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“Everyone what s up having make really in a while for psvita. Users. Those has hasn t been really anything good lately out. I will be making a video soon miss need for speed.

Most wanted i will be doing a review on that game. We will be doing a review on black ops for playstation vita experiment killzone. I m gonna do one for kill zone right now..


This is thanks to one of my playstation network buddies a way to download and use it directly to your playstation vita. You can look for the songs friend. I helped me out is pearson all right there that s just psn id. That s handheld.

Me out thank you very much she told me about this webpage spare my chicken download just music the name of the website is b mp3com. The beginning of the page. This is the home which is home music homepage the beginning of the page you can see how to download a few downloads right there it sound really good i just downloaded one just to make sure to work fine..


It does work fine as you can see in my education. Cesare there they downloaded the one right here so it s be mp3com you have a top download downloaded songs you keep there s a search engine so you can type your you can type your song you can do out burns. Because of artists as you can see right there it down download the songs pretty fast you can go to one song sail to taiwan. I ll open it you see all this crap on the on the thing.

The only thing you have to do you see the information of the song. Sorry see the information of the song and then where he says download down the green you go to download is gonna ask you all this one didn t do it okay let me try this again sorry okay so i ll use go to download sorry guys. It s gonna ask it open another page click yes then it should start downloading really well it seems like some peaches and work..


But it s not a completely. I ll show you i ll show you another sound for some reason distance network in let s try another song cuz. I just downloaded usin loaded the somebody that i used to know so she destroy the wiz khalifa wiz khalifa go to download say yes and see some maybe it is some songs i ve done that won t download directly. But most of them do when they do another pictures canal pain just click yes and this is little windows gonna appear with the information of the song you re downloading press safe save is gonna start download you have the notification right there it does load pretty fast for me doesn t take that long so it s already it s already download what it s just installing it either there go right here by the way.

This is not my type of music and just doing this just to show you really quick how it s done. So there is that sound good day. Oh..


That s so for this video is want to show you really quick how it s done and if you have any suggestions or any ideas for videos let me know now will care one all right. ” ..

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