Digital Pre-Press Operator – Try it for 5

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“My day begins around n730. When i get into the company to organise and package. Package. The njobs that have been printed.

I try and get all that ndone before floodgates open at eight o clock nand. We begin trading good morning. Simon speaking ncan. I help you hi bob.

How are you going ngood simon. What do you think of this brochure here ndo. You think. It s working well.

It looks ok. We could maybe work nwith. The colour. A bit more each job is unique in its nown sense.

Varying from business card jobs right up nto full fledged magazines..

My job is a digital npre press operator. The average perception is that nwith a magazine. You would have a graphic designer designing nit and a printer printing it but what a lot of people don t nunderstand is that there is a big gap in between the graphic. Ndesigner and the printer who actually makes the job work norganises.

The graphic work to something the printer can use to print. The magazine nand that s what my job entails this job. Only nrequires a short run it s actually only 100 copies. So nwhat.

I would do then is i would direct that file to the indigo. Which nis. The short run digital press. Hey.

Tim. How are you going ngood with this one. Here. The client njust.

Wants us to lift the cyan..

A bit just on the cover. You know nthe rest of it s fine. Just. The cyan njust.

The cyan. Yeah as technology moves. So ndoes. The print industry turnaround times have gone from two n or three days to almost two or three hours now with the introduction of this nindigo press.

We are able to do that it s instantaneous there nare no plates and it comes off dry ready for nthe client to pick up on the other hand. There is still nthe need for conventional printing jobs. Some jobs. Do still require nthousands of copies.

So what that would then entail is going non to the traditional press. Traditional printing is still na vast area of my industry. This press as opposed to the ndigital indigo press is a more conventional press. Although.

It is nfast plates do have to be made a press operator has to make ready nbut as you can see it can run 15000..

Full colour sheets per nhour. Which is quite astonishing. This is hal. He s the printer it s his job to keep this press running to nmake sure that there s ink in the ducts and to make sure that there s paper running through nthis for eight hours each and every day warren s job is basically nwhat.

I do in the morning. He s responsible for taking the nprinted job and organising finishing deliveries. Dealing with any problems. Dealing nwith couriers.

And also delivering jobs. Andrew s our nguillotine operator. His job is to make sure that the paper nis cut to the right size for the press and also once the job is printed nthat. It s printed to size for delivery straight to the nclient or to the finishers.

I think we should run it sweetan is the manager he norganises. What job is put on the press and how long it nshould be on the press for he also deals with clients and nany problems that might arise. 16. Hundred is that correct sweetan nyep that s fine.

I got into this job through ndoing an apprenticeship..

I got in contact with the printing governing nbody and then sat an examination from that examination. I was lucky nenough to get myself an apprenticeship. I like this job because i get a ngreat sense of job satisfaction. I enjoy seeing a job from initial conception nright through to the finished product.

I enjoy dealing with digital files ni enjoy the deadlines. I don t enjoy not sleeping. But i ndo enjoy the buzz of being in a production environment and producing nsomething that is mass produced. If you wanted to get into this industry.

Nmy best advice would be to get in contact with the governing body nand. Even do some door knocking knock on people s doors. And ask is nthere any chance of work experience. Because you ll find that a lot of companies ndo.

Offer work experience and a lot of companies are quite happy to take nyoung kids on as a learning process. We also offer vet for students who are nstill at high school who are thinking of getting into the industry. And that gives nthem a sort of feel for how things work ” ..


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