Google Authenticator – How Restore Backup Codes for iPhone 2020

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“I m louise elizabeth and welcome to every that helps today. I ll be showing showing you how to restore google authenticator from a backup. I hope you enjoyed this today and if you do then please give me a like hit the subscribe button and share. If you feel that others may benefit.

So if you have a new phone you will need to restore your google authenticator separately to your standard phone backup as restoring your iphone backup unfortunately won t bring across the google authenticator codes. Which you ll need to add individually so first you need to ensure that you have backed up your codes. I ve actually created a video on how you backup your codes. Which i ll put into the top right hand corner now these steps will show you what to do if you have already backed up your codes and not if you ve lost your current phone without these backups as that is a different process.

And i m going to take you through restoring gmail account using your backup codes. Now. So..


The first thing. We need to do is install google authenticator onto our phones. So i m going to head over to our phone now so i m on an iphone if you go to the app store and then type in google authenticator okay and then you need to install one that looks like they re kind of on i could dial with a g and once that s installed if you click on to open. And now we have a google authenticator installed onto our phone.

So now what we re going to do is just head back onto our computer. Our modern ears are a sign into my gmail account. And it s now asking me for my 2 step verification. Code or my code for my google.

Authenticator now. I don t actually have access to that phone or that google authenticator any longer so what i need to do is i need to try another way of accessing. My account so i m going to click on to try another way it then states that i can use different ways that i can sign in you know obviously we can t use that google authenticator app..


Any longer. But we do have our backup codes. So what we re going to do is we re going to enter in one of our 8 digit backup codes. Now if i just paste that in though i click on next and now that we ve managed to access our account.

We provided with an email from google statement. We ve had a new sign in using a backup code. I m just going to click onto that so it states here that an eight digit backup code has been used rather than using them a verification code from my phone and it s asking me if there was a problem due to a problem with my phone what i can do is. I can update my 2 step verification settings so that s what when i do i m going to click on to that link.

I m reenter my password if i scroll down right now have the option to do is to change my phone. So what i m going to do here is click on to change phone is then ask me what type of phone. I have so i have an iphone so going to click on to that and they click on to next..


And then i need to head over to my phone. So what i m going to do now is just open up the app on my phone click on to begin setup. Then i m going to scan the barcode and now that s appearing in mais authenticator up. I m going to click onto next.

Then it s asking me to enter in the code. And you look under done now that we ve actually entered in that authenticator app. We can now obviously sign into our gmail account using the new authenticator codes that will receive on our new phone. So if you re restoring other codes.

Say for example you ve got added security for the likes of the crypto wallet or an exchange. These will also need to be re adding money so the way that you do that is we head back over to our phones. And if we click on the plus in the top right hand corner..


And then go to manual entry. You can then enter in the name of the account. And then you ll need to put in your backup or your secret key into this section and then click on the plus button so that completes how to restore your gmail codes for google authenticator. I ll also put a link below to a step by.

Step guide which will also be available on my website at wwwflcfsorg. It the subscribe button ” ..

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