Create a Beautiful COLOR GRADE in Photoshop Using Selective Color

cool color pics This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you Create a Beautiful COLOR GRADE in Photoshop Using Selective Color. Following along are instructions in the video below:

” s up youtube should i make this video. Because i haven t found one yet yet on how to do a tether from phone to laptop to your xbox. So. It is i ll try to make it short and sweet this will not work if you don t have an updated computer.

Because i tried this before when i was initially trying to get it going and it wouldn t work because my computer was so out of date. So i had to use another laptop and then it ll work it perfect so. Where i would start is i have a hp touchscreen. What the xbox guy and i had to try to figure out was how to bridge the connection from me tethering.

My phone into the computer to go out of the computer through the ethernet into the xbox. Which that s what i m using xbox to see videos like how to do it with playstation. How to do it wirelessly and this one does not have the wireless adapter. So and i didn t want to have to buy one so i just figured i would try to do it tethering with the wire.

So this is with the wire tethering to the laptop from the ethernet port to the xbox. So this is what i got here it s tethered in and as you see right now. What i had to do was turn on my internet sharing and i had to share it from my main connection. Which is bear with me because this is my first time making a video like this and what sounds stupid.

But right here where it says. The local area connection. Says bridged. The ethernet is the bridged going to the xbox.

So if it works out right for you you ll get this new icon that says network bridge lucky for you guys i m doing it with a note. 7. So it makes a pretty crispy picture and right now my computer that s sending it to the xbox and i have internet and i could show you that but i hope i don t drag this out. But so what i had to do was type in ncpa period.

Cpl and that pulled up the network connections on my computer. So from there i had to go into local area connection go on share and here s where it gets tricky. Because this is the part that me and him took. I was on the phone for literally two hours trying to get this right because he himself has never done this he s only good with xboxes and going through step by step stuff that he found on the internet.

Some of it was from the xbox site. But this they had not even gotten this far. So i kind of helped him so what i had to do was go into local area connection. And i had to click on sharing and when it goes into which box you want to check into it ll give you all these options.

This is in between where it has the top sharing and the lower sharing. I forget which two they are but maybe i ll try i don t know if i can even do it maybe click into another one to show you because i tried to check it out myself by going into properties. When you right click on the local area connection. And it wouldn t come up because everything s good now it s bridged.

But the know why it s kind of doing that so i m sorry for that should clear it up and i m talking about i got a note seven say alright so i had to click on properties and the option you click on is sharing because you have two boxes one left one right so you click on sharing and in the middle. You ll have this box that it ll say like what do you want to do with it so for the main one for the local area connection. Which is what i m telling too is i had to click on wireless because they don t give you the usb option so i clicked on wireless and then once i did that i went into the ethernet part and i didn t have to click on anything for that i just clicked on sharing and and if i did it um. It had to it had to be probably like a home thing like i said i ll try to let me see if i can even click into it click into one of these right click going to properties alright.

See how it has network and bluetooth. So you can t go bluetooth. But when you click on this it ll have sharing and i m wondering why i don t even give me let me. See if this one has it maybe i don t know alright.

Yeah. See how s that networking sharing. So. This one.

When you click on that and the app ds2 it ll have a middle one so you won t click on bluetooth. But if you have any questions you can always shoot me a message and i can walk you through it it s really easy once you figure it out it s really easy. But that s how goes you would click on each to anne in the middle here in the middle here is where you ll have the box click up so for the first one you ll click on wireless. Which is your main connection going into your computer that ll be the one so that to that part and once you get your connection established.

You ll click you ll right click on the main. One and then you ll click on the ethernet..

One. Because you ll have it ethernet one popping up that goes into your xbox. You ll hold central and then right click. It again.

And then the bridging option will pop up see if i right click it right now it ll say remove bridge. But if it wasn t bridged it would take bridge connections. So that s that part so that s that and once you get them bridged. This one right here will pop up network bridge that will pop up and that s when you know you re good so i ll show you that i have a connection well.

This is what you have to go through and this is what they don t show you when you re in the youtube videos on how to do it from a phone tethering with a wire into a laptop. And it was just really funny so i m on my xbox. Right now so let me say by what my battery was dead inside my controller. So maybe i can get to it just to show you that i had a connection and i m in my garage.

So i have no internet. Thing popping out here only in there that i have is my cell phone which i m holding in my hand. So i should still get signal. I m dark turbo.

So you click on that and i ll show you that i have internet kind of what i look like and signing in right now. This is pretty cool because if you don t have it well internet nowadays is pretty expensive i have a sprint 4g lte phone so my signals not too bad it just depends on where you are so i mean i could still stream movies and things like that but the better spot you are the better your system won t buffer. When you re trying to do things it kind of said that um see it s saying. There s an internet problem.

But i can show you it s really just because i m in my garage and my signal sucks so i m gonna show you that i have internet just to prove it and you ll see what i m talking about network settings. You re going to network settings. Now when you do this i ll tell you one thing. You know you know once you plug your ethernet cable into your xbox.

It s automatically gonna come up wired. It doesn t mean you have a connection until your computer says. It s wired in which my computer is working fine. I said when i i still have that one pulled up.

But i was trying to show no idea why it s a glare. Wish i can somehow change that part maybe because it s computer so bright or the lighting in my garage. And you just tried it there we go maybe that helps a little bit. Oh.

My god i m so sorry well you know what i m talking about. But say maybe i can turn the brightness down let me say there we go alright that helps a little bit there you go say like i said. I have both these connections bridged. It will say bridge.

So i have a connection. Let me see if i right click on it i believe you show you that i have no it s not let me say i wish i would ve known this a long time ago turn down the brightness. But i said all right property status. This is much that it s gonna stay connected someone not connected.

But where is it at it s receiving right now i can assure you i m connecting right now through the internet. Let s see yeah down there. The box next to the speaker in between the plug in that s my connection that s through my ethernet cable yeah i had a feeling this was gonna videos gonna take a little longer but whatever this will help a lot of your gamers. I sure like it now here s my network status connected.

I seen so many videos like this and i walk through all their steps and they were all pretty much useless because they were all said like tethering. But none of them were wireless absolutely nonee reds where most of the nskin tones are found no matter. What the ethnicity is and maybe add just a tad. Bit of cyan reduce the yellow just a tiny bit add a bit nof magenta to the skin.

Which gives it a nice effect and this is before and after and i think that looks much much better what i m going to do now is create a curves nadjustment layer and i m going to change the blending mode to luminosity. But before i do that i wanna show you one nthing. If you create a really extreme adjustment nlike this one you ll see that with a curves adjustment layer you not only affect luminosity nbut you also will affect the saturation of the image. See how the colors are very saturated on his nshirt.

But if you change the blending mode to luminosity nnotice. Now that the colors are not as saturated..

So i m going to use the curves adjustment nlayer with the luminosity blending mode to not affect the saturation of the image. I m going to click on the reset icon to reset. Nthe curves adjustment and i m going to click on the curve to create a point and drag down nto darken. The image.

Then i m going to paint directly on the layer nmask thumbnail with the brush tool. Obviously and with black to hide the effect. I m going to increase the size of my brush. Nby tapping on the right bracket key on the keyboard.

Another way in which you can reduce the size nof your brush. Is by holding alt option on the mac and right clicking. And dragging left. Nand.

Right to increase the size of the brush and up and down to adjust the smoothness of nthat brush. So in this case. I want a fairly smooth brush nand. A brush about that big and i m just going to paint.

Where i want to nconceal that effect. What i m doing here is bringing more attention ninto. The subject by making the background. Darker and then i can reduce the opacity accordingly njust to get a much more interesting effect and again just like everything else everything nis subjective.

So you can decide how you want to mask out that darkening effect. So that s before and after and that still might be a little too dark nso i. ll bring down the opacity to 50 before and after then i m going to rename the curves adjustment. Nlayer and i ll just call it darkening.

I like having all my layers named so that ni know what they control with the top layer selected. I m going to nhold shift click on the bottom layer. The one labeled color tone. And press.

Ctrl. G. Ncommand. G.

On the mac to put that into a group and i ll call this group cooling effect. So we made a cooling effect. Just using those nadjustment layers and actually now that i m looking at it nthere s one other change that i want to do that i really didn t think about until just nnow. So we ll see how that works with a hue and saturation adjustment layer nselected.

I want to change some of these reds because the image is really blue and blue ncontrasts better with orange. So if we make these reds orange. Because blue nand orange are complementary colors as you ve seen in my cinematic color grading tutorial. There s a link down below in the description nif you wanna know what i m talking about but i think that it would look much better nif his shirt had orange instead of red.

So we ll see if it works. I m going to click on this icon. Here and then click on one of the reds and drag see that see when i m clicking and dragging. I m changing nthe saturation.

See that but if i click and drag while holding ctrl nthat s command on the mac. I m changing the hue. So i can push the hue to the oranges and i know i m affecting other parts of the nimage like his skin. But that s okay i m not worried about that right now.

I just want to make sure i get the right orange nthere. Like that one there and then click and drag. Without holding ctrl and click to nthe left to reduce the saturation of that orange just a little bit. I think i went too far so i ll go back up somewhere around there so that s before and after next.

I ll select the hue and saturation layer nmask thumbnail and i ll call the layer shirt. So that i know it s affecting the shirt..

I m going to press the invert button on the nproperties panel with that layer thumbnail selected and it turns it black of course. So it hides the effect white reveals black conceals. So the entire layer mask is black so everything nis hidden now with white as my foreground color. I can npaint directly over the shirt and again i m not going to take the time nto do a perfect mask.

But you ll get the idea and so now i m painting directly over the nshirt revealing the orange color that we applied with the hue and saturation adjustment nlayer so that s before and after it s a subtle adjustment. But i think it works i think it looks much better with orange and we can always come back into the hue and nsaturation adjustment layer go back into the reds. Because that s what we adjusted nwith the direct selection tool. There and maybe i can increase the saturation.

I think it might actually look better with nmore saturation. So before and after i can also adjust the hue to maybe change nit to a different shade of orange. Maybe more in the yellows and you can keep fine tuning nit as much as you want also one thing. I m noticing is that in these nareas.

I m not really targeting the reds and that s because the target is right here nright on the red not the darker shades of red so i m gonna click and drag this to expand nit and select more reds and i think i will be able to get some of the reds that i missed nright over here. And i think that actually selected those and i m also gonna come back and make sure nthat. I painted over every area that has red over the shirt and you can of course. Keep fine tuning.

The nmask and the colors as much as you like so. That s before and after so. That was the cooling effect. Now let me show you a warming effect.

Using nthe same technique. I m going to click on the eye icon to disable nthe group then i m gonna click on the background and npress ctrl j command j on the mac to duplicate it and i m just gonna drag that into the ncooling group effect and i ll drag it all the way to the bottom of the group and you know what actually th that s a nlong way. There s actually a faster way let me show you what that is i m just gonna delete this layer. And i want to press.

Ctrl j. Command j. On the nmac to duplicate that layer and as you just saw. If i simply click and ndrag something into a group.

It s gonna place it on the very top of the group. But if i duplicate the layer ctrl j command nj on the mac and hold shift and drag it into the group. It s gonna place that layer nat. The bottom of the layer stack.

So that s the way. I should ve done it just a little faster and that only works on photoshop cc in older versions of photoshop. If i m not nmistaken by default the layer goes to the bottom of the layer stack. When you drag it ninto.

A group. But anyway. The reason that i m doing this nis. So that we can compare with the second example.

The warming example. So now we re going to do the same thing nbut. We re going to make this image look warmer. So i m going to create a selective color nadjustment layer.

I m going to go back into the blacks and this time. I m going to add yellow to make nthe image. Warmer and reduce the cyan to bring in some red like so and i ll drag the black to the right to bring nin. Some contrast then i ll go into the neutrals and i ll do nthe same thing add red maybe add a little bit more yellow.

This time and in the whites. I ll do the same i ll reduce the cyan and i ll add yellow nlike. So so the image. Obviously is looking much nwarmer.

I think that we need a bright highlight on nthe right hand side just to make it seem like there s maybe a window or a light source coming nin through the right and one of the way in which you can create nthat effect. Is by creating a gradient fill under style make sure that you have radial nselected and the style that you re gonna use is the second one here the one that goes..

Nfrom foreground color to transparent to make sure that you have the right gradient ndouble click on the gradient and in the gradient editor. Just make sure that this opacity stop nis set to 0 and. Location at 100 click on the color stop to the left and set nit to white that will be the inner color. Then click on the color stop on the right nand set it to yellow that will be the outer color press ok press ok once more and then we can adjust the scale of that highlight and you can click and drag it and place it nanywhere.

I m gonna place it on the right and i ll move the gradient fill window to nthe left so that we can see what we re doing then i can adjust the intensity of the glow nby adjustment. The scale maybe push it out of the canvas. More and then press. Okay.

What i m gonna do now is change. The blending nmode to color dodge. And you can reduce the opacity. If you like nbut.

I find that with color dodge fill works better color. Dodge is one of those blending modes nwhere fill and opacity work differently. If you want to find out what blending modes nwork differently. When you adjust fill compared to opacity then check out my video.

The 8 nspecial blending modes. I ll place a link right below in the description. But anyway. I m going to double click on a ngradient fill layer thumbnail to bring up the gradient fill window and i ll click and drag the glow in a bit nmore.

I ll also increase the scale to make it larger. I should have change the blending mode first nand then adjusted the scale and i ll drag it to the outside of the canvas nagain and press. Okay and i can adjust the fill and bring that down naccordingly. So that s before and after and this is creating this warming effect on nthe right hand side.

As if we had a bright window where a lot of light is coming through and it s affecting obviously our model and just like with everything else you can nkeep fine tuning it until it looks good to your eye. One thing that i want to do in this case is nflatten the image more so that there s less contrast and one of the ways in which i can do that nis by creating a levels adjustment layer and moving the black point to the right. So. That nthe darkest.

Pixel is brighter thus flatten the image. The problem is that if we go all the way to nthe right you ll notice that the image is actually pretty white and it s not necessarily. Nthat. Yellow color that we want and that s because we placed the levels adjustment nlayer at the very top so i m gonna drag it down below the selective ncolor adjustment layer and watch what happens see how now we have that yellow effect on nthis flat image.

So remember layer stack order matters. What i m gonna do now is drag. The black point nto. The left and fine tune it to a position where i m happy with the flattening effect.

I ll quickly rename my layers. I ll name the gradient fill flare. The second nselective color layer is the color grade. And this levels adjustment layer is the wash nout effect.

And i can put those into a group so click non the top layer hold shift and click on the bottom layer and press control. G. Command ng on the mac. I actually can t make this into a group.

Because nthere s a lock on it the best way to remove the background lock nis simply by clicking on it in older versions of photoshop nbefore photoshop cc. You will have to click alt and click on that lock. But anyway i ll do that again i ll select all the layers and press control ng command g. On the mac and i ll call this one warming effect and you can see the two color grades that nwe came up with by using the same selective color adjustment layer let me know in the comments below.

Which of nthese two color grades you prefer and why or what colors you would have used for the ncolor grade remember. If this is your first time at the nphotoshop training channel then don t forget to click on that subscribe and notification nbuttons thank you so much for watching ” ..

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