CSGO: How To Make A Custom Config/Auto Exec File!

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“Officer guys this gold mine and welcome to another video today. I m going to to show you how to make your own config file or basically how to save own commands or your own settings on csgo. So the first thing you want to do you want to go to your library and right click on counter strike global offensive go to the properties once you re there go to local files and then browse local files it ll open up the directory straight to counter strike global offensive in your steam file once you re in here you want to go to csgo and then you want to go to cfg after that you want to find config dot cfg you want to copy it and then you once you paste it you can rename this file. And i d recommend you rename it something pretty simple and easy so i m just going to rename it you tube test once you ve renamed.

It you want to locate the file again and open it in some sort of editor. I recommend notepad plus. Plus. There ll be a link the description.

If you want to try it out for yourself. Now what you want to do is select all and delete all the commands in this config..

Then all you want to do is type up all the commands that you once now remember you don t need to copy all the commands off of the config file paste them in here and edit them if you wanted a simple config to change your sensitivity from your surfing sensitivity to like your competitive sensitivity change your volume stuff like that. And all you have to do is type sensitivity and then put the value that you want your sensitivity to be whatever commands you want can be put in here and will be launched. Whenever you type in your console. This is my personal config.

I ll make a video in the future going a little more in depth in my config file. So once you have your config. The way that you want it you want to go back into your properties go to set launch options and right here. I already have a command set for my config file.

So what you want to do in the front of the launch. Option..

You want to type plus. Exe c. Space. And then the name of the config.

So the conflict that we were just editing is why t test cfg so that s what we re gonna have to put is why t test. And then dot cfg don t worry about the language goldmine. This is a completely different configuration of the game. And i might make a video on this in the future.

Just click ok. And now you have to do is launch your game..

Now since the only command in the config that we put in there is a sensitivity changing it to 15. As you can see right now my sense to say is at point eight. What you want to do to actually turn on or launch. The config file to execute all the commands in the file itself you want to type exe.

See space and then since it was just yt and then test. I m just gonna type the first couple letters of the name and it already pops up so we re gonna hit the down arrow. Which will automatically put in the rest of the name hit enter. And it has successfully launched the config file yt test.

Now let s check my sensitivity and as you can see it is one point. Five this video is just showing you the basics of how to get your config file started so you can put more lines of code..

And you know there s different sorts of changes. It s all personal preference. Some of you may think that this is kind of stupid. But there s a lot of really cool commands that you can use that can help better your experience for competitive gameplay or just playing counter strike in general.

I ll put a link in the description to some really cool commands for your config file. And i ll put another link in the description for some commands that could actually better your gameplay for competitive hopefully you guys did enjoy the video. If you did please don t forget to hit that like button and subscribe. This is ” .


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