Destiny 2 Get Rid of Milestones

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“You for listening to or watch. Another episode of s t. Our presents. This is is gonna be about why i think they should get rid of milestones and destiny if you re listening to this on itunes google play spotify you re watching on youtube you can always tune in live i m probably live right now come on over to twitchtv slash say no to rage or just look up say no to rage.

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Anymore. I didn t want to spam you i m doing a lot of content creation so that s down there and if you re on youtube. You can always click the like button and the share button that s a free and easy way to support my content. So i m going to talk about leveling and game.

And then this isn t candy crush level and game. And this isn t candy crush so i m gonna save the best for last. Okay first leveling at at a total foundational level. I do believe that destiny needs overhauled with respect to leveling rpg is at the core of this game.

It is an rpg where you level you have classes you have you know you have your gear score. And i believe that leveling should be completely overhauled to be streamlined everything should just raise your level to varying degrees from public events to law sectors. Adventures strikes etc. All of it should drop stuff.

That raises your level. So every single time. There s a seasonal change and then we get a 50 level bump. You should just be able to play the game.


And get your level bumps from that now obviously a nightfall should be dropping bigger jumps than a public event. But everything should be leveling up to greater or lesser degrees the further behind people get the you know from the cap. The bigger. The jumps.

They should get as well so right now 650 is the cap and the further away you are from that the larger those jumps should be the reason for this is leveling should just be a natural process that happens. It s not something that needs to be arduous and drawn out especially since every season. They re offering new things to do that are tied to the new level caps. If you want to play the new content you ve got to raise your level in order to do it.

That s what happened with the forges day one that led to some frustration the i just got the monarch sorry to anybody. That s been trying to get that the final sort of sort of 50 levels or the new 50 levels should be slower. I will say that the final 50 levels could be a little bit slower. And what that does is that gives you a little bit more value in longevity.

Every time there s a seasonal update and they bump the power level it s happening. But it s not happening immediately okay. But if you re below 650 and then the new the new 700 power level coming next season. If you re below 650.

You should get to 650. Very very fast and the final 50 should slow down that s good for everybody. That s good for the people that get there really quickly. It s good for the people who finally arrive there it stretches out the value point a little bit the reason you want to do this is at its core.

This is a value point for the player experience that stretches across the spectrum. If you re a really really hardcore player you re getting there fast anyway so it kind of doesn t matter to you leveling is kind of a non issue the further down you go on the spectrum of player from the moderate casual to the very casual. They then feel a sense of progression. Any time they re playing the game.

They re getting loot and it s moving them along the leveling trajectory. Now what about the people who get their really really fast or what about what do we do once we get there well. That s why endgame is next. I really think that once you hit max power.


You should be having the entire game changed for you so i m saying get rid of milestones. But milestones could still be there as a rhythmic deliverable of maybe certain pursuits. Certain certain gear could drop instead or maybe milestones have a good probability of dropping exotics. I don t mind having things that are set aside as this is a thing you do each week and then it reward rewards you with a drop.

I just don t think that s how leveling should be and then the reason that you don t want to do leveling in this way is because once you re to max power. All those activities become irrelevant. The entire game and your director should change once you get into the end game right now once you get into the end game. This in haier director becomes completely meaningless to you and that s where milestones are problematic milestones could be in the game as an ever present way of just dropping high value gear or good or good things or you know good things from gamete and crucible whatever the pinnacle gear is considered to be maybe that that s how you can kind of farm for it in addition to the bounty system idea that i have you take eight as bounties and you put them in every npcs inventory.

And you could dangle this value point in front of people. The entire time they re leveling up every npc you go to you see these bounties you see these pursuits. These seasonal rewards that you can t really work on until you get to max power. You see that as a destination.

You see endgame as a place for you to go and spend your time. Instead of once. I m max power. There s far less for me to do or care about you go to the npc s the bounties are grayed out the seasonal pursuits are grayed out.

And you see that is okay. That s something i can set my sights on and you re just naturally leveling up so that that light at the end of the tunnel is getting closer and closer every time you boot up destiny. That sense of progression is really really good for player longevity for player loyalty for people feeling like they re invested in the game. Right now.

People don t feel invested. It s easy to take a break because leveling is just so it s rng based. And it s limited and i think that leads to a lot of frustration keeping the entire game rebel relevant. I think is is key to the future of the game.

We ve talked about anthem. A lot where the entire game can be brought up in difficulty the whole game comes with you free play contracts all of it keeps coming with you similar to in the division with the world tiers the whole game is coming with you getting rid of milestones as a source of leveling streamlining. Leveling and having the game kind of changed for you once you re at max level is a way to keep the entire game. Relevant every every npc every planet everything can continue in its relevancy.


So you don t end up with a very narrow and shallow end game. And i believe this is key to doing that now lastly. I want to say this is not candy crush that is why i get so frustrated by the milestone system. When i think about leveling telling people to basically you ve run out of tokens come back next week.

Is a mobile candy crush themed version of we re gonna keep you coming back. But we re gonna stop you once you get to a certain point that has no place in leveling in an rpg no place at all it s bogus. It is a it is a fake way of extending gameplay destiny to vanilla was so thin. And so limited that this is how they had to limit your leveling.

This is how they had to stretch it out that s the real truth about the milestone system. The milestone system excuse me. It s just a way of stretching thin content. Further because you tell the player you are done come back next week.

You can t you can t finish this week. You re not allowed you you stopped me from doing. It that s what happens in candy crush games like candy crush. Basically tell you you re out of turns.

You can t do any more today. Spend money or come back tomorrow. I don t think it has any place in an rpg leveling is the natural destination of all players it just happens. And if that is the way that you get to the end game.

Then the end game can be what everyone enjoys that all we all get here. We all get to enjoy it. And this dovetails. Very well with drip feed content.

If your drip feeding content. And you re telling people. Hey. There s something coming every couple of months.


There s a level jump. Every couple of months a more streamlined leveling system. That isn t tied to limited milestones is far better it works with that rhythm. Because if not what ends up happening is people come back oyez season of the drifter.

They re doing joker s wild let me check this out. But if they feel like the leveling is stunted and limited and they feel like they re they re being told. No no no you re done for the week come back next week candy crush nonsense the value of joker s wild is gonna quickly diminish for them because they re not going to be able to do the things in the new content you re gonna you re gonna relegate them to the sidelines and if they keep everything relevant by saying okay. This is also relevant to you all the npc s all these pursuits are there once you hit max power.

Then they re less likely to feel like oh not only can i not do the new things. But there s also nothing really new to do over here either. There s a lot of diversity and variety and the content at that point. Leveling is the core experience and sense of progression in games.

Like these. And that s why i think milestones just need to be completely gotten rid of a more traditional leveling system. And then once you hit max level. You are then able to experience a whole new version of destiny.

Where pursuits for that season and gear pursuits in the individual npcs and planets are now available to you than they previously weren t so that s my thoughts on leveling. I hope you guys enjoyed the talk you can obviously submit questions if you re listening to this on itunes could play. Spotify you re watching on. Youtube you can always join us live twitchtv slash say no to rage.

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