FREE GEMS & PASSES 2018 – Episode (3 ways to get them! No cheats, hacks or generators needed!)

how to enter cheat codes in episode This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you FREE GEMS & PASSES 2018 – Episode (3 ways to get them! No cheats, hacks or generators needed!). Following along are instructions in the video below:

“Guys this is joseph evans arthur arthur secre sequence the phoenix prophecy the ember effect effect soul bounds. The secret of rain the last goodbye and glitchgoal today. I m to be showing you three different ways of getting free gems and passes on episode. Okay the first way is to find storage on the app that have this in gem symbol on the bottom of their description.

These are usually feature stories. So pretty much everything on the home shop will have this if you re ready for registries are these will record pretty quickly. But if you re looking for a faster way of getting free passes and gens..


Then my second way is to find links on youtube videos that have been sponsored by episode myself as an incentive to get readers to read certain stories episode have given some youtubers special links that will allow readers to get ten free passes and ten free gems. If they click on it one of these stories is mean girls spring break. And i ll give you two examples. The first is yogscast hannah so type in your caste.

Hannah mean girl. Spring break. And the first result you get will be this video..


Right here so simply click on that go to the description. And you will find the special link right there another one is a playthrough by a youtuber named gem circle. So simply type in gems. Achill.

New girl spring break. And once again click on the first link that you find and you ll find a special link once again in the description soon as you click on it it will load up episodes. And you ll be immediately rewarded with these ten free gems and ten free passes pretty awesome..


My third way actually grants you unlimited passes and unlimited gems. As you can see i have over a thousand passes in my accounts. And i actually have a special button that allows me to add gems to my comp. Whenever.

I want completely free how on earth did i get these options by becoming a featured writer can you guys get this as well absolutely. If you liked the story that gets lots of readers and impresses. The episode team you can potentially be contacted by them to become a feature writer this comes with a whole host of perks include in these three gems of passes..


So simply concentrate on what s in the best story in the fan and promote it as much as you can on social media. Okay i hope at least one of these methods works for you guys don t forget to like this video and subscribe to my channel. If you want more videos like this have you writing guys and i will see you next time ” ..


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