Garden flower Close-ups

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“This video. I m going to share how to take great closeups of flowers with with just a telephoto zoom lens. Although we recommend that you use a macro lens proper close up shots. I m going to prove that sometimes all you need is a telephoto zoom lens will let you focus close enough for your subjects find a colorful flower in full bloom to focus on but rather than the bunch.

I always find that one flower provides a clear a focal point and a better shot and for larger flower heads like this purple allium. You don t actually need to be able to focus super close with a dedicated macro lens. Now this part is key position yourself..


So the flower has a dark clean background behind it to provide contrast. So the flowers colors remain dominant for close up flower shots. A tripod not only helps you keep your camera s still for sharper shots. It also helps you compose more accurately.

Especially when you re using live view for pinpoint focusing a zoomed in all the way using my canon 24 to 105 mm f4 l. Series. Lens i also use the canon eos 7d so with its aps c 16..


X. Crop factor. The 105 ml telephoto becomes an effective focal length of nearly 170 mil the longer the focal length the bigger the flowers will appear in your frame. The angle of view is also reduced which means you ll include less background.

Helping to make your flowers. More prominent in. Shot i shot an av..


Mode a wide aperture of f. 56. Which provides a nice shallow depth of field. But with enough depth of focus to ensure the majority of the flower head is sharp combined with the longer focal length this creates more background blur so your flowers stand out proudly from their surroundings in my back garden.

I shot before breakfast some low soft morning light i preferred shoot into the sun as i find back lighting is better for more artistic and evocative flower photos make sure use a lens hood to reduce the flare from the sun or you can shoot with your back to the sun for a more traditional flower shot. Finally. I used a reflector to brighten up the flower head by bouncing some light back into the shadows..


Putting all these techniques together i captured this final shot. So i ve proven that you don t need a dedicated macro lens to take great closeups of flowers. What are you going to try it yourself. ” .


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