Final Cut Pro X: How to Speed Up Video Speed

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“Everyone irish guy here back again with another final cut pro 10 tutorial and this this is a video clip of me skiing. I ve got a gopro camera on head and we ll watch the clip in regular speed to kind of give you an idea of what it looks like so this is just regular speed. No enhancements at all within final cut. Pro.

Just brought the brought the video into final cut pro 10 and ported. It and that s what you see here of course..

I cut out the the gaps before and after the action shot. So okay so that s normal speed so what do we do to speed it up the first thing. We do is select the video clip and then we go to this icon. Here.

It actually looks like a little arrow with a with a pointer or something in it and you can actually also press command and ours and robert on your keyboard so you ll do that and then you ll do fast right now you ve got multiple options here you can go two times. The speed four times the speed eight times the speed 20 times the speed so let s just do it since this is a somewhat short clip..

Let s do let s do double the speed and so now immediately you saw the the length of the video here in the project window. You saw it jump from around 15 seconds to somewhere around 7 or so which makes sense because it s twice the twice the video speed so you can view your status by clicking that you can watch that right there. You can click on that and pull open this and see more detail depending upon the speed of your match. It may take a few moments to render and you can play watts rendering.

I m just not personally a fan of it i d rather wait for the clip to render and then see the results in its full glory. So we re almost there we re at 76 percent 80..

So now let s we re 100. Now and that s confirmed by this right here. It says 100. Let s rewind it and watch it in twice a speed and you ll you ll notice also now if that wasn t fast enough.

And i won t do this in this tutorial. But you can select the video clip..

Because now it s got this retiming box around it select the down arrow. And then you could speed it up if you want to speed it up more likewise. If you want to set it back to normal speed or even slow it down for that matter feel free to check out my other videos on youtube. Too got a playlist and the links in this video s description for all of my final cut.

Pro 10 tutorials and feel free to share this with others have ” ..

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