Google Pixel Microphone and Speaker Broken Warranty/Repair/Fix

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“A couple of days ago. I bought a original google pixel the standard sized one one on ebay because i thought i had quite like to do some more development again and now that the google pixel is being upgraded to android q. I thought it would be the ideal candidate for the job i use a pixel 3 xl as my daily driver and i thought the two would you know go on inside. One another quite well i paid.

A decent price for the phone not too much not too little and i thought to be honest. It was gonna have some issues. I knew it had screen burn because i was already listed in the description. But what i didn t know is the the microphone and the speaker both didn t work on it now i could have gone down the simple route and i could have just got in touch with the seller.

And said hey the phone doesn t work i want a refund. But i thought i would try getting in touch with google through their warranty claims department. Now as it turns out my phone. Actually has a few days of warranty time left.

I so it s the 20th of march at the moment and my phone s warranty expires on the 23rd of march so i was lucky in that sense so what i thought i would do in this little video is kind of document process of getting my phone repaired under warranty now it s one of those weird little instances where a lot of people don t know that your warranty actually does carry over if you buy iphone secondhand. The phone the phone s warranty is linked to the imei number that is registered on it so even if you buy a phone secondhand on ebay or swapo or something like that your warranty will carry over it s just there s a lot of misinformation out there about various warranties and whatnot for various devices. But on the pixels at least the warranty does carry over i wanted to drop in mid edit just to explain so the way the warranty works to be completely precise. It is linked to your imei number.

But it s also linked to the registered ie d. On the phone. So if you buy phone on ebay. And the phone s been reset to factory settings as it should be it once you sign in to your google account on that phone your warranty becomes registered to you and it is transferred from the previous owner up until the original google pixel this work slightly differently you have to go through a warranty signing form on google s website.

But with anything pixel and of that is no longer answer so it is the next morning. I ve just been to drop off my original pixel at the ups drop off point and the way that it actually turns out it works is you get in touch with google through their warranty department. I might actually leave a link to that in the description you can either do it through your phone settings. There s a little toggle right at the bottom.

If you own a pixel you can go through there or you can do it directly on the website. So i opted to go through the phone directly because it sent some diagnostics information to and it just makes the whole thing easier and they ll run through a couple of things with you which are more often than not just a bit irritating so they ll say you try it in safe mode are you up to date try doing a factory reset i managed to bypass most of that thankfully because i just sort of said look i ve done everything i know what i m doing with this so if you re fairly confident that you ve done everything and tried every possible route. Then i would do that as well and once that happens they will escalate your claim. They ll give you two options they ll either give you a standard rma.

Which means you send your device to google directly..

And they ll do a swap there i want to once your device arrives at google. They will send out the new device to you and otherwise if you bought directly from google. You can do what s called an advanced rma where they send you a new device once the new device arrives at your property. You can then send your old device away.

I didn t have that option. My phone happened to be locked to e. So i had to send my advice to google which i ve just done they send you through a prepaid ups in the uk anyway you prepaid ups ticket thing just to print out and you just post it off i ve just been to drop it off no problems there so they ve given me five to 15 days. Although.

The other guy said five to ten days as a turnaround time. I think the sooner your phone gets there the better to be honest. It looks like my phone is going to poland. Which is a bit weird because i didn t realise google had anything anything in poland.

But hey ho we ll hope it gets there and i ll have to keep you posted as to what else happens what i can say at this point is that google have been super helpful over the chat function. I wanted to see whether i could also get an e to do a swap on the phone. Because e are generally a little bit quicker at doing that sort of thing. But as is typical from any network provider.

They said often ah sorry we can t do anything so directly through google. It is i will keep you posted and we ll have to see exactly what we come up with in five to 15 days time. The other thing that i wanted to comment on quickly was that whilst. I was talking to the google reps what one of them actually mentioned was that because google have acknowledged that there is a fault with the microphone and the speaker assembly that even if your device is you know briefly outside the warranty period.

They will honor a replacement device because they ve acknowledged the fault. So if you ve got a device that is kind of you know a few months outside is warranty window. I would still try it i ll try and get a replacement just to see if they can do anything about it so it is monday morning monday the 25th. We are five days into the into the returns process thus far communication has actually been pretty decent.

They ve done a pretty good job really of staying in touch with me through various things. But what i m going to do this morning. As you can see is i m actually going to send the message manually to try and follow up on the case. The phone has been delivered to the drop off or to their polish mm hmm.

Their polish sort of drop off location whatever that is and hopefully they ought to send out a replacement pretty soon..

I m number two in the queue. So we ll see how we get on with that but and yeah fingers crossed. We get somewhere under pixel is back before all too long it s worth noting at this point. That i fully expect the outcome of this conversation.

I m just hoping that this chat representative to be sorry. I can t really help you out i don t actually know what sort of time frame. We ve got for the device. Because i assume they all work in pretty different apartments and they haven t really got access to information from one department in another department and that will have to see at the moment.

She has thanked me for my help with the rma and case id. You know standard sort of chatter stuff. But we ll see how the whole thing develops and go from there. That s funny it s a tiny little flat box.

That s interesting because they definitely didn t ship in these. It s the same phone that i sent off. I m gonna have to blur out the imei number on there there we go release it bloody hell. That might as well be brand new for as used as that looks unbelievable.

The best part of this of course is that i spent next to nothing on the phone and the seller that i bought it from has agreed to refund me for the device. There s not even a mark on it. Oh my god this is the genuinely is not a mark on it it s absolutely pristine well fire it up quickly. There s no burning there s absolutely no burden.

It s a brand new pixel. I will take that out so finally. It is conclusion time for the little pixel saga. As i ve chosen to call it so my phone is back as you saw in the last clip or rather my new phone is here and i am absolutely astounded like you saw in the last clip.

It is a brand new phone. I mean google say they are refurb units. But to be honest. I find this hard to believe that this has ever been touch find at the human hand.

I must admit i don t know precisely what google s reefer process is like and for example..

I don t know where the internals perhaps are refurb. But parts the battery certainly seems to be holding up just fine. So i doubt that that s been used before. But the casing really is brand new.

It just doesn t not have a marker at all the other thing that i wanted to briefly touch on is just my experience with the entire sort of you know talking to chat. People and whatnot that too has genuinely been very very good as an experience. The last person that i spoke to as you saw in one of the earlier clips and the last person that i spoke to to sort of follow up on my order. Really wasn t particularly helpful.

I think i d caught them early on their shift. And they were still sort of getting into the swing of things. But the other experiences that i ve had with their colleagues have been absolutely fantastic genuinely a credit to google. The employees that i spoke to were just so motivated so willing to help and i think that really stands for what google are offering here as a warranty service.

So i m really impressed with that i think i m going to make a separate video on the issue of having well 2016 phone. In 20 million team like i ve said at numerous points throughout this video. This isn t my main phone. I have a three xl that i use on a daily basis and this phone is a sort of mp3 player gz gps slash web development phone really is what it comes down to for me it s things to sort of i ll install the the android cue beta on it for example and try out lots of different custom firmwares and that sort of thing basically just to do what i used to do a couple of years ago.

Because i really miss doing that now that i have more expensive phones again as a secondary device absolutely fine as a primary device even i m gonna go ahead and say it s still usable. I do want to make a video following up on using the original pixel in 2019. But i ve got to admit. I m really impressed by the speed of it if you can get a device.

That s been looked after which is easier said than done because a lot of them have been used in abuse. Now. When you scroll through the ebay. Listings.

A lot of them will say microphone speaker. Don t work like on my particular unit and all the battery doesn t last any more. My unit actually also had a pretty to be honest or otherwise you ve got damaged displays and the thing with a no led displays that they are notoriously expensive to fix. But if you can get one that still got a little bit of warranty time left on it.

And i ll be honest your time is running out now to get a phone that still got a warranty period attached to it..

But if you can get hold of one like i was lucky enough to do with mine send it away get it replaced with a brand new reef of example and you ve got a phone. Where i would honestly say there s no reason why it can t last for another couple of years and even if your phone doesn t have a warranty left one of the nice things that i discovered throughout this process. From one of the chat. Colleagues daniel.

I think he was called or something like that he said that because google are acknowledging that there is a hardware fault with the speaker and microphone assembly. If your phone is only just outside this warranty period. Get in touch with them give them your imei number and they will consider a replacement for you. Which is genuinely really really good so.

If you have got a phone that s lying in a drawer. That maybe you re thinking i still want to use it as a secondary device or something like that but the microphone. The speaker have gone or say you look at one on ebay and the speaker and the microphone assembly have failed consider buying it absolutely do if you can get a good price on it there s no reason why you shouldn t consider it and then try and send it away to google and see what they can do because i m genuinely really impressed with this and this phone. I will continue to keep now you know for at least a good year maybe.

But i think to be honest that is more or less all i have to say on the matter really. It s been a good experience. It s been a bit of a learning experience as well. But ultimately what this is about is not chucking it away not just buying a phone and after two years saying.

I m done with that that s right for the scrap heap. There s decent ways to keep older phones running so if you re short on cash and you know you don t necessarily want to have the latest phone. All the time there s no reason why you can t buy an older phone like this google pixel and keep it running. I m really impressed and i think everyone else will be the so all that brings me down to is to thank you very much for watching this video and for following along if you ve got any other questions about the warranty process.

Because i know there are some things i haven t covered in this video by all means drop a comment down below and i m try and get back to you as much as i can if you ve got any other interesting stories about warranty claims with pixels. I d be interested to hear your outcomes as well because i think there s a lot of misinformation that goes around about how poor google s warranty system is because genuinely i ve been really impressed by just how good it s been but yeah. That s all for the moment and i will see you in another video maybe a pixel one in 2019 something along those lines anyway plus. ” .


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