CnG s Ultimate Cheat Table for Sonic Mania – Walkthrough and Overview Guide

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“This is codenamed gamma and this is gonna be a rundown of what s in in the chi table and how to go about using it the first thing you gonna have to do is install cheat. Engine you need at least cheat engine 63. But if you have a later version installed update to the latest. So once you get installed.

You re gonna want to click this over here and select sonic mania. We re gonna go ahead and open it then you re going to open and then you re going this find and browse. The cheat table you downloaded and open it once you do you should see everything here we re not going to concern yourself with this top part because they re not going to be searching for any addresses and actually well we can t move that up but we can t really hide it either so don t worry about it so if we open these up everything with three dashes has more to it we don t want to see it we can hide it at any time because not all of its going to be useful all the time. So let s go ahead and get into a level studio apple s own is great to test on so if we go into levels here.

We can change our current level. So let s change that to 14 right now notice nothing happened in the game. That s because the game doesn t update this value or read back from it until after you change it so here we have dev menu. And it s called dev menu.

Because you can access the dev menu with it. But that s not all it does if you double click. It it gives you a few options and it puts the games the game into different states. So right now the game is running it tells you what s running so let s go ahead and turn this back to reset game.

State. And there we go our level reloads and now we re on act. 2. What we could do is if we want a quick reset.

We can right click this. And then we can go to set or change. Hotkeys and apparently. I already have it set to 8.

Which brings up the dev menu. So that apparently didn t bring up a dead menu. Because it s set to a value of 8. So if i press it toggles that to a value of 8.

And it brings up the dev menu. Easy peasy. So let s go ahead and go ahead and go to chemical plant. Now we got tons of options.

Here you can see right now our time in seconds is ticking away. If we don t want that to change. We just click it and there we go it s locked of eight..


We can change our score. If we wanted to we wanted to add rings. We ll lock this at 80 and now it s telling me i can go to supersonic same thing with lives let s go ahead and lock this down to 99. And what locking down does is it changes that value back as soon as it changes so if i go and i get hit here.

Let s find an enemy nope tails is a mess up for me right there we go as soon as i lost the ring siri added eighty rings back in and there was no it was instantaneous so if we didn t want this to happen we could turn it back off and next time i get hit this will turn back to zero. If we want a debug mode. We can lock debug. We can lock it and change that to one and now if we press that the debug key or button.

Then there we go and this works pretty much any time in game. Except i believe time trial. But that s fine you should be using the bug there anyway mean bean machine codes so if you wanted to go in and make a awesome combo or kill a banach crappy bean. So you can just go in there and set this everything.

Involving your character is set under the character option. There s excellent y position notice. When i move around that that value updates. So if i wanted to say teleport forward.

What i can do is send change hotkeys and here. I set one of seven and i tell it to increase value with 100. So it s going to take its current value and add 100 to it so now if i press. 7.

There i go i get teleported forward so if you wanted to quickly get through walls or barriers. So you end up easing spin desh spin reb count notice. It says zero. So you might not know okay well that s a zero.

What do i put there well if we spin see how it goes up the max value is six or i believe it can go up to twelve if you really force it if you let it go then that s our spin. So if we lock this let s say we lock it i don t know an 18 that works and then we do a one tap there we go we go flying. We can unlock that and next time. We go ahead and use it it ll update the value and go back to normal.

If it doesn t go back to normal. We can reload the level and that should change it back to normal as well everything that says script by it is a script so you can just go ahead and uncheck and check. It and you don t have to deal with values or anything else. It s just toggles on and off so say we want super peel out there s a couple of options here there s super peel out enabled if you re sonic.

Only and want that figure eight animation. We got turn this on then we ll go ahead and load into a different level and now we have super peel out enabled. So we also have movesets so let s go ahead and we can change this to tails..


And if we d load in again now when i double jump. I start flowing notice he uses the running animation. It just uses whatever animation. It has in that setting so sometimes you might go invisible.

If you fly and if you set this to knuckles and you try to fly a sonic that happens so if we want this go normal. We just uncheck it we can reload the level and now the baculum a player identifier. So if say i wanted to get into a knuckles level. We can change this to four that s knuckles as i don t know let s try tails.

So we go over here to forest character selection now once this is enabled. We can change whatever character combination. We are so let s go ahead and change this to tails knuckles. We change that into tails and men knuckles and since we set this player identifier to four.

We go here to love a reef three it thinks we re knuckles well because we are knuckles so let s switch that around like i said these both have to be set so player one two tails let s reload back in and it s forcing us as knuckles. Which i guess can happen. It has its uses sometimes they re not great uses. But it does work we can restart from here.

Too. We don t have to use the dev menu. And there we go we re in with tails and knuckles. I really hate this boss.

So we re going to go ahead and just restart again. So that we re out of here with fourth character selection. You have to set both of these otherwise. It s just going to set you with sonic as player 2 or whatever.

It s defaulted to we can go ahead and for super peel out. So let s go ahead and change this to on and then as tails. I can do a scorpio or i could do the same thing as knuckles you can go ahead and unlock this and change it to off if you re changing levels constantly you re gonna want to have this lock. So that way it keeps changing it back on and then there were yaar syrupy.

Lot now doesn t work so say we wanted to do we can disable our super music here all you gotta do is check it current super state. All characters so this is kind of interesting if we set this definitely lock this and we change this to one see our tails turns block. It s because it s trying to change him and super. And it s not really working too well probably better for development use.

But if you go into the one to a more manageable stage. That s of just a way to get black tails. Now is now see here i removed ring check run with emerald acquirement..


So if we get in here. We can turn the super tails and as you can see our super identifiers change to two wherever the heck. That is so it s a little overwhelming with the amount of data you have here. But there were it changes to zero because i ran out of inks.

But it did say to at one point you can probably watch this video. What should have said we want the the ring combi box just turn that on if we always lied on we just lock. It we can play with our acceleration. Here if you don t know what a value does you can just take it and let s go ahead and double out 248 let s double that to 24 and then now.

There s a bit of an immediate differently difference. We can turn this up more to exaggerate. It just play around with it until you get a feel for what you want we want to fly our and modify our emerald data. All we gotta do is go over here and change any of these from 1 to 0 or 0.

To 1 and now enable or disable them make sure you walk them. And then if you beat a level or a special stage. It should rewrite that data to your save file. So no need for the save game editor.

Now let s go ahead. And do what everybody wants right we can go to look at a mirage saloon. We ll go ahead and keep knuckles and then it will go ahead and do tails. Let s go ahead and set a gregory sonic.

So we want to lock to move set. I don t want to lock the moose that we just want to set it to egg reverie. You also need to go super. So let s go ahead.

And go us some rings rings around our level rings locks out to 80s. We have enough and they never go down so now if we jump see how it doesn t change because we have the move set set to a gravity. Which is what we don t want we want to go super. First let s go tails.

And there we go now we re super. So now we can change this to a gregory like i said don t walk it and if we go down here. There s two values you want to go ahead and set both of these to set and now if i double jump. I m flying and hopefully if i double jump it ll just do what it s supposed to do and not crash the game.

There we go this works on some levels not others. I m not exactly sure why at the moment. But hopefully we ll figure that out and get it working on all levels completely if i wanted to go to green hill and enable this you can do that just don t double jump..


Otherwise the game will crash the game crashing isn t bad just relaunch the game reattach. The process and then you can go ahead and turn off whatever values or you can retry whatever you re gonna try notice our acceleration went up because now we re super that change those values same thing with gravity and jump height. It s going to turn off and uncheck that emerald data and lower that we have codes for special stages and bonus stages. See here.

Let s see if this works. I didn t test it so let s go to emeralds data. Let s go ahead and turn off the yellow emerald. Yes next stage go to that s all fine.

And let s set one of these and of course. I m super. So just give me rings so you can get into a special stage and you can set these up at whoever you want like i said one of them is a script so it just automatically does its thing you know guys said anything now here s the cool stuff here s the camera house these first three options. You really don t got to worry about the camera x.

Y. You don t got to worry about i did notice they re not working so i m gonna push a new version the trainer that does have these working. But you really don t need to know them let s go ahead and turn these on and as you can see it s removing checks. If we go to player specific it should remove our boundaries and everything preventing us from you know jumping off the level.

If we wanted to so there we go so if you wanted to explore now you re free to do so there s our loop back. And what do you know some of its solid. So that s the roof to the stage that we can t get on to and what do you know there s probably another start position here. Why anybody would get up here.

I have no idea. But it s up here so if we want to turn all this off. We can just turn it off and there we go our camera should be acting back to normal. We have dev menu.

So let s go ahead and well now let s see leave that open. We can go ahead and set a hotkey if you change that to 8. Then every time you tap it will bring up the dev menu like i ve been showing this entire time. That s pretty much it there also is this is jumping.

If you set that to 1. Even though it doesn t look like it s gonna change it ll keep changing it to 1 so it ll actually act like you re not jumping so if you wanted so if you re sonic and you wanted to use the lightning shield over and over and over and over set that to 1 and there you go i think that s about it everything else should hopefully be self explanatory. There s not a whole lot to it. But there s a lot you can do in different combinations.

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