Best Subwoofer RCA Cable for 5.2 Home Theater System 2x Klipsch 12 Subwoofer Setup Review

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“What s up youtube and say it s vide. I m going to show you you how i plug in my two subwoofers. So this is a brand new one just bought just now and it finally came in the mail. It s a clips are 1 1.

2. Sw. It s a 12 inch front firing subwoofer and i had the subwoofer cable right here. And it looks like these two go into the back of the subwoofer and then this one right here goes into the back of the receiver.

If you d like to check out this awesome subwoofer that i m reviewing today or this cable. That i m using everything connected just check out the links that i provide down the description below. But i m gonna show you how the other one looks right now i still have to arrange everything this is the other subwoofer right here and my plan is i m going to put one subwoofer on the left side over here and one on the right side..


And then i might put the towers on top of the subwoofers. So here s the aftermath of the unboxing basically came in this big old box over here. And then this is the box that was inside this one and it was well packaged and had some foam around it this i believe is a piano finish so it s really nice finished and again those subwoofer cables are gonna go right over here and the single one goes into the back yo. Sivir so here s a receiver that i own it s a a 72.

Channel network av receiver made by onkyo. It was released back in 2017. If you d like more information on i left a link down in the description below here so i m gonna show you exactly where you connect the single wire to on the back of the receiver. So right over here is where you d connect your subwoofer.

Either left or right side. And then this bottom one right here you could plug the other one into the back of that female connecting part there alright. This is what my setup looks like now..


I had the two subwoofers at the bottom. And the two tower speakers on the left and right i kept my center channel. Where it s at and then i have the elevation speakers back. Here so this is actually a 52.

System. So. The five speakers are the one two three four five and then the point. Two is designated for the 12 inch subs that are on the bottom left and right hand corner there.

But i m really happy with the sound and i m happy that i bought the 4 foot cable. Because sometimes having too much wire is a lot of greats. A lot of clutter basically so i have it connected from the receiver..


They are going to the subwoofer and again the cable was a 4 foot one i left link down the script from below for it. But it s basically a single male 2 2. Male connector. So the two males go on the back here.

And though the single male goes into the receiver. Here i can kind of show you on the back here so. Here the two subwoofer cables and then the one goes you can t really see it back. There.

I ll show you a little picture of it in a moment here. I ll give you a quick little sound clip of what it sounds like me going ahead play real quick oh this is my setup. I hope you enjoyed my quick little overview on my subwoofer connection..


I definitely highly recommend the clip system and my onkyo receiver. I ll leave my setup down the system below if you want more information on it. But please be sure to give this video a thumbs up for me conville. If any of your questions.

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