Filming Videos with iPhone: Fix Lighting & Exposure Changes with Auto Exposure Lock

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“It s mike brown from primal video yes. This is my first video nhere for for primal video. I like what justin s done with the place. I actually set primal video with justin.

A little while back and have been working behind nthe scenes since then. But it seems like he must have left the basement door unlocked nbecause. I found my way out and now i ve found a camera and i m producing my first video. But enough about that let s get into it now we ve released a nton of videos in the past showing people how to nproduce great video content with their iphones or ntheir android smartphones now from all of those nvideos that we ve released there s been one tip in particular that a lot of people are just ncompletely.

Surprised about and had no idea that they could do and this is actually a pretty major one that helps you get good nlighting in your videos. So today. We re just gonna nrun through that one tip. So you don t have to go nout look anywhere else i m talking about using auto exposure lock to prevent under or over exposed shots.

When shooting with your smartphone. It s a simple tip that can nmake a massive difference to your lighting..

And really nmake or break your videos here s how to do it upbeat funky electronic music now by default when nyou open the camera app on your iphone or android nit s going to fault to having auto exposure on which is a good thing nin. Most circumstances. Because it basically means the phone is going to constantly nbe looking at the shot figuring out what it thinks nyou wanna. Be focusing on and then adjusting the exposure and the lighting around that so that s great if you re nshooting your kid s football game.

Or you re out with your friends. Nand shooting. A quick video. Where you re all moving nabout and the lighting can constantly adjust through the scene.

But if you re shooting a nvideo like this one here and the lighting s changing behind you it can completely darken nyou out and lighten you up as the lighting changes behind you so if i m sitting here. Nnow. With my smartphone and somebody walks behind nme. The phone may decide to go and focus on that nperson for a split second adjust the lighting to nreally darken my face and then come back to nme and i ve just got this massive change in nlighting through my shot.

So what auto exposure. Lock lets you do is basically predefine nwhich spot on the screen or..

Which area. You want nthe camera to focus on and to set the lighting around and then lock it to that point so it isn t constantly nadjusting throughout the shot. So you can see here that i ve got a pretty bright background here. I m actually shooting out the window now if i was to move the camera around and do a bit of a pan.

You ncan see as i come indoors. The lighting changes quite dramatically now if i pan back to the window. You can see it changes again and everything inside gets much darker while everything outside nactually comes into focus and the exposure gets ncalibrated to the outdoors. What we can do instead is nenable auto exposure lock.

And that ll basically let us determine what level of exposure and focus. We wanna set at the beginning of the shot and then it will maintain nthat throughout the shot. So let s go ahead and nenable auto exposure lock to prevent those changes in nlighting throughout the shot. I m gonna focus on this wall here because this is gonna give us a great level of exposure indoors.

But it s going to completely nwash out what s outdoors as you ll see when we start to do the pan to do that i ve just got to ntap on screen on the wall here now if i hold down for about na second though or two you ll see the ae lock nnotification will appear that means that auto nexposure lock is enabled and it s calibrated the nsettings and the exposure based on that point that i just selected. So now that we ve locked nthe exposure level..

We can step back and ndo. The same pan again and you ll notice that the lighting. Won t change throughout the shot. So the background that we re looking at is pretty washed out.

But the inside of the apartment. We ncan see perfectly well so if you re shooting. A video nlike this on your smartphone. And there s variable nlighting in the background or you notice.

The lighting nis changing as you shoot. Then you can easily just ncalibrate. Where you want the auto exposure lock to nbe enabled before you shoot. And it will remain consistent nthroughout.

The shot so this not only prevents nany changes in exposure. But it will also give you nthe control to determine what point on screen..

You want the camera to calibrate the exposure naround before you even shoot. If you d like more tips like this one. Then you should definitely check out our complete guide to filming with iphone. I m gonna throw a link non screen somewhere now but if you re an android nfanboy don t worry we ve got one for you as well i m gonna throw a link up in the cards as soon as this iphone one s done there it is and i ll throw them both in nthe description below as well now if you found this helpful we d really appreciate na thumbs up or a share it really does make a big difference leave us a comment below.

If you ve got any nquestions or your own tips feel free to share them down. There as for me. I ll be back nsoon with some more tips and tricks just like this one. I ll still leave all the nheavy hitting to justin don t worry he hasn t gone anywhere.

” ..

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