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“Guys. This video will be showing you how to use cheat engine on dragon age. Age. 2 to increase your attribute and ability points remaining.

So we want to do go to open up dragon age 2 and cheat engine. So we re going to resume a game that i ve already cheated on earlier and i say that because as you can see i m level 4. But i have 37 string tony a willpower and 27 constitution. Which is impossible if you didn t cheat.

So currently i have 3 points remaining..

And we want to increase the amount of points remaining right here so go to cheat engine. Find your dragon age 2 game. And then leave everything the same just go to value type change it to float and enter. 3 n.

For your value i ll do a scan and you ll get a lift over here. But don t worry about that list go back to your game. And then add a point into anywhere now changing the value to to go back to your lip your cheat engine change the value to 2 press next scan on the right and then go it ll scan. And then go back to your game change.

It again..

So we have one point remaining go back to cheat engine. Change the value to 1. Do the scan again and all we re doing is just making the list shorter and canceling out which everyone it s not the value of this point right here so since we have one in our list is still pretty long. We want to take out off one point change the value back to two and now change our value and cheat engine back to two and as you can see the list can be scrolled down any more and you ll see these two constant right here one of them is a value that we want so we ll try the first one we change that to 92.

And then add a point and cb points remaining skyrockets and right here change it to 91. So what you want to do is you can either add just keep adding points. And when you re low just increase this value or if you don t want to do that just take this little square on the left under frozen and that will freeze the number enabling you to add an infinite amount of ability points. The attribute points as you can see i m adding all these.

But the points remaining is at a constant 61 and 62..

But you can t go over a hundred so it s up to you if you want to freeze. It or not and for the abilities. It s pretty much the same procedure excuse me. If you look at it i have a lot ability points right now so we want to do is do a new scan go back to cheat engine.

New scan and turn 11 for your value just scan after finishes go back to your dragon age. And just add on to whichever skill you want so now my ability points. Is that nine go back to cheat engine. Changed our value to nine and voila.

One of these will try the first one again change that to 29 and then will confirm we ll go back..

We ll add another point somewhere. And there you go i ve got 27 billy points left same thing you can freeze it or you can let it just let it decrease. However you want it s up to you i froze it so if you can see the 25 isn t all using and that s how you change attribute and ability points on dragon age 2 of cheat. ” .


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