Getting Started: Wireless N300 Cloud Router (DIR-605L)

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” s almost impossible to keep your kids safe while they re surfing the web or or on their itouch. But with dealings dir 605 l. Cloud router you could breed a little easier knowing what sites your kids are visiting when you re away not only can you see what sites they re visiting. But you can also see what devices are connected and you can block specific devices.

When maybe they re supposed to be doing their homework. And the setup couldn t be any easier let me show you how first let s take a look inside the box on top you have the product documentation and the quick install guide underneath that you have the dir 605 l..

Wireless and 300 home cloud router with two external antenna for land ports and internet port power and a reset button. And finally the power adapter and a blue ethernet cable. Now grab the router ethernet cable and power and head over to your modem start by plugging in the power and connect it to the back of the router next connect the ethernet cable from the internet or wayne port on the back of the modem to the yellow internet port on the back of the router and that s it now let s configure. The device you can either connect to the router.

Using another ethernet cable or connect to the wireless network. Name d link either way once you re connected to the router open up a web browser and the first time type in one ninety two dot one sixty eight dot zero dot one in the address bar now the first thing we want to set up is your mydlink account to allow you to remotely monitor your home network from anywhere first click configure if you ve already created a mydlink account before for let s say a network camera enter in your account..

Information. Otherwise. Creating. One is quick.

And easy. Just your e mail address password..

A name will get you set up. But we ve already created one so we ll type it in but don t forget to give your device an actual password as well give it a moment to save your settings. And when it s finished. You can now monitor your network online at mydlink comm or from your ios or android device using the mydlink app in the app store but before we do that let s secure our wireless network under wireless settings click configure to enable wpa2 security mode you can choose to auto generate your network key or create one yourself.

But either way make sure you write this down as you ll need it any time you connect the new wireless device to your network. The cloud radar from d link gives you great speed and great wireless performance for streaming netflix..

Skyping with friends and family maybe even researching a science project or two. But it also gives you a peace of mind. Knowing what sites your kids aren t ” ..


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