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“Everyone jacqueline 4 6. Here back with another video and today. I m going to to be talking to you about how you can get free gems in clash of and if you clicked on this video. Because you re expected to get twelve million three gems then i m very sorry.

But that s not gonna happen basically there is a way to get free gems in clash of clans you won t get tons and tons of gems. But if you do this a couple of days every week you will accumulate hundreds of gems. So basically what you have to do as you can see here. It is the daily holiday special deal in the trader.

The trader is available from the town away upwards and basically what you can do is. When you get a free offer..

So as you can see i get the builder potion. The power potion and also three training potions for free. What you can do as you can see i can t collect these training potions because i don t have enough storage. So what you need to do in order to get free gems in clash of clans is go over to the town hall here click on the magic items and as you can see i ve got five out of five of the training potions.

So i ve got two options here. I can either use them and then collect the free ones. Why i can sell three of the training potions for thirty gems. Then this will mean i can collect my three free training potions from the trader and there we go.

I ve got five training potions. Again with an extra thirty gems and all this free stuff is in the shop..

Because it is the winter holiday or whatever you want to call it update and they give you free stuff every day. But occasionally. There is free stuff from the trader. So make sure you check every day with the trader and see if there s any free items.

And if you ve got full storage. Just sell one of them and supercell are basically giving you free gems. This does work. Because i have had three offers for some stuff before and the second way to get free gems in clash of clans is through the gold pass.

It s exactly the same principle so unfortunately i ve collected all my rewards as i have completed. We go to us or the silver pastor weber is called but what you can do is if you get for example..

Let s say a book of everything or a book of heroes and say you ve already got one in your magic item storage. You can sell the one you already have so as you can see the book of spells. I can sell for 50 gems and basically you just sell your magic item and this will give you free gems. I hope you guys enjoyed this video.

I hope you now know how to get free gems. If you did already know how to do it make sure to tell me down below in the comments because i m not entirely sure how many people are actually aware of this so. Thank you guys for watching make sure to leave a like i ve got feeling this videos gonna do well so let s aim for 15 likes on this video. If we get 15.

Likes i ll make a part 2 to this make sure to also subscribe down below. It really does mean a lot to me help me get to 200 subscribers by the end of the year..

We re 23 away at the time of recording this and we ve got about a week to do it i don t know if we ll be able to do it. But hopefully we will i hope you guys enjoyed this video. I hope you ve all had a great year playing clash of clans. I hope you had a great year watching my videos.

I m sorry that i took a big break. But school comes first you know i ll see you guys next time. Thank you all for sticking with me have a great day have a great year your boss. ” .


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