Crosley Three Speed Turntable Unboxing & Review HomeGoods Finds

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” s up guys so today. I am unboxing. The crossley portfolio three speed portable turntable turntable and never thought that i would actually get a turn say well i think grandpa s the last one that i know to have one. But i saw this thing got home goods and it was on clearance actually for like 50 original msrp was 200.

I saw it at a bigger box retailer on sale for just over 100 and so couldn t pass this up 450 pretty good deal. So let s get into it okay just some quick stats. It s a three speed turntable. It s bluetooth enabled.

It s got a moving magnetic cartridge which i imagine most of them do maybe not pitch control. Which is huge for sound auxilary input and it s usb enabled. We are gonna see if this can actually plug into just a regular outlet..


Because i don t have a usb to connect it to especially in the place that i was gonna put it so yeah let s get started right off the bat looks like we have outlet plug right here. And then our usb right here. What is this oh. This must be the audio jack right here so all of our plugs.

I ll put those to the side and then pull it off. And i ve never used the a turntable before at least not one like this so we will see let s just set this to the side. Okay. Not sure what this is looks like some type of cover for the turntable.

I m sure it ll come in handy. And we ve got our directions. Instruction manual..


And then limited warranty. Which is always nice oh even for something on clearance gotta have that all right set that stuff to the side now for what we ve all been waiting for never been use brand new 50 hard to be worth 50 baby alright. Let s see how this works trying to be as gentle as possible people i don t want to ruin anything this is kind of girl stuff. It s like a suitcase.

Almost yeah i won t open it just yet that s the side or what are we working with right here. Oh. Damn son wow. This is like if you could see this in person this thing is pretty sleek feels high quality obviously.

It s portable so i can take it anywhere. And that s probably what the usb is for and i brought a couple albums. So let s get it put up and set up and see how it sounds..


So. The speakers are on the side of the turntable and it looks like it s got them on both sides. So you get even sound quality from the left. And the right.

Which is really nice construction wise. It s got kind of a plastic body going on. But it certainly feels like it s high quality and then this back lining is almost like a suede or a velvet. But it definitely doesn t feel cheaply laid.

I mean it feels like an expensive turntable that i just happen to get for a really good discount. Figured i d give it some coldplay a little bit of ghost stories cuz you know what you just can t go wrong with coldplay so honestly sound quality isn t bad. It s not the greatest you don t have you know the most advanced speakers in this crossley turns over..


But i probably give it a seven or an eight and then construction and ease of use certainty. Ten all right you guys. That s gonna conclude. The review for the crossley portfolio three speed portable turntable you know for 50.

This is a steel. And you d be surprised about all you can find at homegoods. This and a lot of other neat items let me know what you think in the comments below and if you ve got any further questions over this device. And i will be back at you with another review soon peace ” .


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