FREE WiFi Hotspot/Tethering for ALL Devices (PDANet+/Foxfi) NO ROOT

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“Flippy size here and today. I m going to be doing a quick tutorial on on how to use your phone as a wi fi hotspot completely for free so s go ahead and get started so if you guys don t know what a wi fi hotspot is real short and easy it allows you to use your phone s mobile data. Connection and use it to allow other devices to connect three device to the internet. So you can use like your ipod when you re traveling somewhere.

So there s one thing i want to go over there is an application. I m going to show you called fox5 now this isn t the main application of this video. But it is an option now with fox5. It s free you can use it for the hotspot.

It s very good. But it isn t supported on some devices. So first if you re on i believe sprint and verizon. They blocked fox5 from the play store.

So i ll show you how to get it if you just go into your browser. And you search box by zoom in here. You can see that right here from the play store. If it s blocked through your carrier.

I don t know if it ll let you download through the play store. If not you can go from fox. 5 right there fox by installer so if you want to install it you have to go to the installer to check. If it s compatible to your vais device just go to fox.

5. Comm. And then click check and here. It ll have a list of the carriers.


And all the devices that are supported and not supported now if you go to my device which is the samsung galaxy s3 from sprint you will see that it s not supported so if your device is supported all you have to do is go to here. The fox buy installer click. It and then well it ll have you download the apk just like this you ll click this it ll have you download it and then when you download it you can just go here click on it and then click install and it will install on your device. Now since it s not compatible with mine.

Though i am not going to install it and if it s not compatible. What you re going to do is you re going to fox by website and click on right here you re gonna click on to install pda net now this app is compatible with every single cell phone every single one so you re just gonna click right here and i think it s better to get pda net from the first place that way you know fox. Why it doesn t become incompatible for any reason or anything like that so here as you can see it says right here. If you have sprint and your carrier has delisted pda net plus.

Since it avoids a tether. Plan you have to either blah blah. Because it is on the play store. But again sprint may have blocked it now you can go here it ll say download the link to your computer or you can install it straight from your phone.

Which is what i m doing again under security make sure you have unknown sources. Checked. Then you can just tap here it ll download the pda in that file you can click ok. And then up in your notification center.

You can just click on it and then i already have it installed. I ll reinstall it for you guys here s all the permissions pda net plus and then you can just click on install then once it s done installing you can open it up and now i will show you guys exactly how to use it now when you open pda net plus. You ll come to this app. Obviously.

But there ll be a couple different options now the first one i m going to show you is activate wi fi hotspot now under this you can change the network name which i m just under the default. Fox 561. And you can set a password. So now.


This is just a straight up wi fi hotspot. It may or may not work. I believe it will work i think this is compatible with all the vices. But i m gonna go ahead and uh try it out you guys will have to try it out as well so as you can see it says starting hotspot.

One two and boom. Now. If you go up in the notification center. You ll see that there s two two notification.

Saying that a hotspot is activated. Now the second one is from fox five or you know net pda net. Plus. It s no big deal.

The second one was from sprint and it just went away because i said you know err you know cuz. It s not activate on my plan. But as you can see foxfire still. There now you will not get charged for this you just it you will not it s been tested.

So yeah you will not get charged now if i go onto my ipod you ll see right there fox. 5 s fox by 61. If i click on it it does not request the password because you know i m not i don t have a password reset. So if you want to set a password you can just click on here.

And then you can just enter the password and then click ok also you can change the network name just by clicking on it and then editing it to whatever so i am having a slight problem with the wi fi hotspot because like i showed. You i have no service alright guys so right now i m editing the video and i realized why the wi fi tether was not working if you guys look in the video you ll see that under the wi fi tether. It says fox finding the version even though it is on pda net now. If you guys realize.


This my device was not compatible with fox buy so since pda net uses the same fox. 5. Technology. It will not be compatible.

But the features are pda net with the bluetooth tether and the usb tether are compatible on all devices. So. If your device is like mine. And under the fox 5 website.

Says. It s not compatible you cannot use the wi fi tether under pda net. But you can use the bluetooth and usb tethered for free wi fi connection. Now let s go ahead.

And go on to the next options. I m going to show you guys if you go under activate usb tether. What this does is it allows you to plug in your phone through the charging port to your usb. In your computer.

And use your wi fi through that now to use that you first must download. Which if you just click here it will tell you says please click the pda net tray icon from your computer to connect. So. If you go to this your l.

Pda. Net co. A you can install your the pda pda net well desktop client. And that allows you to connect the usb tether.


Now if you want to go through bluetooth. There s a couple different things you need to know if you re going to be doing android device android device you need to go into the market on the device that you re going to want to connect to so. Here you need to download pda met tablet new now it works on cell phones as well not just tablets. Basically what it allows you to do is pick up signals from pda net through bluetooth.

And it allows you to connect like that so you can pick up the connection through bluetooth not wi fi. That ways a direct connection. So. You must have that downloaded and use that for the bluetooth option now if you re going to do bluetooth from an android device to an apple device you need to go on to cydia your must be jailbroken and download blue ever it s bl you evey er.

I believe with vr yeah something like that blue ver and you must download that and then you can use it just open it and it allow you to connect through bluetooth and in computer. You do i believe have to download the client as well as long as your computer does have bluetooth options. So that s basically everything you can change. The network name password everything like that full version.

I m not sure how much the limit is i haven t noticed at all sorry i could not show you guys i just have no service. But if you guys want to get free wi fi hotspots straight from your phone. You guys gotta check this out fox phi and pda net plus compatible with every single cell phone. There is again if you guys would like to see a tutorial for apple devices.

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