Garmin nuvi 2595-LMT 5″ Voice-Activated GPS with Bluetooth

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“Have another really really good one for you guys from garmin. We have it s s no ordinary gps please listen to what you re getting here this these are i ve never seen us do before and i m not kidding. We had a today s special a couple months back that s sold out like it sold like crazy this one is so much better and i m sorry if you got the other one. But get this one today.

If you didn t because not only is it a five inch beautiful screen. We re gonna turn this turn this one on but i m telling okay turn it on and then back off eight million points of interest. Eight that s two million more than the today s special we offered at the same price a couple months ago then get this lifetime updates of maps lifetime updates of traffic we re talking about voice activation we re talking about bluetooth we re talking about enhanced 3d lane assist guidance 20. Which is much faster so you really it s just it s lightning speed fast 3d as you can see here it syncs.

All of your addresses from your phone to the di gps look at the size of this screen. I don t know just the other day my brother in law was driving us somewhere. And he was using his little cell phone to get us somewhere and i was like freaking out in the backseat because he s looking at this little teeny screen. And he s trying to figure this thing is huge do you see the size of this screen.

And it talks to you it is actually like three hundred and four percent larger than a blackberry seventy six percent larger than an iphone 28 than the original point four point three inch this is a five inch wide screen voice command bluetooth lifetime updates of maps and traffic. I keep repeating some of those bells because usually have to update update. Those like four times a year and that s expensive you never have to do that again. But the thing that i love is eight million coins.

A room truth from restaurants and hotels and resorts and landmarks and gas stations. And you name it we re gonna talk ideas lea. Little is joining us to talk through it and go. Oh my god to it and you can name it voice command.

Find. Place taco bell. Look. It s finding.

The taco bell. 3. 3. Yes.

So that s just the beginning. Now. Let s talk about this versus a cell phone because this is so much more advanced for you if you have ever tried to use your cell phone. How in the world.

I need to be looking at where you re going and talking on the phone. I know and then keep in mind these have especially designed satellites that are going to keep you connected. So when you get a text you re not simply disconnected the benefits of what you re gonna have here means you don t burn through your data plan you re going to have that genuine dedicated satellite. It can be used hands free and it can be used with your telephone as well as your speaker phone through bluetooth.


It s larger. It s a 5 inch display. And it includes amazing traffic features and you are going to have this safety because if you ve ever been trying to navigate what you were just telling us. Where my brother and you know maybe you are the passenger or maybe you re the driver you re saying.

This is just not working for me and 2 million more than the last garmin we offered it s true and you know what the waiting you can navigate these are so simple and easy grocery stores post offices hospitals. That s how i found the local church. I m going to nail salons pharmacies banks you name it this is on fire and we knew that it would be it truly is and i wish we had more than we do we have very limited numbers. This is by the way on the garmin website right now 229 yep 9.

Lowest price anywhere in the world here at hsn and 4 flex as for my hour only 4 flex. Normally it ll be 2 or 3. So take advantage. This is so much better than going with a cell phone because you know like you said.

It s dangerous you can t hear it see it you can t hear it this again with the voice command here we go voice command find. City tampa exit. Let me turn up the volume for you i ve turned off the volume. But it talks back to you voice command fine category.

Searching for gas stations selector line. Number. 3. Yes your hands are on the wheel exactly and you can use it with touch screen or you can use it as you re talking to it now obviously we re simulating because we re inside the studio by the way this one works with portrait mode and landscape mode.

It s gonna have lifetime traffic. It s gonna have lifetime maps this particular unit is gonna give you everything that you ve ever wanted because when you think about being able to have that 5 inch screen. When you think about having in the lifetime maps lifetime traffic. You re saving literally hundreds of dollars right there.

But that s really just the beginning of the of the ice of the story here you just saw guidance 20. That means you re gonna have faster navigation. It s going to almost be like a google search on the internet. Where it brings up it used to be that you have to type the entire name in to kind of get the place where you re going now.

It has this intuitive answering. Where it anticipates what it is that you re trying to smell like in one or two letters and it knows. It gives you options so voice command. It s also going to have it turn by turn directions on top of that it has the speed limit indicator.

It s all in there for you so let me just go through let s talk about bluetooth. Because. This is also going to work as a speakerphone. It connects with your entire address book.


So now you just tell your garmin to call whoever you want to call and it automatically looks it up in your cell. Phone address and your eyes are on the road your hands are on the wheel. You re focused on what you re doing or your teens are focused on what they re doing. That s a really awesome feature is that awesome so again now you re gonna be a safer driver.

You re gonna be a better driver. If you look through that checklist or maybe you saw our today s special a few short months ago. What you are looking at here is off the charts. It is the most feature rich gps.

We have ever offered hands down and it s less than thirty dollars semi colon. Now let s just see okay here we go we re gonna simulate we re gonna answer that phone right here look at this hello hey doing great let me turn up the volume. A little bit. You re gonna be able to hear now we re on the telephone right here speaking on the speakerphone.

Oh. No 100. Left of the olympus camera. A listener producer in the control room.

Cole is that it tells you you re on the phone right here. If you want to adjust the handset. You can if you want to use it hands free you want to move it so yes. So great so much easier it really is so again now you re right back.

Watching the map. As you re talking on the phone. So again. It s a two in one unit.

That s entirely hands free that is safe let me just end that call and we can do that with voice command. So you can do that by simply touching this greater. Say here s this story you guys because this is really truly such a great buy on i m so jazzed about this garmin. I know if you have a garment that you know it s only got a couple million points of interest upgrade to this i mean honestly eight million that s over 2 million.

More than the last garmin. We offered at the same price its r. And this has lifetime of updates for maps and traffic. Normally those are things you have to spend an extra couple of i don t know 20 30.

40 dollars. A couple times a year to stay updated. The visuals on this gps here are beautiful because they re all 3d. It s not that you re finished look.


It s real genuine picture. Let s talk about lifetime maps and lifetime traffic. Because again lifetime maps for one map you could be looking at 80. Maybe.

This is all of the united states. This is all of canada and all of mexico as well and the 3d traffic is so cool. If you ve ever been stuck in traffic. Imagine knowing that you re going into that traffic jam letting it reroute you around lady traffic.

Now look at this it literally is checking traffic conditions to millions of my months multi dimensional real. Time it s receiving the same signals that the radio station receives from the newbie owners from cell phone users from radio feeds new station. You name it so. What happens is you have up to the second up two updates in your traffic.

So that means you can make the best decision possible by the way you re also going to have the view of the landscape. As well as the view in the portrait mode. Oh it has everything that you ve ever wanted and the beauty of it is if you want to have the best value 30 less than garmin s site right now and here s the thing. It s so easy when you re ready to use that voice command you can name it whatever you like i ve just been using voice command.

But whatever pet name you might want to have for your garmin. You talk to it and it goes. Where you say directs you where you say giving you turn by turn real time. Directions.

Now. Let s talk about those junction views. Because those junction views as you said are 3d. It s literally as though as i was describing you to cally it s as though there s a camera on your car.

They don t see this in front of you because now instead of having this sort of cartoonish look what happens is it gives you the lane assist. So you have the arrows to know exactly what laying it you re going to be in. But it also gives you a 3d picture. So you know exactly what that sign looks like when you get there.

It s like you recognize it as you re coming upon it so with the junction view. You re gonna have that state of the art technology. You re gonna have some of the hottest technology on the market place. It s a couple things i really love about this gps.

Because i have a phone that you know i could use this i guess they call it a gps. But it s so complicated. I can t see it i can t hear it this is so much better on so many different levels. Five inch widescreen tv screen.


This is like compared to a blackberry 300 and four percent larger compared to an iphone. It s like 76. Large or something like that it s just so easy. And it is so great to have the voice commands.

It s true and look at the difference here you go callie to your point again. I ve. Inches. It s almost two of the three and a half inch in here and look how fast.

The navigation is because you re looking at again touch screen at that voice and the voice commands so again. We re just doing touch screen. Here. But look how fast.

This is in just a matter of seconds. It s bringing a page after page after page dries with three minutes on the clock. I need to give you fair warning here because a couple hundred almost 300 spoken for we don t even have a thousand of these left. It s a host pick price for my show and four flex for this our only that goes away at the end of the hour on my show block.

It goes back down to two or three. I m not sure which price goes back up 30. So i m just saying if you re at all interested maybe. This is another father s day consideration.

Maybe you do have a new teen. That s driving. I have a 16 year old son and i tell you what i freak out every time. He gets in the car because i know yet there s a million things that can distract him something like this keeps you focused it saves you time it saves you money on gas.

It saves you stress and as a parent. Oh. My gosh just knowing that whoever it is that you got maybe. It s a college bound student and they re gonna be in a new area.

They don t know the area and now he s are gonna have the speed limit indicators. They re gonna be able to know where they re going that can keep their eyes on the road. They hands on the wheel and remember if the average family literally saves 200 in gas alone by using a garmin unit. So think about the value that you have this is one of the number one garments on the marketplace.

Right now and then gas price anywhere best price anywhere thirty dollars less than the garmin website and are you ready for ” ..

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