FFXV:ANE sending rss using nox s macro

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“Guys. I said i would show how to make a couple of macros so i i m gonna start with sending resources. So the first thing you re gonna do go to the trading post. Now scroll down to the player that you would like to give resources to in this case.

I m gonna send some stuff to dragon. So you ll want to scroll all the way down until that is the top player listed then what you re gonna do is you re gonna hit this play button on the macro you re gonna pull that up from this icon right here pull up your macro recorder this play button up here at the top starts. The recording and then stop obviously stops the recording once you stop a recording your macro recording will appear down here. And then we ll get into that after we set up or macro so we re gonna hit record help in this case i m going to send him some granite i m gonna click the help and then send at this point they re going to stop the macro as you can see it s now appeared down here.

So i m going to change the name of this to send granite enter alright now that s been named all right down..

Here you have your loop options you can set how many times. Exactly you want to send that resource. You can set it to loop unlimitedly. Until you tell it to stop or you can set it to do it for a certain amount of time this down.

Here is your loop interval. This will be the time in between running the macro and we ll get into that in a second after we see how first our first send goes so before we set this up to leave it alone. We re go ahead and hit play once just to make sure that it works all right. We know it works now so what i m going to do is set it up for five times.

We ll hit save and then we ll hit play again all right as you can see with zero second intervals..

It seems to be working just fine. So i ll let it do one more time just to make sure we re running smooth as you can tell my unsteady mouse hand could cause some issues there all right we re gonna pause. It at this point and back up it s a little slow so. What i m gonna do is i m going to set the acceleration up to two now what this does is it makes all of your clicks faster so the space in between them is shorter.

We ll hit save now this might work this might not work. I might be too fast for the system. Because the game s coding is a little janky you get loading points. Where you shouldn t sometimes so we ll run this a couple times and see how that goes all right as you can see at the two speed.

It s running a lot better..

But if you notice between the send and the help it s a little too fast now and you could run into an issue. Where that help doesn t get pressed and it messes your entire macro up so i m going to pause. It i m gonna give it a 2 second interval. Again this is all part of troubleshooting making.

Sure that your macro is working as well as it should seems 2 seconds. Might be a little too long so we ll bump it back down to 1 second. And you re gonna want to do this regardless of the macro that you re running just to make sure that it s smooth. If you re gonna be away from it then going at a slower speed is okay that way you ensure that you re not gonna get some loading errors.

Where a button is not going to be there when it should be alright as you can see this is working pretty smoothly..

So that s how you send resources when it comes to sending other resources that aren t on the first page. You ll have to scroll as part of recording the macro. What i can do is actually show you guys. One of those so we ll go down to send cop or a coppers fun.

So as you can see part of the recording is the scrolling and where you decide that you want to pull the slider over is up to you for me the least amount of mouse scrolling that you do the better chance you re going to have of it not messing up and that s ” ..

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