Connect Two ISPs To One Computer : Tech Thursday

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“As far as they it s time for your tech video tonight. I m going going to tell you about the tp link load balancing broadband router model number tlr4 0 t ok so right now in the area i live in we have two options for isps. We have comcast and verizon and both of them are pretty bad they re pretty slow and just pretty unreliable and for me to get my work done i need a stable connection. If the internet goes down for a couple hours that could be a couple of hours of time lost working.

So what i m doing is paying for both verizon and comcast. And this box. Gives me the benefits of both it gives me like it doubles. The speed of one connection and so let the same verizon goes down for an hour.

If chromecast is still working..

I ll still get comcast internet. If comcast is down for an hour. I ll still get verizon as long as one of thumbs up my internet slow. Yet ok.

Here s the box itself. Nothing special just looks like any ordinary router box and on the back. We ve got power and five ethernet ports. This one is going out to on a router and going out to the rest of my network.

This is going in from comcast and so the one on the left is always going out to your network..

The one on the right is always coming in from your isp. The three in the middle you get to picked inside of the network settings. Whether it s going in or out. So at least three could go out to another router or if i had other isp options they could come in from other isps you could also hook up like a 4g connection.

If it saluton adoption. I just have to back up it s for sale on amazon for 50 or you can get it for 40 used on amazon and here s a speed test. I did with only comcast plugged into the router with only comcast plug damning up 23 down and 4 up and then here s a speed test with only verizon plugs in i got 25 down and 15 up and then when i combined them and had them both bugged in i got 48 down and 32 up so it combined the speeds and i got a much faster connection in the photo. It sends packets through both of them and faster connection.

If you want that s what the settings of the router you go to this page blog different setting from excellent make sure you go to the load balancing page..

And uncheck. This box a lot of people online. Tell you to do this make sure that some of the packets through those cables. So that easily you can also choose to have it only go through one of the isps when the other two are messed up and if they just through the confident coming funds.

A different setting for this with your quick setup. Page. And it walks you through how to set everything up. There s also a phone number you can call give any problem.

We lighted phone..

Number is eight six three two two five eight one three nine 24 hour phone line. If you ve any problems setting it up and there you go. That s your tech video for the week. Hopefully this helped you ” .


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