GoPro WiFi Password Reset Tutorial – Camera tutorial

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“And gadgets can be so tricky. Sometimes. But you don t have to smash your your gopro to nthe ground. If anything goes wrong with it cause today.

I will you step by step how nto reset the wifi settings on the gopro and then how to connect your phone to the gopro. Hey. Everyone i m criss and welcome back to neye stocker right before we jump into this tutorial. I nneed to share a story with you in fact.

I don t know how to call this epic ngopro fail or epic iphone. 6 fail if you have any other suggestions please leave nthem in the comments section below let s have some fun. I got so mad recently when i tried to make na timelapse video with my gopro and i totally failed i prepaired everything before the shoot the ngopro the settings. The tripod the timer and my iphone.

Everything was just fine and working. I drove about 18 miles away from my home nat. The right time to get ready and shoot a sunset time lapse anyway. Some weird things happened right before ni started to shoot.

So i found a great spot to position my tripod ni. ve put the gopro on it and then i tried multiple times to connect my phone to the ngopro and it simply didn t worked at all i needed the wifi connection with my phone nbecause. My gopro doesn t have an lcd screen on the back it s the gopro 4 black edition..


So i needed to check my framing on my phone nbefore starting to shoot the time lapse. I also checked the wifi settings on my phone nas well as the bluetooth connection and they looked just fine. So i missed that sunset and i was so upset nabout this i got home and i started to search on google and youtube. What did i missed so i found out that maybe maybe i should nreset the gopro wifi settings.

So i did this and as a miracle. I was able nto pair again the two devices the gopro and my iphone and everything was back to. Normalhowever ni still failed in that day. But there is always a but from every major nissue like this you should learn something because i did and i want to share this with nyou today.

And if you have friends who experienced the nsame issue like i did i think. It s a good opportunity to share this video to share nthis tutorial with them oh and just to make it clear. I m not mad non. My gopro at all i actually love it i own the gopro 4 black edition.

And i can ntell you that it s an amazing camera. The most amazing thing about this camera is nthat you can record 1080p videos at. 120 frames per second. Fps .

Which means you can slow ndown. The footage by 4 times in post production and get that super slowmotion like you see non tv. While still having a 30 fps movie in the end on the other side..


I have an iphone 6. Which nworks great too and it s the best phone. I ve ever had until now and of course i use the ngopro app. Which let s me preview.

My shots and my time lapses. Very quickly so here are the main steps. You should follow nto reset. Your gopro wifi settings.

First you need to turn on your gopro by pressing non the front button you have a side button right here hold it ndown until the blue led starts blinking and then without releasing it press. The front nbutton right after this you should see the reset. Nmenu. Which will ask you if you want to reset the gopro wifi settings or not obviously you should not press cancel you must push the front button to move down nto reset.

And then confirm the action with the top button now the wireless settings on the gopro are nreset and the camera will restart itself in a few seconds. The next is to hold down again the side button na bit longer this time for about 7 seconds or so until the wireless menu shows up select pair and confirm again with the top nbutton. You have 3 options now gopro app. Wifi remote ncontrol and back choose the first one press.

The top button nand you should see a pairing code from this moment you have 3 minutes to pair nyour iphone to the gopro plenty of time mister gopro thank you very nmuch we now move to the iphone. I will hit the settings icon enter the bluetooth nmenu where you should see a gopro somewhere in the list. You must click on the info button on the right nside and then on forget..


This device confirm the action by pressing the forget ndevice and now the gopro should be gone from your bluetooth list as you can see let s open the gopro app on the phone now you must choose connect your camera nadd new select your gopro model in my case it s the gopro 4 continue continue continue nit says ok bluetooth pairing request you should enter now the code which appears non the gopro screen and then press pair so you can give a name the your gopro with na minimum of 8 characters. Which also applies to the password. So let s name it gopro eyestocker and for. Nthe.

Password i will. Choose a. Hard. One.

Let. s. Say. 12345678.

And then press. Update. Your camera. Now it says go to settings.

Wifi on your niphone. Select gopro eyestocker and enter this password. I m in the wifi settings..


I will choose gopro neyestocker enter the password 12345678 and then choose join it s connected now let s go back to the gopro app i m pressing ntwice quicly on the home button to switch between the. Appsyou can see that the wifi nicon is blue it s active. I can press on control and we should see a live session. Here nwhich is great the problem is solved with my story from the beginning.

I just wanted nto point out how important is to know what to do exactly in specific situations. When nyour gadgets are not listening to you anymore if you have an android phone. The steps should nbe very simmilar to what you ve seen in this video. And if you have other solutions for this wifi nissue.

Please post them in the comments section below. I would love to read them i would nlove to learn new things from all of you if this tutorial helped you in any way hit nthat thumbs up and make sure you subscribe to my channel for more. Videos. C.

mon. Click that button it s very. Easyit s down there. It s here you see it s here let me tell you a secret nobody was hurt by pushing the subscribe button nso you can push it you will receive all the videos.

I know you want that c mon do it push the button. I cannot push it for you it s very easy ok guys see you in the next one ” ..

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