FIX Content Was Blocked Because It Was Not Signed By a Valid Security Certificate

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“Hello. Everyone how are you doing this is mdtech here another quick tutorial in today today s tutorial i m gonna show you guys how to hopefully resolve certificate errors might be getting on websites on your computer so it should be a pretty straightforward tutorial and without further ado let s just jump right into it so first thing you want to do is go ahead. And left click on the start button. One time to open up the start menu left on the gear icon left side will be hover over it it should say settings left click on that now you want to go ahead and select time in language tile.

So well for one that make sure time is set to automatically and if it s incorrect. I would suggest turning this off and then then we ve changed the ending time slot. Change and then just select the correct date. In time.

See. If then once you ve clock change..

And you close out of here. See that s result your issue. Another thing you can try if you close out of here and you head back to star button type in services into the start menu search best man should come back with services flop click on that one time. Now you wanted to locate the windows time service.

So you re gonna have to probably scroll down pretty far on this list here locate windows time double click on it now you want to make sure startup. Type is set to automatic so cool inside the drop down here welcome on automatic and you look want to play. And once you ve done that service that this might still say stopped welcome on the start button right next to it it should allow you to start the service and walk lavon. Okay.

So once you re done with that again research your computer. See..

If that has resolved your prong. If it has not we re going to close out of here head back to start menu type in internet properties or internet. Options. And just left click on that one time now you want a left hope on the advanced tab of this window.

You see here and you want to go ahead and left click on where it says restore advanced settings. So well click on that so again. Once you ve already done that go ahead and left all the connections tab now on the top of these internet properties bar. So when there s all these tabs now go over to connections and underneath local area network settings land settings.

Do not apply to dial connections to settings of both for dial up settings. Nothing on this land settings button..

You want to make sure auda matically. The text settings is checkmark here and then off home. One. Okay.

And then left corner plying. Okay. Restart your computer. Hopefully resolve the problem.

If there were anything also was checked in there you might want to consider unchecking and then just doing a trial and error and go back and forth see if that s resolved the problem be definitely to make sure automatically detect settings is check marked in there another thing you can go ahead and try and do if you re using internet explorer would be to go ahead and left click on the start menu type in internet options so basically we re going back to the internet options that we re in before so this time you want to go and left on the advanced tab and we re says reset internet explorer settings reset internet explorer settings to their default conditions left go and reset here and then i would suggest deleting personal settings of course. Unless you got one too so we ll reset the homepage search providers and delete temporary files history cookies you guys can read what s in here when you re going through on your end..

You don t have to do it like that as well. But if you just want to be more cautious feel free to check mark inside of there they ll also delete the personal settings you may not necessarily need to but if you just are really kinda getting stuck here maybe for prashad and then lawful and reset and then like i said before at this point. You would restore the computer. So hopefully you ve already restarted your computer like five or six times at this point.

And hopefully one of the methods. I showed was able to resolve the problem for you so as always thank you guys for watching this brief tutorial do hope. I was able to help you out and i do look forward to catching you all in next. ” .


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