Drop x AKG K7XX Headphone Review: The BEST Gaming Headphone?

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“Today. I m holding what might be my new favorite gaming. Headphone hands down bold bold statement right. But brian i literally just bought the hd.

Five a tax based your recommendation. Relax. I ll put my money. Where my mouth is we ll dig into it i ll explain everything you ready let s go yo.

I m. Brian p. You re watching bad c. Tech.

And today. We re taking a look. At the drop. Plus.

Akg. K. 7x. X.

Open back headphones. So this is the drop produced version of the akg k 702 65th anniversary. Edition when you can still buy that headphone at retail for 499. This version.

We re looking at today is a 200 headphone for both the all black edition. And a black and red colorway. Now if you happen to be familiar with mito keycaps drop is also offering this headphone right now in a black impulse blue colorway. It s available on pre order.

It s not going to ship out until the end of november. But you can t get it for a hundred and eighty dollars. But the all black version and the black and red version are in stock and shipping right now oh. If a transparency drop did send this headphone out for review.

But as you should know by now doesn t affect my review in any way alright let s get cooking. This is an open bag headphone that should look pretty familiar. If you ve ever seen the k 6 or k. 7.

Series. Before visually the bill doesn t inspire a lot of confidence in terms of durability. This isn t a headphone that feels solid or substantial in head. But it actually does stand up to some serious flex and retains its shape really well it s light at 230 ish grams.

The inside headband here is either real or faux leather. I honestly can t tell it s about an inch and a half wide at the crown and there s no padding. It s spring loaded like most suspension headbands would be i obviously have no hair..


And i find this headphone comfortable for really long periods of time. So. If you have here should be good to go here cups are round open back as i said and done in a plastic mesh with small minimal text. I think it s a great look personally despite being round.

They are visibly larger than something like a biodynamic offering pads. I love these black velour dense memory foam. Look at this response. There s no taper on the inside minimal lining over the driver.

My ears do not make contact with the inside of the driver. But both the top and bottom of my ear make contact with the inside of the top and bottom of the pad. So just be aware that internal diameter is about 60 millimetres that said. We have a pair here that s super comfortable is a combination of lightweight low clamping force and these pads.

I don t start shifting these around in my head until about the 4 hour mark and they breathe great so there s no heat buildup you can replace the pads here. But outside of normal wear associated with long term use really not sure why you d want to this think. Memory foam pad that s on this headphone has to be ordered directly from akg. They cost over 90 a pair plus 10 in shipping.

Yeah. Half the total cost of the headphone. You can get the highest into kony hybrids for less than that but again very very comfortable headphones here minimal clamping force. And they don t require any time for break in cable here is a 3 pin mini xlr and it s unreasonably long it s the ron jeremy of headphone cables.

Straight rubberized cable. That is just shy of 10 feet or 3 meters. Long opted for something just a little more manageable for desktop use i ll link it in the description. I went with the rubberized 2 meter cable from new fantasia works.

Great it s a shame too because the stock cable is really thin and really flexible alright sound quality. This is why it s taken me so long to get this review to market. I ve had these headphones for over two months and people have been asking i ve had to constantly keep cycling between these. The dt 990.

Pro. In the hd 5 8 x. Let s start with music and we are really gonna split hairs here and this next piece may be a bit of a controversial topic but i say burn these in 24 hours pink noise loop about as loud as you feel comfortable listening to music i feel like these got smoother and fuller. The longer i tested them so these were tested with both non ant onboard audio and on the mayflower arc.

And we ll say that like the 5 8. X. You don t technically need a discrete amp. But i highly recommend one here the overall sound here feels like a reference sound with a slight nudge towards musicality over analytics and a warmer bottom in than i would have expected they don t do anything wrong.

It s a solid perfectly acceptable performance. They just lacked that it factor that elicits passion. But they do get one thing really right and that s soundstage these feel big like you re sitting in the middle of the stage. Listening to a live performance the highs aren t like drilling themselves into your ears.

But somehow when they need to connect with you they do not on the level of the dt 990. Which can go so far. The other direction..


They can be harsh on the top end. It can be pretty unforgiving to certain recordings. And not on the level of the hd 5 8. X.

Which has beautiful detail in extension on the highs. I would say the k. 7. Xx has more air on the highs.

Where the v. 8x has more detail. But at least for me the v. 8x slightly pushes that line where it starts to be a little too intense for me slightly pushes actually we re going to take the dt 990 out of the conversation for music don t like the character of the highs on the dt 990 verse.

The k7 xx and it lacks the warmth to really be a contender here the fight for me is the k7 xx versus the 5 8 x. The mids for me are much the same when you listen to it really textured male vocal like the decemberists on the k7 xx it feels wider further away gentler more front and center on the 5 8. X. The k7 xx has a solid warm low end as well.

So does the 5 8 x. But i would give the low end nod to the k7 xx. If even slightly the k7 will even slightly pull down into sub base territory. Leave.

The bass boost or anything. Like that out of the equation. These are tuned low. Already so anything like that just turns that whole bottom into mush.

Overall. The k7 xx is a more chill. Relaxed spacial headphone. The hd5 8x is a more energetic nuanced intimate headphone in terms of overall.

Wow. Factor. My nod for music still goes to the hd 5 8. X.

It would be fair at this point. If you were asking yourself. Why i haven t mentioned the 6 xx and here s why if you feed the 6 xx. Some power.

What i get is a more analytical version of the 5 8 x. With less low end presence and a reduced soundstage. It s very detailed. But to me there s nothing fun about it and in my opinion.

There s better options out there for gaming. So that s where i land on it i should stress here that i don t feel like it s a bad headphone by any metric not at all it s just not my style. Personally now gaming..


I talked about soundstage. I talked about it being very big and very wide. So now we re talking about an area where this headphone is going to really shine all that space makes for some really immersive gaming. Single player experiences are really solid the tunnels of the metro felt cavernous where appropriate and claustrophobic where appropriate the outside areas bleak and expansive.

I always had a strong sense of where. The npcs were in relation to me and the footsteps for stealth gameplay were on point. There were definitely times in black ops. 4.

Where i knew oh no a dog is coming in fast and he s closer than the gunfire that i hear and i had time to switch weapons and prepare and nail the direction and then i felt horrible because i hate it when games make me shoot dogs thanks a lot treyarch you monsters. So here s an important though you don t sacrifice anything regardless of what games you play. It s not lacking in base. So you re not gonna lose the immersion of a single player experience with the big explosions and the punctuated gunfire but you re also not gonna sacrifice any of the subtle footsteps bullets traps chests any of the sounds you would normally used to excel a competitive gaming either.

It s so perfectly balanced the only knock. I have for this headphone is that in a few titles. Your own footsteps become really amplified and really obvious as well it doesn t throw off your game. It s easy to tell what s what it s just a little annoying.

Because generally. There s not a lot of variety and that specific sound effects you just keep getting it over and over until you learn to tune it out speaking specifically in sound stage in imaging. The hd v 8x just falls short versus this headphone it attempts to make up for it in detail. But the k.

7. Xx. Just does a better job of painting. The picture.

It also exceeds the capabilities of the dt 990. The only place where the 990 wins is in brightness on the high end. But again with the k 7. Xx.

I didn t have any issue detecting what a sound was which direction and almost always how far away. I ve gamed in the dt 990 pro. A lot the k. 7.

Xx. Is just a better experience. Asking. Price.

Here is still 40. North of the hd. 5 8. X.

It s a solid 200. Bucks. Like the 5 8..


X. It doesn t need an amp. Even when i do run it with an amp. I run it on low power without an amp coming off some dry dusty onboard audio.

You will still get the sound field and all the positional awareness. But i absolutely love it in game with a clean deck and a discreet amp. So my recommendation is shifted just a bit if you want to major in music minor in gaming. And you re on a bit of a stricter budget that hd.

5 8. X. Still gets the nod in terms of music. Listening.

The hd. 5 8. X. Wins.

It by a pretty wide. Margin for me. If you want a major in gaming. Specifically competitive gaming and a minor in music.

And you have a little bit more to spend the k. 7. Xx. Is it unless you have a specific need for isolation such as the land party or attorney.

This is the best headphone. I ve heard yet for gaming. Simple as that i don t want to play games than anything else big thanks to drop for sending these out. As always there will be affiliate links down in the description.

If you d like to grab a pair for yourself. Though all black ones. We looked at today and the black and red colorway are available in shipping right now. There is still time to get in on the pulse blue colorway.

If you want to take advantage of that discount for the presale assuming you re the patient type. Because again they re not shipping out till late november. Any questions over anything i covered today hit me up in the comments or drop by the disc. And that s it for this time.

I m. Brian bean thanks so much for watching don t forget to hit that like button hit that sub button and until next time stay up ” ..

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