Creepy Bad Endings # 34

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“You ah oh. You you you you oh. You you you as far. As you you oh.

You you you you oh you you you you dime monster. You do belong in this world. It was not by my hand that i m once again given flesh. I was called here by humans who wish to pay me tribute tribute you steal men s souls and make them your slaves perhaps the same could be said of all religions your words are as empty.

As your soul mankind ill needs a savior such as you what is a man a miserable little pile of secrets. But enough talk how about you you ah god what is your business here. I ve come to put it into this still befriending mortals. I ll not ask you to return to our side.

But i demand you cease your attack. I will not you shall regret those words who we will meet again wait a moment you seem human and yet what do you hear i ve come to destroy this castle. Then we have the same purpose. I ll trust you for now.

I m maria who are you oh card not the talkative type. I can see well perhaps we ll meet again if you live that long farewell impressive you re very strong. What is it you want you didn t come here to tell me that you re right. Do you know the name richter.

Belmont of the belmont clan of course. But he disappeared about a year ago. And i m sure he s here if you see him please let me know as you wish my lady thank you so you do know how to be a gentleman who are you open hell s gate. Come forth my servants the scent of your blood you re a belmont crush this flea who invades my castle.

I m certain that was a belmont so he says he s the lord of this castle. I ve been waiting for you so it is you but why is a belmont planning the resurrection of count dracula count dracula rises but once every century and my role is over if i can resurrect him then the battle will last for eternity. It s over belmont..


So the war between humans and vampires finally ends here. What need for the shepherd. When the wolves have all gone. My time on this world has come to an end you mankind continues to fight.

But it is a desperate fight to stay alive. I supposed that he chose a life of warfare since that was the only way he knew like you father. He chose a path of destruction farewell land of my birth never again will these eyes gaze upon your beauty you you you shall regret those words who we will meet again so did you find hater. I don t know if he s the one you re looking for but i found a belmont really so he is here.

But the one i saw was the enemy. He was the lord of this castle that can t be true you re wrong. I i must go now mother that voice alucard. It s you i m coming mother.

I ll save you no i look hard don t come here. But mother it s all right if my death can save others. I gladly surrender my life mother no. Please no yes alucard watch me die.

And remember always my last words to you yes mother you must despise humans they are to be your prey. What better for them to die. Than to let them compound their sins begin by slaying that one over there no it wasn t like this. What s wrong i ll look hard my mother never said such a thing.

What do you mean kill them and bring them happiness. No you re not my mother. What kind of demon are you you broke free of my spell. I like that demon death is too good for you come here little boy and show me what you got darling.

I smell your blood. You re a vampire could it be that strength that beauty you were the son of lord dracula death in the dream world will set your soul wandering for eternity demon. Wait..


I i regard that voice maria. I m sorry you were right. He has joined forces with the enemy. So it was a belmont after all but someone must be controlling him whatever we do we can t harm viktor.

But he must be stopped. I know well here take these with you what are these if you wear these you can see beyond evil illusions. Thank you tis best then if you pray for the soul of your friend it s over belmont. So the war between human so you made it uh.

No card house richter. I m sorry i see thank you for stopping him. Do you suppose that this too was fate so your journey is over as well vin no not until i learn what cars victor s madness. I understand well then may the gods guard you along the way farewell you as well on a guard goodbye you yeah you ve defeated me.

But all is not yet lost the resurrection of count dracula is at hand. No what have i done thank you i love god for saving rector alucard the same alucard who fought alongside my ancestor trevor belmont that was over 300 years ago no time for small talk is the person who controlled you in that castle over there yes. I think so maria take richter and leave here. I ll finish this all right good.

Luck. You wait don t have it anymore. Ma. Maria.

You saved me. If not for you i would have lost to this fool ha ha four demons i hold you to your oath. Defend your master. Who commands you ah such power in such a little girls ha ha.

It won t end. Like. This you should be destroyed along with this castle..


Oh it s over but the sacrifice was great maria richter. I did not wish for you to die. Such is the fate of mortals. I m certain that some dark force was behind maria s transformation.

But it doesn t matter now you so you ve made it this far in the name of your father cease this foolishness. Not while there s a breath in my body. Then for the master. I our feast on your soul this night.

You have done well and making it this far and i would expect no less from the son of our master. So you are the one who is controlling belmont. Yes. I am.

The dark priest cult shaft in this world must be cleansed in the forge of chaos. Why did you may know what lord of this castle for centuries vampire hunters have defeated evil with only power. But if two vampire hunters would fight each other but no one s power supreme among vampire hunters. None other could defeat exactly that s why i removed him as a threat by making him did you lord of this castle.

But your plan is film how s it indeed we ll see what happens after i destroy you we human side. Oh no you claim to love the darkness go then and dwell there for all eternity. But but my goal is achieved count dracula has come to purify this corrupt world with the searing flames of chaos father well met my son it s been a long time. I was hoping we would not see each other again.

I can t allow you to leave here father you have ever been the ally of humans have you forgotten what they did to your mother. Thank you i would forget such a thing. No. But neither do i seek revenge against them still uttering the same nonsense.

No matter now is the time to put aside your weak human side and join me in remaking this world dracula in the name of my mother. I will defeat you again go back whence you came trouble the soul of my mother. No more how how how is it that i ve been so defeated..


You have been doomed ever since you lost the ability to love huh. Ah sarcasm for what profit is it to a man. If he gains. The world and loses his own soul matthew 16 26.

I believe tell me what what were lisa s last words. She said do not hate humans if you cannot live with them then at least do them no harm for theirs is already a hard lot. She also said to tell you that she would love you for all of eternity lisa forgive me farewell. My son so you made it alucard.

I m glad you re alright. I m sorry tis. My fault you had to fight your own father fear not i had my own reasons for destroying him it must have been painful for you indeed. But you must always remember that the only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing i understand alucard.

What will you do now the blood that flows in my veins is cursed. It would be best for this world. If i were to disappear forever. I see farewell then we ll not meet again.

You i love god don t you want to go after him maria. No it s best this way. I can t ease his torment. Some day perhaps we will meet again and on that day.

Maybe i see let s go everyone s waiting for us yes. Let s get out of here farewell. Then we ll not meet again. I look hard don t you want to go after him maria.

I m sorry i can t let him disappear from my life. It s alright go after him perhaps you can save his haunted soul thank you victor fare thee well and yourself dear lady you ” ..

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