Fitbit OS 4.1 Walkthrough and Review Fitbit Ionic, Fitbit Versa 2 Fitbit Update! [English

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“I m lionel disses tekmoto and this is my walkthrough and review video for the the fitbit. Os. 41. Now.

I was actually doing the video for the fitbit os and then they brought the new update. So i ve had to redo that video. All you need to do is go into the fitbit app. Make sure that your bluetooth is switched on and follow.

The prompt that tells you to update. The tracker now. I had a few issues where i was clicking that update option. It was going into it and it just kept on saying it was searching i did so many things like restarting.

My fitbit restarting. My phone switching off the bluetooth in the location switching it back on and nothing worked. In fact my fit value on it..


Just automatically impaired with my phone. So the only process that worked for me was connecting the fit baryonic to my computer making. Sure that the bluetooth or my computer was switched off making sure that any other smartwatches that i had around were completely far away from my phone and setting up. The fitbit.

With my phone again like its brand new and that automatically gave me the new update and you can see on the screen. That that s the process that i m going through pairing again. Entering the code setting up the wi fi and i think that s probably. Where the issue is with the wi fi.

But anyways if you haven t had any of these issues just click that update button and you ll see that it starts the download make. Sure your fitbit is charged and make sure that your phone is charged what helps me is keeping them both in charge at the same time and making sure that they re right next to each. Other. Why the updates happening so while that s going on you can leave your phone.

And once updates. Complete your phone will tell you that the fitbit is ready you need to go through all the prompts on your phone just to make sure that everything s up and running and so that you don t have any issues. So now that that s ready let s look at the new features in my opinion..


Says. Fitbit s gone premium. And since their focus has been on the fitbit verso. Rather than the fitbit on it most of their features are towards new customers.

And they re not really considering the people who paid 300 pounds for watch. I was meant to be their flagship watch so let s look at some of the features that come with the fitbit os. 41. If you have the fitbit versity be able to use alexa.

And you ll have an option to choose for the screen to always be on for the rest of us mere mortals you can just see that there s been a redesign of the icons. They ve tried to make it a lot simpler. I prefer the way the exercises look before but apparently you can have up to 20. Now.

I guess that reduces the amount of memory that is taken up by making it more icon based front and picture based. But here. What s actually quite cause that you can say a goal for your workout..


So how long do you want to work out and how many calories do you want to burn during the workout. I expect that you get prompt once you ve reached that goal. The other features that they ve added is a calendar. So it s more agenda rather than calendar.

It lets you know what s coming up. I ve given it the permissions that are needed on the phone. But i guess. It s not up and running you let me know if you want me to go into that in another video.

Something that s actually pretty cool is the clocks. App. Where you can actually select five clock faces save them to your fitbit and switch over. As and when i m really happy with the clock face that i have so i won t be using this as much i m really happy with their eugene bo e face you can find out in the fitbit app.

I just like there has everything and i m able to look at all my stats at once another new feature with this update is that you re able to look at your sleep spore. So when you re in the home screen. Scroll up and you can scroll all the way to the sleep section..


See your sleep score. And see details about your sleep. The other thing that fitbit s done is they ve added a quick shortcuts menu this allows you to set your watch to do not disturb sleep mode from here you can quickly control your brightness level. And you can also control your automatic screen wake.

Options and that s pretty much it that s the fitbit os. 41. I do appreciate that fitbit is thinking of different options for users they re trying to make the fitbit. Less dependent on smartphones that s something that the ionic is always been about but with the fitbit premium app you re losing a lot of the options that you would think you would get for paying 300 watch.

But i ll leave you guys to be the judge let me know what you think of the new update and let me know what you think of fitbit premium leave a comment if you d like me to do a video on fitbit premium. Thank you very much for watching i hope this video was helpful and if it was remember to like and subscribe to take loto for more fitbit walkthroughs and reviews visit. The teespring page to get some tech low to merch and don t forget to visit a website. ” .


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