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“Is tampa tech. And learn something new from pc tvs. And gave. Me.

Two let let s get it started all right. This is tampa tech. And i want to you what is the difference between expensive hdmi cable compared to achieve hdmi cable alright and i ll explain we re gonna compare 70 hdmi cable a 10 hdmi cable alright if you say there s no differences between all those cables you are correct. But at the same time you re incorrect now explain why all right we hooked up to 70 hdmi cable to the tv.

I did calibrate the tv this tv s 1080p all right and the settings on the playstation. 3. Are 1080p as well with full color alright. So all the settings are turned on on the ps3 alright go ahead and connect it all the one now that was the expensive hdmi.

We just connected. Which is just 70 hdmi cable. Now we re connecting the cheaper hdmi cable. And i got this one and this one was i think i got it for 8 bucks.

Alright. So let s go ahead and look at this pretty close you re gonna see hey this is pretty close to the same thing people. But if you look over here..


There s a little bit of color distortion they re struggling with the color right there whereas before it didn t have that so there s slightly you ll see a slight difference not much if you re standing 6 feet. Back. You re not gonna see that by the way. See that right there.

And that if you re standing like 6 7. Feet back. You re not gonna see that see it disappears into the screen. So the human eye from far back can t see that so they re pretty close.

Now let s go ahead and connect the next one alright now i connect it to the other one and this hdmi cable is i think eight dollars or ten dollars. Pretty much the same as this one alright now if you could tell that one s a little bit thicker. This one s a little bit thinner alright. So let s go look right here look at the picture.

The color is right. There. The distortion is still there compared to all the cheap hdmi cable. All right here so they re pretty close to the same thing.

I don t know if you guys can tell a difference. But i could barely tell the difference except for that little speckle green speckles right there all right now. Let s go ahead and connect the next grade up higher..


Which is the 20 hdmi key. Which is that one right there so that one s about like eight bucks. Guess someone s about like eight bucks eight to ten bucks and then this one right here. We re gonna connect next and that one i think is i think twenty bucks let s connect that no connect this alright now we connected the other one now all these cables are 1080p.

They re all rated for 3d passing and hdmi control. It does synchronize with your home theater. And it has that feature as well all right now let s go zoom in the color. Distortion is still there it s very minimum very very minimum.

But it s still there the ps3 is set to full color now limited color. But full deep color okay and there s no more slightly more distortion up there but as you pull back you don t see it as much so there is differences. There now i got the elm cable box on cable box as you can see there s no distortion right here. But then again the keep a box settings are way lower than the ps3.

Ps3 is full hd. 1080p full color. So there s more information passing through the hdmi cable h. The cable box.

However is not so you don t get that distortion you were you know getting before we re over here now an end result. I m going to tell you the differences and the things that are saying. It s things that are saying the gold do 3d they both do 1080p okay on probably a 720p tv..


They re gonna look the same quality all right the reason. Why i say that is this is rated for 1440p. If you re passing. You know 720p is the highest resolution from a cable box you passing through your tvs.

That s 720p you re not testing the true kappa. The true possibilities of this this you re creating pretty much maxing out all right. It s only 1080p for this one and this one s 1440p so when you hook it up to a 720p tv. It s gonna look the same so you re correct in that sense all right and also the 3d passing you re correct the both will pass equally 3d now in the future.

Which one would you most likely have in the future still if you bought a new tv. That s 1440p you re probably and you have the look new game system like playstation. 4. And then the next five years might come out you know.

Which one are you gonna use not that one you re gonna use this one and which one do you think. It s gonna last in ten years not this one probably this one the metal casing compared to a plastic casing. Most likely metal casing won t last through the years not saying this is gonna break. But if you take your you know you know i m plugging things and plugging it in you re moving things around you swap out your cable box swap out your ps3.

You know this one. Over time. Well most likely compared to this one this one will break and so in the future you ll most likely use this one so longevity..


I would choose this one all right now. I d say you re hooking up to a bedroom tv and you re not going to upgrade your tv. You re just going to leave it and you re you know you got a cheaper tv. And you re not really caring about the full hd and all that stuff like that then this one.

I would choose i would choose the 10 to 20 hdmi cable over the 70 hdmi cable. If you re hooking it up to a 720p tv. They re not planning to upgrade within the next five to ten years. But if you are planning to upgrade with the next five to ten years definitely get this one all right let me know the post comment below and let me know what you think and your experience.

My experience. I ve been doing this for ten years of a home theater tech. Doing installations for thousands of people all over florida and that s my experience. And i also do tv repairs check out my videos on my tampa tech channel and i got a degree in computer electronics.

Just you know validate my video now you do have a degree in that and i am home theater and pc certified. But in all sense. If you have a cheap tv to recap get this one. If you have expensive tv with this one alright and if you re planning to upgrade get this one thanks for watching post comment.

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