Fix Printing Problems macOS

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“Welcome back to another tech cordula video and for today. I d like to talk talk about printing and printing problems. And how to resolve them in mac. Os.

Now printing problems going to resolved simply by deleting print. Jobs. Adding and removing the printer for instance from the system preferences menu. So if you open up system preferences either by the icon on the bottom of the dock.

Or by clicking on the apple logo and go into system preferences. You can go into printers and scanners and then from your list here you can click and remove a printer and then hit the plus sign and add the printer again you can do things like restart. The computer. And generally most of the time deleting print.

Jobs and restarting. The computer and removing the printer and reacting the printer will ninety 90 percent of the time fix the problem that you re having unless..

It s related to the printer itself where maybe. It s out of an course. There s some sort of a jam or potentially maybe some sort of a hardware issue with the printer. So those things do tend to happen.

But other times. It s neither of the above. Which is kind of a smaller percentage maybe about five percent of the time you might have to dig a little deeper and one way that you can do that on the mac is by longing to something called cups. See ups.

It s the common unix printing system. It s actually developed by apple. It s slightly less known only because it s not enabled by default so i m going to show you guys how to enable it and then we ll go through the cups web interface. So we can take a look at it together and see what options we have from there so the first thing you ll want to do is open up terminal.

You can do it by searching using spotlight. It s also located in your utilities folder..

If you prefer to get it that way right and then from here. What we re going to do is type cu ps2 ctl web with the uppercase w. Interface with an uppercase. I then equals yes and that means.

It s enabled. Yeah. Now you want to make sure to do this. Otherwise.

The web interface is a disabled by default you know that we ve got that entered we can quit terminal and let s open up a safari window okay then from safari. We re going to type localhost colon six three one alright and this brings us to the most recent version of cups. Which is installed on your mac as you can tell it kind of gives you a quick description about what it is and if you d like to read about it more you can go to cubs org. But from here.

Essentially what we ll do is well before i get i jumped too far out of my self if this is your first time logging into cups. You re going to get to a window that says hey do you want to go to the web administration..

You can click onto web administration and it ll bring you there alright and i ll bring it to this kind of window. Where i am here so once we re administration you can see you can do things like add a printer find new finding printers manage printers manage jobs. So this is a great place to go if for instance even though you don t have any jobs listed in the default kind of system preferences pane or on the printer icon itself. The printer says there are no jobs you can come in here and you ll see that maybe there is a job that is was kind of stuck in memory.

But it didn t actually have a name or like an eye or like a list view of the print job you can come in here under show all jobs. You might actually see one that s still active or running and also you can actually see all jobs or you can see completed jobs or things that you ve printed throughout the day or about the week. And it will actually tell you sizes and pretty much dates and times. When things were printed so this is actually you know good for auditing.

If you need to do that kind of thing you can also go into printers here and you can click on each one. And it will give you a little bit of information about each printer and kind of where where it s located you can do maintenance you can print a test page you can clean printer heads you can cancel all jobs. So that might help in case you know for whatever reason. There are jobs that just aren t printing.

Okay and then under the administration you can also do something like delete the printer. So if for instance you have a printer that you re not able to delete using the regular system preferences pane you can come in here..

And it ll actually let you do that from here as well all right so there depending on the kind of issue that you re having you can you know go a little deeper and look at like error logs to see if you had any error logs. This will ask you to log in which will just be with your regular regular login. So you can do you can do specific you know advanced things here depending on what you re looking you know to do so. With each problem.

There lies a specific solution you know that s kind of obvious. But you know you have to really know what your problem is and then come to this kind of interface and pick the specific kind of resolution for it usually most of the time for my experience. The best way the thing. That s resolved the problems for me is just there s usually a job stuck in here.

And i ll just delete it and that will get the printer back into like a refreshed state in the most rare scenarios. I have to come in and delete each you know delete a specific printer from here and then re add it but for the most part you really don t have to kind of log into this interface. I just wanted you to know that it s i wanted you to be aware of its existence in the event that you know an advanced kind of problem appears. And you really want to kind of do a deep dive in resolving it but in any case.

Thank you for watching hope found that useful and i will see you ” ..

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