Excel 2007 Print Issues

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“Is another in a series of microsoft office training clips. This is a discussion about about printing issues in microsoft excel version 2007. This is a spreadsheet that tracks attendance for dell institute classes with a total of attendance. I m going to print preview.

The spreadsheet by clicking on the preview button. I ve added to my quick access to wire. And i notice that i print preview. Only the access related data.

This is a surprise. I was expecting to see all of the data but double extra credit why does this happen if i closed print preview..

I see a dotted line around the area the range of cells that would be printed a print range or a print area has been set in the workbook if i go to the page layout tab choose the print area drop down and then clear print area. I ll print preview now and there s my data one page of information or is it look at the status bar. Page. 1 of 12.

I ll go to the next page blank next next next trust. When i tell you 11 pages. The blank in this workbook. I ll close print preview typically there are two reasons why this happens one a user entered the spacebar while deleting the contents of a cell.

Do not use the spacebar to delete the contents of a cell use the delete key that actually occurred in sell a x99. I m going to use a quick navigation technique to get to that cell by clicking in the name box type..

A x99 and enter you see the space you can t. But if i click in the formula bar. I ll notice the location of the insertion point watch what happens when i hit the backspace key. The insertion point moves back.

I ll accept that event and then move back to the top by doing a control halt. When i print preview. Now i end up with 12 pages bill. You re killing me.

11 are blank the second reason for this event to occur is when a user format of the cell outside the range and left that format. I ll return the cell..

Ax. 99. You may be able to carefully notice. There s an underlying format set to sell ax 99.

If i go to the view tab and turn the gridlines off it s easy to see that format. I m going to select the cell go to the home tab from the border drop down. I m going to choose no border. I have cleared the formatting control home print preview.

The next page button is not available. The status bar..

Tells me i m looking at page. 1 of 1 two takeaways here one do not use the spacebar to delete the contents of a cell. 2 deleting. The contents of the cell.

Which has been formatted such as a border will still impact different results. Another microsoft office training opportunity brought to by the office. 7. ” .


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