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” s up and good morning guys welcome back to another video today. We ve got got a good one i m going to be giving you guys the update you been waiting for and i get a lot of comments asking for an update on this project and today s gonna be the day for that and then we re gonna also end up getting to what s in this package. Which is for those in hawley. But like i said i gotta.

I gotta go do an update first then we ll get to what s in this package. Oh here s an old picture of uh. Me and chris at sea bailey. Six.

One nine right there on his 450. Yeah. My little 250f right. There.

You re back in the old good old days of riding so first things first we ll throw this package in the denali for later and then we re gonna head on over to the old 7 3. Over here because that s who we re taking it oh don t mind me just using my work for thin blue line. Key tag and quick little shameless plug head on over to work for apparel comp. The link will be right there if you guys would like to cop.

One of the new key tags alright here. We are back the old flagship project and yes. That is a roll of toilet paper. Always prepared alright.

So i guess i m gonna be noticing this quite a few uh. It s change. There s nothing like super super huge structurally changed on the project. But a lot of things are checked off the list.

So it s a little bit hard for me to kind of remember where we were at in the last update video being that i m here quite a few times a week my scene of these changes as they go. But uh one of the big changes is obviously the building is now painted in its final color. All the siding and trim work is done and then as we come inside you ll see most of the interior rooms are painted and done this one s got some electrical going in before the drop ceiling. Gets finished out then coming into this room all finished out other than obviously putting some registers on the hvac equipment.

But you can see our beams have been stained. We ve done a beautiful whitewash on the t and g ceiling. I don t even know if we showed the tng ceiling tonguey group for those of you guys don t know. But all the tongue.

You ve got a beautiful whitewash and a nice dark stain on the beams. And it s a really pretty pretty sweet contrast. If we take you over here this is going to be the laundry mat or laundry room. Everything s pretty well finished out in here still obviously have to finish out all the laundry hookups.

It s gonna be the whole dryer section over here painters are still going to town doing some of the whitewash on the rest of the tng roof. But we come check out this room don t know if you can hear me over the blaring music. We re having a fiesta in here. But everything s turning out pretty sweet that s for sure and then coming outside of this building.

I don t remember if we showed building these on any of the update videos. But along the sides of the buildings over there and obviously right here you re gonna see a bunch of these what looked like planters. But they re actually bio retention basins. So all of the stormwater or i guess runoff from the roof and a few of the drains are going to come into here.

These are gonna have plants in it and basically what happens is the water has to filter through the plants and the dirt and everything and then once the filters all the way through it is then allowed to come out and go into the storm drain. I don t know if other places have this but this is definitely a very california thing so over here on the other side of the building. There are the other two bio retention basins here s another one and then if we walk all the way over here. Oh and as you can see we ve also got a lot of the curb and gutter going in it s going to be all parking curbs going in right here these are all going to be parking spots.


But over here is one giant retention basin. And what this one s gonna do and why it s so big is there are drains all around the pool right and obviously. There s going to be runoff going through the pavers that are all around the pool as well so there s a bunch of ground drains in there gonna be underneath that well all that water has to go into this retention basin. Before it is allowed to percolate out to the street and speaking of the pool as you guys can clearly see by the 10000.

Wooden stakes. All the way around the pool has been formed up for concrete so the way the flat work around here is going to work is there s going to be a 10 foot apron of concrete all the way around the entire pool and then from there on out everywhere. Else you see is going to be pavers because we need to have a surface that water can penetrate through once again another california thing. So obviously pavers.

It has to be and then back over here on the pool equipment room. I m a favor told you guys what this giant open square is. But this is going to be actually a big projection screen that they re going to be playing movies on sports on all that during the night while people are swimming or enjoying in the cabanas that are gonna be all along that fence line and coming inside the pool equipment room. Which yes.

This giant building is strictly just for pool equipment. You guys can see just how neat and orderly. All the equipment has been installed and the reason for all these openings that are not going to be closed off this is just the finish opening is because there are going to be chlorine gases and all that building up in here. So even the way the building is oriented is to allow air flow based on the way the wind typically flows through this property to be able to clear this building of any kind of chlorine gases or any of that stuff.

All the railings are showing up for all the jacuzzis and the pools and one of the big things you probably noticed don t have to tell you that is we ve got a bunch of palm trees and a bunch of plants going in so starting to get some of the bigger landscaping in prior to the flat work going in and then obviously all the finished ups gonna be coming in later and in case you guys are wondering how deep it is not in the water you are zero feet zero inches deep so it s all bank over here is all showers which if you ask me they are pretty freakin sweet for some public campground showers. These things turned out really nice then coming back over here. We ve got the i think women s and men s restrooms. Which just getting the last bit of tile put in and these things are pretty much done other than obviously the finish and the stalls and all that got a little changing room over here in the back.

But they re pretty freakin nice bathrooms that s for sure so we got going on today s the boys in the pad around the pool rate. So taking over two loads of dg right now it s decomposed granite. Which we ve talked about one of my older videos you guys don t know what it is it s a it s a good compacting base material. So what a lot of people will do our least like the cheaper contractors.

They re gonna put in concrete. They just come in dig in the dirt and then pour concrete. What happens is it ends up being super unlevel concrete on the bottom side. And what that does is it will create a fulcrum point.

And when you have one spot of the concrete thicker than the other it is now prone to a crack at that location. So what we do is we come in with d g. Decomposed. Granite.

And we ll come in and we ll level the entire area to make sure everything is a consistent four inches of concrete or six or depending on what the job is so once all the d g. Is spread they re going to come in and rot. It as if they were laying down the concrete and it s going to be a consistent four inches. All the way around then we come in and we wet it and we run a plate compactor over top of it and it a really strong compact hard base material to pour our concrete on top of alright.

So. While the boys get all this taken care of today. I gotta head over and look at another job and one thing. I want you guys to see or at least.

Know that i really take pride in is how clean my job sites are i don t like a bunch of crap everywhere. Number. One it s dangerous number two. It just looks horrible.

And it s not good for client contractor relations. You know in this day. And age contractors already have a pretty decently bad rap for whatever reason. There s a lot of bad actors out there that really make people question.


The integrity of content. It s not like the old days of the bob vila and all that and i m trying to bring that back i want people to be able to trust a contractor. You know know their house is getting taken care of not worry about leaving them in their house. And that s what i really strive to do with my company so please excuse me for a quick second.

While i go look at this next job and then we ll get onto the rest of the video. All right taking a lot longer than i thought and for those you guys considering or contemplating becoming a general contractor. Just know you re gonna spend more time picking up dropping off material meeting with clients looking at jobs than you re ever gonna do actually working with your hands. And to me that s kind of the crappiest part about the job because i truly do love working with my hands.

I mean that s where i got my start that s you know it s my biggest passion is building things so i mean even if you know like when work. It s slow if i got a day or two off. I m gonna be in my garage building something for myself. It s just you know it s just what i ve always been into so becoming a general contractor.

It s kind of under the guise that you re gonna be building stuff. But you re really not there s just so much other stuff to do on the business side of it that you don t really get to build as much as i d like to but anyways let s get this old pack practice bad boy open and before we go any further. No this is not a sponsored video. No these were not given to me i paid for these with my own money.

I ve never even contacted. The company in regards to anything other than that are doing any press or media forum. But what we got here and yes. There s two of them you ll see why in a second man.

They really like to tape. These things up so what we ve got is and i m sure you guys have seen these before you ve probably seen them in one of my previous videos. If i can get the other pieces out here is the 50 cal bullet antenna from vms pretty right missing. The tip tips over here somewhere.

Well guess. It s right here in this bubble wrap. There we go screw the tip on and the reason. These tips are separate is you can get these in it s different colors from them or kind of what i m thinking and planning about doing is possibly getting this tip powder coated to match the powder coat color on the truck.

But this is it the vms 50 cal antenna. I got inspiration from this from my boy acs truck. If you guys remember our video. If not i ll put it right here and chris also got inspiration so chris just picked one of these up for his truck as well now ac and chris.

Don t really listen to the radio. They re big on streaming music and whatever maybe being the old man at the grandpa that i am. I actually do listen to the radio. Quite a bit and so that s kind of what i ve always shied away from going.

One of these antennas is i m not sure how they they handle reception and i m hd radio coming in and all that so what we re gonna find out today is do these things actually still work with your regular radio and hd. Radio and is the reception worth it. So. The reason.

I got two of these is i m going to be giving one of these away to one of you guys all you have to do is apollo. Acs instagram. Which i ll put right here leave a comment down this video make sure you subscribe to this channel. Obviously as well and ac is gonna go through and pick one of you guys to win this 50.

Cal antenna and don t worry it comes with a bag of adapters that way they work on pretty much any make model truck car whatever so let s go get this bad boy installed so this all these things is as easy as it should be we have a little crystal print in one of these drawers here. So i got to do is unscrew. The old one this is pretty loose and then they included all sorts of adapters extensions all kinds of stuff. And it s pretty much just trial and error see which one fits and works with your truck and i guess.


It s not that one oh. It s not that one cuz. We just dropped it there we go perfect and then if you ve got like a strap. Wrench or something you could really get a strap bridge on there and cranky.

You don t want to crank it too hard you don t want to risk breaking it. But pretty snug and tight is the way to go what i really like about these on the gm. Trucks is on this little plastic rubbery piece. Here.

It has this hole already cut out and it fits perfectly in this so you get a real nice snug fit and a nice clean finished look now it s definitely one of those features. I think looks better on a lifted truck or something that s already got something done to it on a stock truck. I mean. It s i don t know negate able whether or not it s a cool finishing touch or not i mean anything to me really does look better than the big ol giant floppy antennas that i don t know why we still have in today s day and age.

But once the trucks lifted. I think that s really going to be a nice piece well well look who just showed up what s up buddy looking great in the work attire. Thanks. You work a little bit.

What do you think man. Well. You think about our newest installation over there. Oh that s cute you re seeing one of those before nice bucket.

Yeah have you had any issues with yours with the radio. No you don t use the radio. Too huh. Rarely.

Honestly you don t know my dad uses it all the time really yeah. He says never had a problem well we re about to go test. And see we re right with us sure don t mind. There s stuff in your way.

Keep that one cookie down that one s a write off yeah. It s important so we actually do got to go get some some diesel fuel for the truck here so make a little run right now and test out the radio while we go what that s what the thing that s attached to your keys huh dude. We already did it we are we all ready to plug for that listen you work for it white and teal key tag alright so first things first let s try it out some some normal radio. See what we got here go a little lower ox tation all right let s go to an hd station yeah now weirdly in my truck it takes a lot longer to connect to an hd station than when i was driving you re drunk.

The other day here s quick here we go if i m being honest. And this channel is all about honesty sounds like it s coming in clear. I d let the radio keep playing but obviously for copyright reasons. I don t think youtube would appreciate that but from what i m hearing like seems like stuff s coming in actually clearer than it was with the other antenna which might be counterintuitive.

It might not make sense at all. But it s when it sounds like to me. It s what it looks like from the inside watch me the work well you know figured ac you got a black one you got a black one i want to be part of the club so i got a black one ronna yeah. But things changed in that tip colors gonna be a game changer and i said it here first so if you try and do it they re gonna see it here first and they re gonna know it was my idea first somebody already tried to get me crab.

The other day for saying. I was getting really close wheel color to yours even though if i remember correctly. I m the one that said. You should go with bronze and i m pretty sure i m pretty sure there s a youtube video on here or i told everybody to go blow up your instagram and tell you you should go prawns and they did i was getting bronze way before he yeah you did not want to go bronze.

That s a high fact. I was tricking you thank you for tricking anybody yes. I hey our trucks are gonna complement each other well right you know there you go so we just had a little bit of hd radio cutting out on us you know came right back after we got in this little dead zone. But i don t know it seemed like it got a little chattery for a second normally with my old setup.


It would actually just cut out completely for a couple seconds and then come back this one was like still there just a little bit of a weird reception chatter and then it came right back so other than that it s been so far. So good looks like we got another standard case of people blocking the diesel pump. While there s open gas pumps over there well becky and right behind this guy is my fuel stations on this side. We ll see if the don t block diesel pump stickers still on over here it s been on for a couple weeks.

But we ll see what happens there s clearly four or five regular gas pumps open over there meanwhile everybody takes the one diesel pump is what it is but we got to raise awareness well looks like the stickers still there apparently we need to teach you how to read is the real issue. What are you looking at buddy instagram. You fart. No really was it me in here.

No wasn t me. Let s discuss hell s wrong. With you nothing gunnar left a turd back there yeah it smelled like that when i got out the trip. It wasn t me hey man.

So what s new in your life. Give me everybody an update. How are things been going how are the kids kids are good they find out you re their dad. Yet try and watch a video oh doggy.

But that s what 100 bucks gets you in diesel fuel out here in california. So i ve been contemplating getting one of the the titan factory replacement fuel tanks. We ll see if any of you guys have experience with those tanks let me know what you think about all right so now we re gonna head over to chris s house cuz his dad actually has the same antenna as us as well. But he s got it in white and you guys can see what it looks like with a white one on a white truck alright so we ve made it over to uh chris dad s house check out his truck.

You guys probably remember this truck from my leveling. New truck video course gotta have to work for a decal here s the white one talk about it bro. Oh. No you talk about it well we talk about no all right so.

Chris s dad went with the white antenna right so exact same one is mine other than its wife. But they put these sweet little one are these all right where are these on you uh huh. Well they put these sweet little rings on here to give a little black accent. I don t see those surviving very long in the sun.

Because they are just rubber o rings. But give us a cool little accent. I mean imagine if you took the time to actually have that little pinstripe painted on there look pretty sweet. But yeah.

This is what they look like in white alright guys so with that we re gonna wrap up this video. I want to thank you guys watching my channel and if you have not subscribed please click the subscribe button. Now don t forget to give this video a like aka thumbs up don t forget to leave a comment down. There that way ac can choose.

Which one you guys is going to be winning. The 50. Cal bullet. Antenna and chris is over here.

Say. Bye. Everybody give my dad out here. He needs to say roll the ultra.

Oh alright chris wants his dad to come out. And say roll the address since we re filming his truck have you guys think chris is tall you got to see his dad roll the altro. ” ..


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