Gears of War 4 Cog Tags Review/Unboxing

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“Everyone welcome to the channel disco couple and we re going to show you some some gears of war merchandise as always timmy s stealing. An armor. So we got out of here first on way so what we re going to show you i ve got some gears of war. 4 cob tags.

So i nearly said kids will fall there. But i ve got keeping around and stuff. These are gears of war called tags branded gears war not get all four. I think the only thing that scares all four at the moment is the lanyard the cap the t shirts and these tags are actually branded as gears of war.

So that s not a problem. It s microsoft owning the brands and they re starting to a pump it all out. So this cocktails are from game. Just takes noise in a sealed bag a lot of game stores are having them loose on the shelf.


Which is a problem because we had to go through quite a few to find a pair that was in good condition. So if you re going to go buy them from game. Make sure you check them for you take them to the till. Because a lot of them get scratched quite easily because they just sort of tuck them up on the rack.

And it get a bit damaged. So that being said they re quite good quality for what they are they re three pounds four pounds. Don t quote me on that in the four pound that they re both both metal. Quite strong metal as well and i m not going to bend the chain itself.

Though is a little bit flimsy. It s not the best of quality chains. But then mr. Koster.


I guess. It s just a simple little amazing hard to find part when you don t really care about it. So yeah. It s just the simple like push through that bit there and pull it tight and it ll tighten up yeah.

They re really nice tags people have been sort of slating them saying they re not really too keen on them. I mean that though you know i would never wear about well maybe on a night out. But i m not telling it when i ve got them on but they re really good detail to what they are i mean the laser etched on this slide. Nothing on that side.

And then laser etched on this side and nothing on that side so the detail on them is its average. It s fair enough you could see their scratches on them that they get i mean these have been these were in a packet and then if jingled and jangled around in my pocket and they re already gettin scuffed up and marked up so they don t get damaged. But i mean as a as an item piece just sit on your desk. They re quite nice like say they de nice and heavy weighty gears of war tag.


Did find out on this last night it s actually got some miss printing on it his camera gonna froze so any kids war nut should know that that shouldn t say that but i messaged the guys and they said. There s just an error so they could be limited. They could be super rare and this camera is not focused cameras. So they re the ones that are out today these mixed ones.

I m going to show the ones that come with a headshot drone in the nikah pack. I have to admit i do prefer these ones over those microsoft branded ones they just still they just feel a little bit different like they feel more rugged they feel worn it s hard to say of people who ve got these will understand what i mean if you feel them again. Several ones again these are just i say these are more true to the game than the microsoft ones. But again.

I mean these are yet that designed a lot later date so they re not trying to just promote these are with these with the rhythm headshot drone from the figures. So it s just like a collector s piece that chain itself is a lot better on these. And it s got a much better bulldog clip on the on the lanyard. So that s not really gonna come apart.


Nice and strong that one. But again you don t wear these out. I mean some people didn t turn in this cool one east of their own. But i wouldn t wear them.

But if you come pick them up at game go and get them before they sell out simply is as if the gears of war collectible stuff. It s just if you don t get it now. Then you re never gonna get it and you can have to pay over the price for it as i know unfortunately yeah like to say thanks to everyone for watching these videos it means a lot to me and my partner you know we we enjoy doing these videos we love doing the videos. It s nice to finally have all this collectable equipment and just show it off to everyone you know just nice because it s not a lot of people getting into the gears.

Now and don t even know about half of the products. So we really appreciate it and don t forget to sub and like and share the page help us grow and we can keep continuing to show more gears of ” ..

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