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“I never thought i d be doing this i just went for a morning walk walk and like i rolled out of bed. And it s time today s a. I literally i d even do my hair or anything jd fan today is the day yes. But before we get into that what s up guys welcome to jd boys.

If you guys are new here. This is a couple vlog channel with me and my beautiful girlfriend katie hence jd cuz your boys name is josh yeah. So if you guys are new here. It is time to prank.

My girlfriend. Katie. She pranked me a couple of days ago. And this payback time baby.

Because team josh is not striked in a while but before we get started with this video make sure you slap it do whatever you want i don t care just hit that subscribe button click that notification valium for me my girlfriend on the ig for a chance to win an apple iphone that giveaway is ending so soon so make sure you go do it now and yeah. We re just uh. We re just walking down the street right now because today is a day. I finally decided to break up with my girlfriend yes ariana grande s been like you know she s been singing to me.

And she told me to break up with a good dog to play so guys. I do not have the courage who balls to face my girlfriend face to face and break up with her like obviously in real life. I would. But we re never gonna break up cuz team jd strong baby.

Oh yes. I m gonna break up with my girlfriend over text message because i know she s gonna freak out and she would cry and i just couldn t handle the liquor in the eyes and actually break up with her. We re gonna break up with her over text. I m actually supposed to hang out with katie and like about an hour.

But i m gonna tell her it s just been too much for me and i cannot do it anymore and we re gonna break up with her so calling me we re gonna hop in the car and we re gonna start texting katie and break up with her let s go alright jeannie fan. Welcome to my breakup video baby here it goes here goes nothing i m gonna text katie and i ve never broke up with anybody over text i don t really know how to do this. But i m supposed to hang out with her and i m just gonna tell her it s been too much lately and i can t do it and i m gonna kind of let her steer the conversation just gonna go from there i don t really know so here we go oh man i m nervous we re gonna pop you guys up like right here so you guys can see what she s saying guys i just said hey babe. I don t think i m gonna come over today just feel like we need some space.

I m gonna start it off like that you know because that could be believable we hang out like every day and i want you guys to know i m throwing this disclaimer out there right now. Where katie and the jd fan that nothing i m saying right now is true. We do not need space. I love hanging out with my girlfriend.

Every single day and we literally spent so much time together we work out together. We literally. We do everything together and i love it every second of it and i feel like she won t even believe this because she knows that and i tell her that all the time. But if she believes this then we re gonna go along with it.

But don t for one second. Think what i m saying is true because it is not let s go she just texts me back. She goes. What what s going on baby.

Are you okay call. Me with the pink heart..

Oh babe. I can t call you because i can t act that out what s going on like all right guys. I m saying. I think we ve just been hanging out too much we should talk about us.

I don t know i really don t know just have never done this before we just talked about us. Yeah. We always talked about as well as what we talked about no guys. I m letting you guys down right now hold on team josh we re about to strike back.

She s not gonna know what hit her she s typing guys. I m surprised she hasn t called me yet like i feel like she would have called me right away. But that s okay she s typing. What s it gonna say sad face you always were scared of me getting sick of you.

But now it s the other way around all day. Hey i m not sticking you behind for the video. I m so sick eu babe and i m not to break up with you over text that s okay baby. I don t want even be sick of me with a sad face oh girlfriend.

I m gonna feel bad like oh man this sucks. I don t want to cry or anything. But hey trying to coerce the spread of course baby. I said.

I honestly feel like we ve been hanging out so. Much i just need a break period like from us. Dot dot dot. I m putting an end to jane ya.

Know it gives me the chills. I can t even say that this should be good guys okay. Maybe not because she s not typing. Oh.

She s calling me do i answer. Knocking. I can t do it i can t answer what should i say what do i say i can t believe she s calling me already we re like three times messages in hey. She s calling it yeah in it nope hung up right away.

Yeah. I would like hey can t talk right now. But i said hey i m so upset right now. I can t even talk just text.

Me. And she goes babe call. Me. She goes babe call.

Me please with the sad face. I m too upset babe..

I m crying. I can t call you right now. She s typing. No why do i feel like this is actually real like why do i feel like this is actually happening.

She said. What s going on did you do something i don t know did i did i do something oh i can t even i just thought of a text to say but i can t even say she said babe. I m gonna do it no i didn t do it freak. She s calling me jeez girl.

I can t talk right now. I just told you that my heart s racing guys. My heart is for real racing. No.

I didn t do anything just just been feeling feeling this way for a while and didn t know how to tell you yo. I said i couldn t face you and tell you how i really felt ah she goes. Why wouldn t you tell me i don t know what to say what do people say when they break up i really don t know. She said.

My heart is so broken right now no i feel so bad babe. I don t mean it i still love you i still love you are you breaking up with me. She left me a voicemail do i listen to it i don t know scared or do you just want to break that s a big question. But how do i answer that i don t do i want to break up with you or just want to break so same thing isn t it i don t know is it the same thing.

I m down below breaking up and a break is the same thing or not cuz. I m pretty sure it s the same thing. But i could be wrong why can t we talk and curse. It babe.

I just want to let you know before i continue on with this prank that i love you so much. And i ll never break your heart. Because honestly you mean so much to me. And you re the best girlfriend out there and i can t wait to hold you and hug.

You and squeeze you or give you a kiss and tell you everything is okay because babe. I d never break up with you you should know that especially especially over taste. I sense. I m kind of offended you believe i would actually break up with you over a text message she goes babe with the age she s bald my phone up who do i say alright guys your boy just relocated because people are cutting grass next to me and i m super annoying and i was like trying to think of what to text my girlfriend.

I couldn t even think about it because people were mowing the lawn. I was like i m trying to break up with my girlfriend out here rude room alright so we re gonna pop up this screen recording right here and continue on with this so let we left off at let me screen record. So i can show you guys alright. We left off at why wouldn t you tell me my heart is broken right now are you breaking up with me question mark or do you just want to break.

Why can t we talk in person babe what the h yes that was like six text messages. I don t know that was a lot i m just gonna be like god she just said babe should. I just be like honestly. It s not you it s me try her with that no i can t say that yo.

I just typed this message out and i don t know if i could send it because holy crap like oh it could be too real like this is not how i feel. But this could be too real like oh..

My goodness. I said babe. I m sorry just didn t know how to say this in person. We ve been hanging out so much and i just think i fell out of love.

Oh my god it hurts my heart like i can t say that because i mean it oh. She sent me a paragraph like great when i sent that she goes baby. I love you so much and this is breaking my heart. I don t know what s going on.

I thought you were always honest with me you tell me everything what crying face more crying faces oh man babe. I don t leave it i don t me i don t want to break up with you now it s just for the video. It s just for the video. You re breaking up with me over text capital.

Eleven letters. What the f. She goes. What the f is wrong with you dang hey.

It s me not your girlfriend. I m sorry we date for a year and this is how you and this is how we break up out oh. She s typing again yo she s going in right now. She s going in those number.

She said pathetic wow. Okay oh man don t get me now one two three four five six seven eight text messages just flaming me oh she said i m coming over. She said. I m coming over who am i supposed to do she comes over oh.

My goodness the way she s typing again yeah i did not figured get this deep we need to talk in person this is bs she s typing again guys. What the heck i don t even know what to say right now you lied to me this whole time. Okay. I didn t lie come on.

I wasn t a lie guys. This is definitely not going as planned like she said she s coming over and i m not gonna text her back like i m gonna take this prank to the extreme. I m gonna let it drive. All the way over to my house and find out that it s a prank and then we get cancer reaction.

I camera be even better way better than i thought it was gonna be because i thought this was gonna end with a simple phone call like oh. But no forget that we taking it to new levels on this channel. And she s not to come over and then i ll catch a reaction on camera for you guys or i ll try to but like she might be so mad or crying so bad that i just feel bad and i can t even do it. But we ll see and i forgot to show you guys that she left me a voicemail.

A voicemail who leaves voicemails anymore like what she s never left me a voicemail. My life. Let s listen to it i m kind of scared. Oh that s so sad girlfriend.

Oh. My gosh no how does it feel to get bleep..

Nobody really actually feels so bad like she was totally crying and i m a terrible boyfriend. I would break up with me after this video what if she did break up with me okay i would totally cry but that s not gonna happen guys i m literally freaking out right now like she said she s coming and i was like 25 minutes ago and we only lived 25 minutes away so i can t believe i made her drive 25 minutes just and fine. I ve got up right here. But like your boy savage.

So i had to do it. Oh. I don t know what to do how do i act like sad carry on the frankerz. I ve got very well just joking like i ll never break up with you i think.

That s what i got dude give her like a big hug and like a kiss on the cheek or what i don t know i don t know i still love you oh man babe you thought i d break up with you over text for real kiss. I felt so bad saying. That s not fair. I ll never break up with you come on come on girlfriend.

I would never guess i love you so much i would never break up with you girlfriend. I would never break up with you there you won t even show your face. Oh my it was just a prank it was just a prank oh babe hi guys we ll be right back here lies team katie in the prank wars y all. Just took that big yeah chalk one up on the board 40 job baby look guys you know i probably deserved that one i totally deserved that one that s okay honestly i should break up with you more often if i get like these really good hi.

You good no awkward. I wasn t ready for this my eyes are swollen. Now i don t have a makeup on like i can t believe you just drove all the way over here to find out that i was pranking you literally just show up 25 minutes debating. What was going on about to go where guys out with me alright guys.

My girlfriend s not happy with me so i got some suck enough to do or like whatever you want to call it i just drove 25 minutes. My eyes are all swollen. Now i have no makeup on and now we re freakin filming and so about it heart broken nose. I ll buy our like a coffee or something okay.

I ll buy two coffees. Oh god oh. God okay. Anyways guys.

I am gonna live in the house. With you okay so i got some work to do over here. As you guys can see we re gonna go buy our coffee whatever to make her happy i don t know we re gonna go guys already know if you like this video make sure the big thumbs up and smash that subscribe button go ahead. And do it so you could win an iphone and you could be happy and then i could break up with you over text messages on the iphone.

But then you d have to date them oh true just breaking up with people. It s rude. It really is teach you nothing. It s rude yeah come on you should you should tie him that s it people all right guys.

We re out of here. Oh come on don t leave me don t leave me my girl left me you re coming with me mom s weekend. ” ..


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