inches tall weighing about 37.

Pounds in total so you can place it on your tv stand or any shelf. Because it ll blend in with your brooms design. It s a little taller than other cameras on this list. However.

It is necessary to house the treats it won t look like an electric device at all if it wasn t for the led light that lets you know the device is working this models. Camera captures footage in full hd. 1080p resolution and it performs excellently thanks to its clever sensor that s amazing at capturing details and color. You can easily identify your pets from your smartphone.

And the ability. A 4 x. Digital. Zoom.

Just makes things easier for you the lens is also the wide angle and it offers you a great view of your room and a 160 degree field of view the bark and motion detection sends notifications instantly to your phone. So you can check on the well being of your pet and you can set custom snack calls. So you can give your pet. A treat.

The 2 way sound. Also is very useful if you have a stressed pet that needs your support at all times. The creme de la creme of a pet cameras the fur bow surpasses all expectations thanks for watching i hope you liked the video. If you found it helpful please remember to leave a like and subscribe to my channel to see more videos like this in the future.

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