Canon Vixia HF R800 Review for Indoor Studio Conditons

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” s time now to talk about an older product. That has been out for quite quite a while i ve had it on my channel a few times. The canon hf r. 800 gets a lot of views on my channel and probably because it s it s an inexpensive option for somebody just getting started or who wants to start a youtube channel.

Who s got some curiosities and at that price point. I can definitely see why two hundred to two hundred and forty sometimes it s all way down to 150 it s something that most people can afford and it s not gonna it s not gonna hurt your budget. And it might be a great way to start a youtube channel or something like that well just so you know i am filming with it right now boom. There it is and this is in really good light.

I m using an external microphone. One quick thing. The external microphone has to have its own power source in other words that has to have batteries in it. It s got to be providing its own power to pick up the audio.

Because if you use something like this with no power sources is just a standard shotgun mic that you mount on top of a camera in the hot shoe and plug it in and you know this will not work on there or any like little lapel mic or anything like that unless..

It has its own power supply. So that s very important to note. Just a little enhancement that i like to use in all my videos. So they all sound similar you definitely don t need it the vix here has two microphones underneath right here underneath the lens.

That picks up sound. Quite nicely let s get right into the reason. Why you have to be cautious of this little guy right here first and foremost. It does not hold up well in low light thing now here let me show you the lights that i have here see one there.

And i have one there so basically two right here. There are two fairly strong large soft boxes. With four bulbs in each bringing all this light at me. And then i have these track light the track lighting up here.

Which is just basic for lights shooting down just they like this and give it a nice little look so i mean..

It s not anything fancy. It s certainly something you could set up easily pretty much anywhere. But you do need some pretty good lighting for most videos anyways. But certainly for the vixia.

So this is the image of the vixia. With about half the light coming in and now i have no forward facing lights. I just have an overhead ceiling light and i do have some lights up behind me okay now this is just normal indoor lighting. You know an overhead light.

I don t have any natural light coming in here except for a little bit coming through these blinds. But this is some very average to normal indoor lighting that you can expect and as you can see the image here you know the reason. This is important is because i m trying to give you all the facts about this device. If you re interested in buying it i don t want to just show you the best parts of it because it does definitely struggle in lower life.

So as you can see here for let s say..

If you were you were filming a concert or you were you know what anywhere where you didn t have really good light. This is what happens to the image as it starts to deteriorate and this is what it the audio was like on it with no microphone attached this is just straight into the onboard microphones of the camera. Which are placed directly underneath the lens. Which is fantastic.

Because that s exactly where you would be talking into so great job with the location of the onboard microphones. I just personally like to use my own microphones. So my videos have a very consistent audio. So however as you can tell here you can use the onboard and it will work fine especially if you re you know your budget is only the camera and a memory card hopefully that answers some questions for some people out there and you know that s basically the whole point of this video to show not only the strengths in the potential of this small and inexpensive device.

But to also show the shortcomings and why it is so inexpensive. So you know i hate to i hate to make videos where a device looks fantastic like i made the video of this about a year ago. And i was in a just didn t had perfect lighting all day. I was in a awesome flower park slash flower garden where everything looked fantastic and in that environment pretty much every device.

I would any device..

I would have used would have given you the impression that it was a fantastic device which this one if it captured it well and it looked good then obviously it has that capability. But that s not how it always looks so i want to show you this i wanted to show for people who are talking about buying this to create a youtube channel or to you know move up move away from your cell phone to get something like this i think. It s important to have all the facts to see a lot of the downside of it too because the low light and the microphone for a lot of people that s a that s a big downside now these are obstacles you can obviously overcome. So i m trying to show you here a couple ways to overcome those obstacles.

But more importantly. I want you to know that they exist and that for this price point. This is what you can expect in just. So you have all the facts.

That s it folks thank you for watching. ” ..

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