Elgato Video Capture Card Unboxing & Review (Composite Input)

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“Everyone my name is allen beginning. Today. We are going to be looking at the the elgato video capture this one is a composite cable with a red yellow and it comes also with the svd. Oh.

And you can record from your let s say old video tape cameras like a sony or a jvc. And you can have the ability to record it all right on the box. It says that it comes with an elgato video capture card the second item unfortunately they just switch this around it actually supposed to be composite video rca stereo cables number two and then number three is the composite to scart adapter the scart adapter is originated from france and i guess. It s also for the whole type of vcrs out there and other inputs and then we have the system requirements if you want to look more at the box right here.

It s compatible with windows 7 or later. I m using windows. 10. For this and you also have the option to use an ipad.


Imovie windows live movie maker or any other video editing program that you re comfortable with for the videos. When they re finished processing. This is what it looks like inside the box with all the instructions in different languages. You can download the drivers for this from elgato comm slash download all right so let s fast forward and open this baby up all right so now i got everything set up.

I m going to plug in in to my. Usb my own front components for the usb is. 20 you can try this a 30. It works exactly the same maybe it wouldn t be the transfer rate will be both smoother on a 30.

Component. But i have not experienced any difference between them once you plug in your usb and install the drivers from the website. It also comes with the software in order for you to record from the capture card. The software is called el gancho video capture and when you have it open it ll ask you what to name your movie.


The approximate time of how much you want to record this right. Here is optional you can put it s a custom and set it to any amount of minutes and as you go through here you can look at the bottom. Where it says preferences you can click on that box. And this window will open up you have the option where to save it either in your videos your documents or your desktop or any designated destination.

You want it to be you can set the checkmark box to high resolution. If you want the best quality and also to preserve the source format and if you go to the video tab you can adjust the brightness contrast saturation in you from this category. When you go to the audio tab you can increase the volume of the video. Careful and you might be clipping the audio.

If you gain it too high once you set it up through the preferences. You can close that window hit continue and you have the option to either go s video or composite composite is the one that we re looking at and the aspect ratio. Which is 4 by 9 4. By 3.


This one right here will give you the option to view. It just like it s watched on the camera or recorded or 16. By 9. Which is the widescreen ratio.

Careful because your videos can look a bit stretched out if you said this is 16 by 9. But it can t do too much harm after you set it up from this point you click and continue after you can continue to ask for what audio cable go ahead and give it a test when your camera or whatever is plugged in you play it and the volume should go up and down from this point at the final window. You will arrive here. Where it will give you the prompt to start recording click on that red button.

And you should be able to see what you re recording and also view it if you have the option to automatically stop recording. If you check hard that box after an estimated amount of time and then where it says mute sound instead of listening to it from your camera. If you uncheck mark that box you can hear the audio from your computer alright so i m gonna set up my old video camera to this in order to record some old tapes overall. I have used this capture card for a week.


The problems that i ran into were out of sync audio a solution for this that i have done with my sister is actually recording 15 minutes in increments with each tape or recording 30 minutes increments. Although if you compare this to let s say easycap. Which is also sold out there on ebay and amazon the quality of this one which is about a hundred dollars compared to a 1500 easycap card is that it s a lot more stable and sturdy. The drivers do not crash your computer overall other than these issues.

I don t know if it s a hardware problem for me it gets the job done in order to record old tape sticked is that this is worth your money. If you want to record with the best quality with no crashes compared to other products out. There. The price is quite up there for an old capture card that records old stuff.

But it is worth your money so give it a shot thank you for watching this video please subscribe for more for unboxing tutorials and gaming videos. My ” ..

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