Full Motion TV Wall Mount

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“My name is brian from av express with the naeon 40112. Long. Extending full motion. Motion.

Tv wall mount. This full motion. Tv. Mount has a long arm.

That nworks tvs up to 65 weighing up to 70 pounds to confirm. This mount fits. Your tv call. Us.

Ntoll. Free at 1. 877. 302 8397 or visit us at av expresscom.

Now before we dive in please make sure to nsubscribe to our youtube channel to see the latest product offerings. Helpful installation nvideos and how to get entered in our monthly giveaways. We would appreciate your thumbs up and would nlove to hear your feedback by commenting below. Now let s talk full motion tv wall mounts nfor flat screens.

The aeon 40112 full motion. Mount with long narm is a versatile solution from one the best tv wall. Mount manufacturers on the market aeon makes. Sure this well built full motion.

Ntv. Mount for flat screens..

Has the features and benefits of a tv wall mount at 2 or 3 ntimes the cost right away you will notice how the 29 long narm enables tvs up to 60 to turn 90 degrees sideways so now any seat in the room has the best seat nin the house your average articulating tv wall mount. Only nextends 12 from the wall. This aeon. Mount extends.

2. And a half times. Nthat amount because this full motion mount has a long nreach. It is can function perfectly as a corner tv wall mount with 3 pivoting.

Points on the arm. Virtually nany angle is possible. Even. Viewing your tv from another room.

Is npossible simply install. This mount near a stud near na door opening and swivel into the next room or even outside the precision. Machined bushings. Allow the naeon 40112 to swivel and pan with ease.

A simple and gentle pull or push of the tv nwill get the tv. Just where you want it let go. And it stops exactly where you want nit to a tilt function can also angle the tv up 5. Nor down 15.

If needed to prevent glare or allow the perfect viewing angle. One common concern with a long arm full motion. Ntv wall mount like this is how close. It is when it is retracted against the wall.

This long arm full motion mount can also be nconsidered a slim profile mount this is because when retracted or folded up. Nagainst the..

Wall this mount is nearly 25. From the wall. We get a lot of feedback and comments on our nfacebook page about our mounts and many other products. We see and hear unique ways folks use or plan nto use these products by joining our fb page you can share your nexperience see the latest products get current coupon codes and discounts and enter our monthly ncontests even instant message us for questions about nyour specific situation and other customer service needs make sure to like our page to take advantage nof these benefits.

This swiveling tv wall mount is built from nsolid die. Cast steel with no welds to fail. Other welded mounts will sag and bow overtime ncausing. The tv to sag and be unlevel or time and even make it harder to swivel your tv nto its desired location in addition to no weld seems to fail.

This nmount uses precision. Machined bushings and mating pins to insure a lifetime of smooth nand. Easy movement of your tv. Aeon makes.

Sure that safety is first and foremost aeon safety. Tests. Each and every mount to nfour times. Its rated weight.

That means aeon tested. This mount to hold n280 pounds for 5 min. Without failure this way. We can truly say it will hold up nto 70 pounds easily.

Keeping you and your family safe forever to ensure this aeon full motion. Tv wall mount. Nis. A perfect fit for your tv.

You must know your vesa pattern of your tv. The vesa pattern or sometimes called mounting nhole pattern of your tv is the width and height of the four mounting holes found on the back nof your tv measured in millimeters to find out more..

About vesa and your tv s nmounting. Hole pattern go to wwwav expresscom and search in the search bar vesa v. E s. A nor give one of our knowledgeable friendly staff a call toll free at 1 877.

302 8397. This aeon. 40112 tv. Mount is compatible with nvesa patterns from 100mm x.

100mm. Up to 400mm x. 400mm. And nearly every vesa size in between we all know you will want to show off your nnewly installed tv on the aeon full motion.

Tv wall mount to your friends and family to ensure that you look like the professional nthat. You are aeon has included a mistake correcting feature lets say you just watched our install video nfor this aeon 40112 mount and followed the instruction to a t. But you find out that nthe tv is not sitting perfectly level with the aeon 40112. You have no worries simply adjust the tv via the level adjust nfeature to micro adjust your tv.

So it is perfectly level then lock into place this can be done even after it is screwed nto. The wall with other mounts. You will have to take the ntv mount down off the wall and re drill your holes. Again.

Aeon has included a simple effective cable nmanagement system. Which integrates your hdmi power. And or av cables inside the arms of nthis full motion tv. Mount simply remove the plastic covers on the arms.

Ninsert your cables. And re attach..

Now your cables move effortlessly with the nswivel arms and will not hang down below the tv are you interested in mounting a soundbar nbelow your tv. So the sound swivels with your picture. No problem av express has compatible universal nsoundbar brackets. Which will work with this aeon full motion.

Mount so you can hang your nsoundbar below the tv for a professional sleek. Look see our website for more information. Aeon includes all screws and hardware. Necessary nin.

The box for an easy installation to a single wood stud or concrete wall. Many tv s have various mounting screw sizes nrequired with the included screw kit are many sizes nof screws to insure. It will fit your tv. Also included are various spacers which maybe nrequired.

If your tv mounting holes have a recessed area or you just need to make room nbetween your cables and the back of the tv to prevent pinching. As you can see the aeon 40112 full motion. Ntv wall mount with long arm can provide many benefits. Other tv wall mounts.

Cannot easy viewing from any angle simple to reposition nlow profile. When stored corner mounting capability solid build quality tilting and self leveling nfeatures wire management. And is compatible with other products like soundbar mounts. Nto enhance the audio experience right along with the visual.

One we hope you enjoyed this product video and ninvite you visit our google trusted website wwwav expresscom to see the whole family nof full motion tv wall mount and tv stands av express has to offer ” ..

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