Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 – Remastered vs Original Direct Comparison

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“Back everybody to another episode up to wreak comparison in today s episode. We re re taking a look at beam axes recently released remaster of comp duty. Modern warfare. And seeing how it compares to infinity boards.

Original version from 2009. Now for the time being modern warfare. 2. Remastered is only available on the playstation 4 platforms.

But will be coming to other platforms. Like the xbox one and pc at the end of april for this video. I ll be showing the playstation. 4.

Pro version of modern warfare. 2. Remastered in comparing it to the best possible version of the original modern warfare. 2.

On the pc. With the graphics acquaint up as high as possible at a native 1440p resolution bear in mind that because of this difference in platforms the images for modern warfare. 2. Remastered may not look as crisp and clear as the classic game.

Which can be attributed to the lower capture resolution of the 1080p capture card being used and the inability to disable the motion bar options in the game settings. However. We should still be able to easily observe major changes of things like the object in character geometry. Lighting and effects.

Now let s kick this comparison off by taking a look at some character models starting with sergeant foley now as expected the pc version does look more crisp and clean here. But the thing. I really wanted to show here is the improvements to the character geometry there s a lot more polygons for these models now. Which is very easy to see by looking at sarge s helmet.

It appears almost perfectly round now in the remaster as opposed to the 6 line segments that made up the curve of the helmet previously facial animations are also much more advanced allowing foley to raise his eyebrows suspiciously whereas. Before only his neck jaw and eyelids would move in fact modern warfare. 2. Remastered.

Adds. A ton of new animations. Both for npcs and even for the player himself some of the game s most epic moments have been tweaked slightly to make them more immersive. Including the massive snowmobile jump.

Or this brand. New intro sequence in the second mission..

Where players experience. An ambush in their humvee and are knocked out temporarily. Only to awaken to general sheppard loading his signature revolver. These new scenes add a little bit more context to the sequences and are a nice touch to help clean up the pains.

Few rough edges. But let s bring the focus back around to the character models again which across the board have all seen some fantastic improvements soap in particular looks incredible in this premiere sequence and cliffhanger his face. Now has visible pores and wrinkles that make him look more realistic even as clothing has been improved with a new fur lining that blows in the wind as opposed to the more simplistic fleece lining used previously it s a very minor cosmetic alteration that changes the style just enough to look better without hurting the classic aesthetic. But then their sequences that arguably change the appearance a bit too much the infamous.

No russian mission for example has a very different tone at the beginning with a much darker elevator. And more cinematic lighting. Giving makarov. A sort of cliche bad guy.

Look. The original versions. Lighting and style is more natural in this instance. Making the scenes that follow feel more horrific by contrast still makarov smaadahl sports.

Similar graphical improvements. Including high resolution textures. More detailed animations and better shadowing. The general scheffers design has also been altered a bit too much he looks great now don t get me wrong.

But the exaggerated details like his wrinkles and moustache make him look much older than he did previously and the lighting in fov applied to the sequence. Gives shepard a more ominous introduction. Something that the original version was only lightly foreshadowing still artistic choices aside. The new characters look objectively better in just about every instance and helped to give the game a much more modern and updated presentation.

Next. Let s take a look at our weapons mono or four two had some truly iconic weapons in its arsenal from the classic m4a1 assault rifle to the ump45 and the intervention and with the remaster all these classic weapons returned. And for the most part closely resembled their original style with the exception of the lighting. And the randomized weapon attachments.

This ak 47. Looks practically identical with the same handguard and powerful feel to its recoil. However there are a few small changes to some of the weapons. The g18 for example is now held with two hands instead of one you can still dual wield them if you find in a kimbo variant lying.

But i do miss the way. The player held this particular pistol additionally. I m not a big fan of the changes made to the acr. This gun always had this cool sleek look to it in modern warfare.

2. With small details that stood out because of the silver paint job contrasting heavily with its knobs and side rail..

But this weapon. Now sports. A solid black finish and while the various screws and bolts look far better. Now the weapon as a whole.

Just isn t as interesting visually it might look more authentic. But i do feel that some of these changes run the risk of impacting. The original designers aesthetic either way b nex has put a lot of care and effort into remodeling. Most of these weapons and even added in and inspect key to view each firearm more carefully complete with flashy magazine flipping animations to go along with them another interesting change.

I noticed regarding the game s weapons has more to do with how the ai behaves with them if you look carefully at some of these friendly ai. During their scripted battle animations in the original game. You ll notice that sometimes they shake their gun in the air without ever pulling the trigger. I even noticed a few ai shooting blindly yet nothing long after the battle had ended phoenix has directly addressed.

Most of these issues. And has also removed this subtle heat effect that emitted from npc weapons. Replacing. It with a more distinct muzzle.

Flash. Effect. Instead. Next.

Let s take a closer look at how the environments have changed starting with the initial tutorial area now going into this i fully expected just some reworked lighting. Sharper textures and a few new scripted animations. But i was surprised to find that beam ox went above and beyond when it came to enhancing the game s locations. The shooting range area has been expanded a great deal with a few more npcs added in all practicing at the range.

A lot of these npcs. Even have brand new animations as well like the soldier training with fully that instead of just firing infinitely with a relatively stable stance. Now seems to be struggling to maintain his control. It is constantly trying to fully for assistance.

Other changes include a new burger town portable parked in the center of the camp. A new briefing area with squad formations written on a white board. And even this soldier a girl and some steak this camp was always a really cool area in the original mono warfare. 2.

As it showed a different side of the military rarely explored in video games. And with the remaster were given a few other cool details to observe while preserving most of what the original special. However there are a few missing elements in the original version there s a soldier sitting down munching on an mre. An nbc animation.

That is used one mission later during an intense combat encounter it almost seemed like this was a sort of joke. Added in in the original game..

Giving. It a little bit more charm. But v. Necks has taken away the soldiers mre and is now forcing him to join in the fight.

Another. Missing feature is the blood spatter on the doors of the humvee that pulls up after running the training course. Which seems like an odd omission. Considering nothing else in the game seems to be censored.

And this is only in the first level. The rest of the game has an exhaustive list of changes that almost always improve the feel of the experience. And even help to provide more continuity with the rest of the series then of course. We have our texture quality.

Which unsurprisingly has been improved a good amount it s not perfect. But it does provide a lot more depth and complexity than the boring mess that was the ground before as far as the layout goes very little about the game has been changed. Every mission and structure has been retained almost exactly how you remember it only with a few enhanced sequences that make scripted areas like the cliffhanger and show much more cinematic next. Let s talk about the lighting.

The lighting has been given a massive overhaul wedding in the original game was pre baked and static. There were very few instances of volumetric properties and sequences that took place in the early morning or late evening. Always have this really artificial feel to them. But the remaster does a great job reimagining the lighting conditions for these levels.

Each mission still features the same general tone like the favelas bright high contrast slums or of their own accords dark ominous reds and blacks. But it feels more natural now like the locations are actually being illuminated by the sun or by large fires in the distance. Some areas are enhanced further by beautiful volumetric lighting effects like this building in the second mission after the humvees are ambushed the helps make the scene look even more like it s clear inspiration from black hawk down. There s even new gadre effects.

Pouring through the clouds around the mountain of god in the favelas. Which provides a gorgeous backdrop for the action speaking of backdrops. I also wanted to point out that the game sky boxes have also been improved with higher resolution. Images that do a much better job of selling the extreme distances past the playable areas.

However these new backdrops are impossible to appreciate in levels like cliffhanger. Where an excessive amount of new fog effects basically drowns out the impressive clip sides in the distance. Another example of some of the effects getting in the way at the game s aesthetic. Other improvements to the laying include a few instances of the screen space reflections like this puddle in the favela area and some more authentic bloom effects.

Something that previously looked completely blown out next let s talk about the shadow quality shadow quality has never really been called did a strong suit and has often been neglected throughout the series. There s a few good examples of it now and again including in metal warfare. 2. But there s plenty of examples of rough edges and sharp jagged projections in just the first mission alone.

Modern warfare. 2..

Remastered cleans up all of this with much softer edges. And more complex shadowing all rendering at a further distance it looks fantastic and i noticed little if any banding or shimmering throughout the game. And then of course. We have our effects 1 or to s effects were a major step up from 2007 s modern warfare.

With more impressive smoke. Effects. Bigger. Explosions and a lot of interactive environmental detail.

One of the coolest effects added in was probably the way glass shattered into pieces somewhat realistically model more for 2 also had a few scenes throughout with some beautiful particle effects like embers emitting from a nearby burning tree the remaster thankfully retains all these effects even some that i was sure would have been neglected like this gas pump spewing out flames phoenix even managed to add to some of these effects. The fire hydrants for example can now cast a little rainbows under certain conditions fire has also seen a fantastic improvement with flames now engulfing more static props in the environment and glowing more realistically in the game world and finally let s listen to a few sound comparisons. Which version of the game. Do you think has the better audio design site good luck.

Me i ll see you in the far side. Hey dave. Which one is it is it the one on the left of the right. Hey isn t this danger clothes for the task force.

Which really is it sir. That s all 101. O clock. Hey.

Which building the 101. O clock. The top. Hey dave.

Which one is it is it the one on the left or the right and one on the left hey isn t this danger closed for the task force come on since when does shepard care about me. And that wraps up this episode of direct comparison overall. I m very impressed with what bean axe was able to accomplish with the modern warfare to remaster. It borrows a lot of the enhancements and concepts used to make the remaster of call of duty.

4. And builds upon it with some beautiful new character designs great new animations to build upon existing sequences and an incredible attention to detail. It s clear from everything that i tested that a lot of care and effort went into reimagining this classic entry and while it doesn t include the iconic spec ops co op mode or the landmark multiplayer experience. It s still a fantastic update to one of the most popular entries in the call of duty franchise.

But what do you guys think very impressed with the montemor. 4 to remaster or were you expecting more let me know in the comments section and of course don t forget to like and subscribe for more videos posted every week. ” ..


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