Google Chrome Helper CPU 100%+ Troubleshooting – How To Make It Use Less RAM

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“Guys. It s paul here. I want to give you a quick. I ve been been looking at this google chrome helper cpu sup in her process and lately.

I been doing videos which sounds like my computer is going to take off which i m going to do it now cuz. I try to make it do. It so google chrome help who s showing 100 17. Percent.

Cpu and everyone s done now. It was more than hundred. But it can t be good so the fans come on it sounds like my computer is taking off..


But why is it happening so people are going to tell you to go to settings to look for advanced settings to look for content and then plugins because the say plugins anymore. So you want to take lickin click to play plugins right so doesn t say that anymore either quick browse around nose lock in now. What art does on my mac. When i go to more tools.

It says task manager. When i click on that task manager. I can see all the things that are opening through google chrome. And you can see that number one 80 cpu.

So i ve got all my extensions written out of use all these so what everybody else tell you do is switch off your extensions. So. But if you go to this task manager in google chrome..


It s telling you which. Which one is causing the problem now ironically. It s youtube. Which is a google website.

So obviously then i would have to work out why youtubes are mine by youtube s causing a problem. It s probably something to do a flash on my computer. I m seeing it a lot on chrome. So that s interesting that you know people would think are your extensions or it sure whatever whatever.

It is on your computer go to this one so let me go again settings. More tools task manager. So that will probably somewhat mirror..


This task mind your hundred and one percent. All right 103. So it s saying to me that it s it s youtube. So i can click on that and ndr who s go look close up the clothes that blot right.

And you can see down here straight away the activities gone back down. So it s not a fix. It s a have a look in this case manager to see what s causing that google chrome helper down there to go off the chart because if you just close your chrome. You can t you ll see and there s a lot of cool extensions that are using chrome or i won t just use firefox or safari or something else.

But you know obviously i use i have a lot of really cool plugins that i like and like doing in chrome. Remembers holy passwords. So i don t want to go somewhere else and i can t remember him how to log in or what my user was no not the passwords..


I can remember a password. There s mcdaniels. A name i can never remember on some places so hopefully that helps you start to tunnel into like google chrome helper and fold any questions give me a shout put it put it down below and i mean i m not an expert. But i can you know i ve i ve got to i can troubleshoot now wise also i m going to send me computer into a word.

It s a helicopter mode. So all you have a good day thanks for watching see ” ..

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