Fixing a computer that turns off when booting into OS/Windows

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“A pretty dope spongebob light. Well today s video is not about that it s s about this computer hp desktop over here. That has problems booting into the operating. So let s try to fix it so.

Here is like basically a tutorial on what happens. If your computer turns off right as soon as it starts loading the operating system. The first thing. I did with this computer.

One if i notice is i was like well. It s probably broken hard drive. So here s the hard drive. The one that came on the computer with windows vista.

I believe and of course. Whenever you turn this on it runs fine and then it runs the operating system and the computer shuts off altogether totally shuts off so the hard drive turned out it actually was bad. It actually was really really bad. And i can t get the date off of it so that was terrible.

But surprise surprise. I have a hard knee hard drive in here in a flash drive with windows 10 on it will try to boot up into windows 10 installation and see what happens as again as you can see i ll take off the side panel. And as you can see i got a seagate fault. A hyper drive in there i figure.

I d speed up the computer a little bit computer to shut off so as i was trying to boot into windows. 10 installation. So here we on the boot menu. The kingston data traveling whatever that is my windows 10 installation and we ll see what happens all right it didn t want to show the windows screen this time usually it ll show your windows the windows installation screen.

So that s the issue. We ve already rolled out the hard drive is not the issue. Which means. It has to be something hardware based within the computer.

So let s start piecing out the components. I get so basically if the piece of components at this point. And one of the first things i did was personally i mean like check the connections in the power supply. So here s the 24 pin.

Which is the large connector on the motherboard and also the the four or eight pin. Which is pretty close to the cpu right there so check those connections. Those are vital to the computer. Working properly you can also check the connection that connection that s on the right.

There is the sata power cable for the hairdress and i guess the dvd drive. But that s very useless really it may be like if you have like a graph there might be power plugged into that as well on this hp computer. It would be here with the expansion slots are so you can check all your connections basically take your connections off put the back on and see if that helps you can literally take off all the connections on the motherboard and then turn on the computer. And see if that helps like you can you can remove like the front to see ports.

Which are like these like pan cables you can remove those to see if those are maybe because in this issue. Basically remove everything you can from the computer to sort out a problem you know and if you want you can piece this out one by one to make sure you know exactly. Which province is but basically more little story is the fewer things on the computer are the fewer things that can screw up with the beer an easy next thing you can do is to remove the ram sticks. And if you re touching anything in the inside computer.

Those connections. Ram. You really if you re touching the computer. At all first what you need to do pull out the power cord and hold down the power button for i don t know.

10 15 seconds. And that drains all the power out of the computer. So you re not going to kill yourself or the computer. So like you can take out your ram sticks.

As you see here i have four you can just do these little doohickeys and cool it didn t fall out. So you can like take out the ram sticks. And you know you like an idea is you can like just switch out the configuration you can move like the ram stick that s over here. There you can try this like one ram stick.

And see what happens you can try to remove all the ram and see what happens. Although the computer is not really going to boot properly because there is no ram..

But basically you know you can just swap out the ram sticks. Because ram sticks can cause really weird issues kind of like this so that s a possibility as you might be able to tell the ram wasn t the issue on my computer. I actually bought a new ram because i was going to upgrade it as well and i tried the new ram. The work just fine well it didn t work fine.

The computer still shut off. And that what the old rama. Did that as well regardless of configuration of where the ram was and everything so that didn t fix the issue. So at that point.

It s time to move on to other ideas of what could be causing the issue. Personally. I was kind of thinking the power supply just because. The computer is totally shutting off maybe something related to power supply.

Is causing issues. You can test that in a couple different ways here s a power supply tester from thermaltake basically. There s where the 24 pin plugs into that really long connector right there plugs into down. Here.

And then you can plug in like the cpu and any other power connectors into this thing and click the power button right there and it ll show you like voltage readouts and everything and it ll say if the power supply is going bad or if it s totally fine in this case. It was totally fine. I still went ahead and put a new power supply in there that s the second way you can test. It is literally just go buy another power supply.

And you know maybe a cheap one just at least test it out and you can plug everything in and see. If it has the same issue then if it does the same issue with the different power supply. Then you know for sure that it s not the power supplies issue and in this case. It wasn t the power supplies issue.

So we have to move on to the next step. One next step. I took is my customer here has like i think. It s just like literally like a phone jack adapter for some reason.

Did you still have dial up at some point. I don t know but anyways all like the expansion cards take those out and try to boot. The computer. See if this does the same issue in this case.

It did so that phone connector is not the issue and at that point you know you re kind of getting limited on what you can do here. One thing. I kind of thought about doing. It was i went ahead and turned on the computer and then i unplugged the power the power button connector which is a little hard to see.

But it s there on the corner. It s the one that s the black red blue and yellow cable that plugs into the motherboard. You kind of just have to source where it s coming from you know the power supply is up or the power button is up here. So you can have to look up here.

And see well what connectors are coming up here and as you can see the connector is right there in the back. Which is not being focused upon camera. There it is so what i did was i turned on the computer. So the power button was actually working and then i unplugged the power button to see if the power button was present shutting off the computer.

It was not so it s not the power button causing the issue so the time to move on the next thing once again. I guess you can try removing the hard drive. But in my case. We need a hard drive to load windows onto well so probably not the issue.

There you can also try to remove the disk drive and also the connections on the motherboard. Which are in this case. Those like will sink flat cables. That s the sata data cables.

So you can try removing as much what is connected to computer as possible and see if it works don t disconnect the power head. The cpu fan. Unless you want to also buy a brand new cpu. So there are some ideas.

I ve pretty much already done all of these on this computer. So at least in my case..

These did not fix the issue in your case. It might be totally different one of those might have fix the issue so the next thing. I m going to move on to is probably. I haven t touched the cmos battery.

Yet. Which is that little coin like silver thing on the motherboard you can pop that out so to drive the power from the motherboard you pop out that battery. And you just like let it sit for like 15 minutes. And you can pop the battery back in all the time settings on the motherboard settings are not going to be good because the battery was taken out.

But i can maybe cause an issue you could also replace that battery to see if maybe the battery is drained and that was causing the issue. You can also receipt the cpu so basically remove it and put it back in i ll probably do those on video to see if they ll actually fix the issue. But let s get to it so in order to pop off the cmos battery. Which is what i m going to try next is you basically find the battery of course.

And i use a little plastic spudger use something that s hopefully non conductive. So you won t destroy the battery. Or your motherboard or something. Like that and of course remember plug or unplug your computer and make sure you cycle.

The power up is holding the power button. There s usually a little clip. I think it says a little clip right here that you can just pull to the side and then sit your spudger in to that little area. And there s the battery.

Then so you have pretty cool stuff so i ll just let that sit for you know 15 minutes and spoiler alert. I actually already tried this and it didn t work so i ll go ahead and put it back into the battery. Like this side. And then push it in beyond that kind of what i did next is i went into bios and i ve changed some settings.

So we ll see what that does so i just started the computer. I m as you can see f10 that s setup. So on the keyboard down here. I m going to be smashed in the f10 button until we see in the bottom left corner that is entering setup then we can stop so that takes us into the bios settings.

It s probably going to be different on most motherboards a simon. I think it s f2. Some it s like to leek. He kind of depends on how you gave it.

But but usually a little on the motherboard screen. They ll tell you what button to press. So now we re onto the motherboard bios that s all the settings in the motherboard. If you already took out the battery and you can probably see the time.

It is totally not correct at all that s really not a big deal and you can change that later on once. The computer is hopefully fixed so basically at this point. We can go i usually just change the settings back to default so if we go all the way to exit. You can go down to load set of defaults and then do that and exit and save changes.

That s an option you can also go through the settings and kind of tinker around and see if you can figure it out. But typically speaking loading default settings is the best option because that s what the computer hips with and the computer shift working. So you know should work. But that s not always the case and spoiler alert again.

I already tried that and the computer just shut off so i knew that wasn t going to be the solution. But i know that can be the solution in certain cases. So hopefully that helps you guys out so now in my case. I got to keep figuring out what the heck s wrong with this thing.

Here s the next thing. I m doing in attempt to fix this computer. Except the cpu cooler off of the cpu of course. Which is i mean it very even difficulty amd ones just even eclipses mount so they re fairly easy to the take off you just open up that clip.

It s in a closed position basically right now and then you just flip. It and then you get to clip off not intel ones are at a push pin or sometimes screw in so it just kind of very east. But yeah so if you if you don t know how to take those off i mean you know even maybe you don t want to go this far into trying to fix it but um. So one thing.

I would suggest doing is receding the cpu which basically means take it off so on amd cpus. There s this little lever here..

Which helps lee yep you can pull up and then you can take off the cpu. I mean ideally. I guess you would take off the thermal paste. But there s the cpu on amd processors.

There s pins on intel processors the pins are on the motherboard. But don t bend these pins. Because that s something you have to fix if you do bend them. So and then basically just put the cpu back on the back inside the socket and be very gentle because once again those pins are very delicate don t put any pressure on it that you don t need to so just like wiggle it back and forth.

And i know it s in place put the arm back down. And i ll put the cpu cooler on it and we ll see if that fixes it most likely it won t because i feel like i ve never had this actually fix something. But it s always a chance that you know maybe the cpu the connection between the cp in the motherboard is causing an issue. It s always a possibility and i m not really surprised.

But that didn t seem to fix our issue never has but so as an option at this point our options to fix the computer are kind of dwindling. We ve already shown this not the ram not the hard drive not any accessories plugged into the computer like expansion cards or you guys p devices or anything like that really i i you know i ve started computer words. Only the vital components testing the power supply that s not the problem so at this point. You know you kind of have it centered down to either the cpu or the motherboard.

Something going on with those two things is probably causing this if the issue is still persisting. One thing. I didn t mention earlier. Which might be helpful is this little black circle right here.

Which is very dark because it s in a computer. That s the built in speaker on this motherboard. Some other boards have a speaker that you can like plug into like some of the ports around here and and this motherboard is inverted. Normally.

Normally motherboards are flipped this other way. So. The connector will usually be on like the bottom side. But so like if you plug in a speaker.

You might get like an error code and that might be helpful for instance. If i take out the ram. It like or i d you know take out the ram. Altogether.

The computer will beep at me. Because there s no ram in there so that kind of stuff can be helpful. But in this case. There is no beeping to help us so like i said.

There s a couple things i can try kind of my idea. Right now is just to maybe upgrade. The bios maybe. There s an issue with the bios on the motherboard.

Which was so settings earlier. You know the bios is kind of like the backbone of the motherboard all the settings and everything so maybe updating that will help i ll need to download that from separate computer. And then go into the bios and install it so that s an option. I guess.

But you know at this point. Yeah you know probably a motherboard and probably a cpu and in those both those cases. I m usually a little bit expensive to fix. Because motherboards are very expensive cpus are very expensive and for instances.

If it s an older computer. Some of the other components won t be compatible such as the ram. If you buy a new motherboard. A new cpu so that s kind of where you get into some difficulties.

But it looks like this might not be a simple fix. Unfortunately at least in my case well i went ahead and looked for a bios update. There is one but with hp computers. I don t think there s any option to do it through the actual bios.

Which is really stupid. I mean visit through the os..

I was going to make a lot of sense. But so yeah. I can t do that even though. The bios really wasn t that much updated.

There was just barely enough and then i take her around some bios settings. Didn t fix it as you can see the computer is totally off and i didn t turn it off. I don t know at this point might be the motherboard might need cpu. But definitely something that s probably pretty costly and annoying to fix.

Hey y. all. It s a new day. And we re at the same computer.

Kind of kind of not really so let s take a look at what i did to this computer to fix. It i built a new computer basically so obviously. It s the same case and everything and as you can see right now i m putting windows update on it which is pretty cool. But yeah so the motherboard is right here and there s a cpu.

But yeah. It s got to be the motherboard possibly the cpu but tested like the ram and everything on this computer. So it s got to be one of these two parts and i can t really find any am4 motherboards that are you know like not crap. So you know not used which i really i really don t like to get used motherboards and you know all all of the use motherboards are pretty much expensive anyway.

So i think at this point was just worth getting a brand new system as you can see i batson md. 88. 7600. That s an apu was that s also a quad core.

So we ll have good graphics and they could seep you as well and i m getting a call good old miranda alright. So you know i got a new motherboard. Got new cpu. I had to get new brand as well because it s ddr3 which kind of blows that whatever.

But was able to use all the other parts so essentially a new computer basically. So as you can see it s looking pretty good a little bit kind of small in there really it s smaller than the other mars board. Still micro atx. Which is smaller with the solid state hyperdrive.

4. Gigs of ram kind of skimped on there. But you didn t mean expending a lot of money and there s another slot. There so it s always upgradeable in the future.

Which is cool power supply is still 251 or simpson really crappy. But it ll work and then like there s certain things i couldn t use like this firewire port. Like what s up of this crack. So yeah pretty cool stuff um.

I might i feel like adding it back cased and it just seems very inadequate. I think the cv is only 65 tdp 65 watt tdp. But still it seems kind of inadequate. But anyways that that s how i fixed it if you went through all those steps to fix your computer.

And it s still not booting basically. It s your motherboard or cpu. Like yes watching this video and hope you thought. It was cool you have any questions leave them in the comment section.

Below. And this far going to be a long video. Just i haven t started editing. It at all and i feel like it s going to be really freaking long just like all these windows updates.

Yeah. I think everyone s video and this hp is running a lot better now. Which is pretty ” ..


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