Canon Sx 720 Hs Pocket Camera Quick Review Mountain Hiking Vlogging

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“Everyone on today s photo walks with presenting at the new canaan sx7. 20. Hs. Hs.

Which is a good compact camera. So just when you just want to take with your mobile phone. And you want something with better quality. But at the same time quite portable.

So this carmella is the main characteristic is the 41st zoom. So you can also be good for capturing a you know cycling skiing was that s what we do so you might want to get a close up of someone in the distance landscapes and everything else that this camera. Okay do we going to be analyzing today as well as the video capability and how you record the sound. Which is a very important things in the video.


Let s go. Here. It is the channel x. X.

720. Hs. A good portable cameras to test. Today.

Now. We re testing out the camera handle the shake as a mocking just and holding it and so you can see two things either if the camera stabilization system is good enough and also how the sound. It is if my voice is clear enough. And what i have a little turn around are we moving and working the look at the scenery and to see if the sound quality still keeps up as i increase the distance from myself.


And the camera now in video mode walking on a very fast in bumpy terrain so the stabilization to the maximum capability. The bit of a hazy day so it s not about the camera image quality. But the category hazy way the main selling point of this camera is the zoom capability. As you can see you can zoom in all the way to the other side of the valley into the village down.

There to the middle is like three kilometers away. So this is the equivalent of a 960 millimeter zoom in at 35 millimeters camera. So here a couple of shots taken this is an automatic mode. This is an scene portrait mode.

This one is a monochrome for the black and white lovers. This is a shot into the sun straight into the sun in aperture mode. The camera let me close the upper to only down to f. 8.


On the back of the camera will give a nice screen the bottom selection with a white mini function. So you got the video mode. This program mode as usually gives you flexibility to change. Many settings.

Time value so you set the speed of the shutter. And the camera. Does everything else a v. So a passive value like in any kind of cameras.

You set the aperture and the camera. Does the aperture and everything else for you manual mode scope. Fully manual. So being a small cameras were quite enough to play around with if you just want to quickly take a shot like you do with your via the phone from the pocket.


You just leave in automatic plus. Now if you not pleased with it you can play around then it s very good it s got the wi fi. Pressing the button you can and upload the photo into the cameras application so it s pretty good camera. That i recommend to have a as a everyday travel camera.

Compact camera with you take better picture that what you do with the with the phone. Okay hope this tip helps you welcome to register to the channel to follow scribe. If you want to know more about this camera or other more questions about photography. Just write in the comments below okay.

” ..

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