Google spreadsheets – sum, average, if, and other functions

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“This video. We will see how to use some of the very handy functions that that are provided by google docs. So let s say you have a small spreadsheet that details the total sales of books by category. And region.

There are four categories fiction trade cookbooks and travel. There are four regions north south east and west. And i have some numbers here for the total sales in each of these categories and regions. Now.

If you want to find out the total sales in all the northern categories across all the entire northern region across all categories. Then you can use the sum function this is some within parentheses. Click on the top you know the cell b7 and press shift and click on cell b9 and that will result in the entire b6 through p9 cells getting selected close parentheses. Okay and you can also then drag this formula to the right okay.

So that way it will show up in all four of these totals cells..

Next. Let s say we want to find the average sales equals average within parentheses click cell. B6 shift click cell b9 close parentheses and you can copy this to the right now. Let s say you want this to show up as dollars you can change the format by just clicking the format as currency button here and it will change this to dollars.

If you wish to decrease the number of decimal places one way to do that is to click here and then just click on currency and that way you ll have currency without decimal places. If you want to find out the maximum sales you can say ma x within parentheses. Again select and and min is equals a mind within parentheses. And and count is basically just for here.

Because there are four records and we can just copy this to the right. And i just want to change the format of this i press the b13 button. And then shift click. The e4 teen button.

And that selects this entire range b..

13. Through c. 14. And all the cells in that range or selected and now i can go here and click this currency button here to add the appropriate currency format.

So that takes care of adding or making use of the various types of formulas that the spreadsheet provides for us next. I d like to show how to do the if function the if function is a very handy logical function. What it can do is let you specify a condition and that condition is true. Then one kind of value can be displayed and if that condition is false another kind of value can be displayed so let s say equals if the sales is greater than a 17.

Then you want to say in good if not bad okay and please notice that b 6. And if 17 are the two cells involved and i m having a greater than sign here followed by a comma followed by good within double quotes followed by a comma followed by bad within double quotes and then close parentheses. And of course all formulas begin with the equals sign so then immediately the spreadsheet calculates that the sales is okay. I just need to make one small modification here it s not b6.

But it s the total sales of the total sales in the northern region..

So i want to. Say. B11. Here.

Mr. B6 if the total sales is greater than 200000. It s good if not it s bad now. I want to be able to copy this to the right now before i copy this to the right.

I need to make sure that this cell reference is made absolute. So i want to put a dollar sign before the a so that when i copy this formula to the right. The a letter does not become b c. And d.

So let me put that there and then drag this over here..

And there you can see that if the sales for a region is about two hundred thousand dollars. Then it is good if it is below two hundred thousand dollars. Then it s bad so that s how you would make use of the if function in excel in your spreadsheet. Google docs here.

Now i would urge you to attempt the same thing here. Just find the totals for each of the categories instead of regions total average max min count and if for the if you want to say that if the sales is total sales is greater than 300 thousand. Which is the cell k4. Then it is good if not it is bad so that concludes this ” .


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