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“Saw that review last week. I was in the pub chatting to a mate about about adventure games on the ds. And he says. I should try professor later than curious village this game passed me by big style as it came out at the start of the year and i ve never even heard of it however.

I can t put it down now. So let me tell you all about it..

In case. Your d s. Is also gathering dust the game tells. The story of the professor.

And his apprentice luke. As they visit the french town of st..

Mystere to solve some puzzles and find the biggest puzzle. Ever called the golden apple once you step foot in a village. You meet all manner of colorful characters. And there s a few strange goings on that you must also solve along the way the adventure itself plays itself almost automatically and instead of the usual point and click adventuring you simply have to solve puzzles people pose to you along the way there a mixture of logic and math puzzles iq tests riddles and trick questions and there s no time limit on how long you can think about them.

If you need to you can buy hints with coins you find around the village to help you or just guess and sacrifice points by doing so they really are great fun to figure out. And it s also great fun playing this with someone else as you take it in turns or work together to find things out you can spend ages thinking things through and then suddenly it will click giving you a big old surge of satisfaction and smugness..

I also like the whole look of the game it reminds me a bit of mr. Ben mixed with the first broken sword games although the french style music can get on your nerves at times. This is one of those great games that will only work on the ds. There s hundreds of puzzles to do and collectibles to including jigsaw pieces of an old painting to find around the place and furniture for the two puzzlers rooms that you missed arrange in a sort of feng shui em up and gizmos to collect so you can build a special surprise that i won t tell you about now a couple of the puzzles in the game are just plain wrong.

But most of them do hit the right spot and a replayable once you ve done them if you fancy all the thinking of brain age with some humor and an intriguing story make sure you get this game. You can pick it up pretty cheap..

Nowadays professor layton gets an almost perfect 9. Out of 10 you ve been watching a review from gamesweasel. If you want to get the show each week which includes. Video game reviews news previews competitions and special features then head over to gamesweaselcom for our video podcast ” .


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