Gothicat Festival #2 Live Stream

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“Wait the gothic head festival is about to start in a few moments. Now would would be a good time to make a donation remember to share the event on social networks and please invite your friends to the stream. Please. Wait the gothic at festival is about to start in a few moments.

Now would be a good time to make a donation remember to share the event on your social networks and please invite your friends to the stream. Please wait the gothic at festival is about to start in a few moments. Now would be a good time to make a donation remember to share the events on your social networks and please invite your friends to the stream. Please wait the gothic.

A festival is about to start in a few moments. Now would be a good time to make a donation remember to share the event on your social networks and please invite your friends to the stream. Please wait the gothica festival is about to start in a few moments. Now would be a good time to make a donation remember to share the event on your social networks and please invite your friends to the stream.

Please wait the gothic at festival is about to start in a few moments. Now would be a good time to make a donation remember to share the event on your social networks and please invite your friends to the stream hello welcome to the second gothic 8. Festival. My name is andreas illative.

You might know me from my youtube show the waves of things if you re not familiar with gothic yet it is an online store welcomed by peculiar merchandise like this t shirt for example. It is basically like mixing dark alternative culture with kids we re living in dire times. Many of us sign isolation. Our daily lives are not what they used to be and the worst is we don t know how long this is going to last so we thought what can we do to help to improve the situation.

The idea was born to organize an online music event gothic. A festival number one was broadcast some weeks ago. And it was a big success because of you because of your donations your support your partaking in the jet. It gave us all the feeling of a little normality like the first event.

This one is for free. There are no online tickets. There are no commercial breaks in return. We just ask for a little favor.

Please. If you can donate the small amounts to the spanish red cross because as you know spain is like italy also heavily affected by the virus. And we would like to help also in these parts of europe. There will be information opportunity somewhere with the screen of course.

We also want to bring the scene closer together. We want to keep the scene alive in those days. A lot of great artists have provided us with unique footage unseen. Before and i invite you now to with me to enjoy gothic and festival.

Marble to the open of the second or second festival. His capitals post punk new wave door from guadalajara and mexico. They formed last year. And they are characterized by a dark sound.

The lyrics are bound protest and existentialism. We are going to see performance of their song satellite. There s someone else a watching it tonight. Most what you re thinking and what you ve done is expression side you could be warning here.

She won t be severe. Did you better help her there s someone outside watching it tonight. Not what you re thinking. And what you ve done.

This is some benadryl. No this is something you read over this is something that you don t care. This is something you don t know this is something do you know this is the main don t what you re never tell the german do lasserre to help a finance. The correct key is actively making music since 2016.

The music is a mix of psychedelia with post punk shoegaze cold wave and it s perfectly today s scientists we re going to see a performance of the song water at their home. And if you listen closely you will hear a kept complaining in the background. Because it was already late and she wanted to bed. So those of you who are sensitive to sleepless is look away from the screen.


You see swedish band the exploding boy have obviously taken the name from the the cure song the music has been described this post punk indie rock dark pop dark wave and whatnot and the analogy encompass all of these styles. But not without adding something of their own. We re going to see now a live performance of the song desperados. They can only live show at the campus.

No festival in the manor in 2019 laughter wait that i guess is a dark. We ve been from france founded in 2008. A german word guests can be translated as ghosts. But also a spirit that guests definitely takes the listener on the journey of the mind as we will experience with the song in my city from a live show taken in their hometown.

I will come on me. But i feel i m in wrong way our car. I know name is gaius follow me i see not be mawa this day. But seem to be discussed now i ve seen of freedom altars.

Although. I m just all are the same fight on is full of useless smell can t imagine to run away rid of looks like a big mistake. Everyone is darou this son is i m shy. I decided to run today.

I can trade. I don t wanna water cause. I m not scare my sex let s see the cool man doc toys. A duel from naples italy.

Which was formed in 2012 after 2 years break who duel has decided to come back with a more experimental approach on music. They have provided us with a warranty version and unedited live recording of the song on mad city mainstream offensive. Which came out last november. Sudarshan estas.

And stop no family. Oh. Gulp waif. Is maybe the best name to describe.

The austrian music act. The devil and the universe project was founded in 2012. And has gained quite some attention due to their extraordinary videos. Where the members are wearing gold masks.

General themes of the music of symbolism and ritualism. And they are for sure. One of the better known eggs from my home country. Austria.

We are going to see now an exclusive premiere of the song altamont apocalypse for years. One you really vocals in german and in english. A driving bass. Those are the characteristics of the german to walk center twins.

Which gained wider popularity with the latest release safari. Which means decay. We re very proud to show you now the exclusive premiere of the upcoming video. So far the title track of the album here the gothic is festival number 2.

I have been to just because you asked me to a secret never we me some ways and so far under vartan zafar. Then we ll card the guys behind the post punk project rossi if two albums out by now and they are known for their raw live performances. Which people seem to enjoy very much we are going to see one of those live performances name of the song get saved. Which means taint shame.

When you think about music from iceland of course. Jeff comes to mind sbarro s gasca s. But in recent years. You also have to edit kalin nikla to this list gemma mitra is a post punk trio from reykjavik consisting only of girls.

The sound is very melancholic very dark getting darker with the years characteristic the vocals of the senior which people seem to either love or hate. Now we are going to see a performance of the song. Nor analogies. Which the trio has taken in the warranty to father absolutely.


It is not easy to categorize the sound of the other geese band with the peculiar name she pleasures herself it is reminiscent of the goth rock bands and the new wave bands of the late seventies and early eighties but she pleasures herself also and something modern a unique to the music. We are going to see now the exclusive premiere of the song quarantine you re the face of the cream. You were waiting for you you were oh. I guess most of you are familiar with the project psyche in 1982.

The brothers darren and stephen huss from edmonton canada formed the synth pop project soon becoming one of the grantees of the genre. We re going to see a live performance of their song unveiling the secret taken at the show at the legendary urban spray in berlin in 2014. The lost messages is a sinful project from southern italy born in 2019 they are dealing with decadence existentialism about life in the digital world. We are going to see the quarantine performance of the song no place for us.

So now it s time for the time machine she no more the post punk bands from germany formed in 1979 sounds like suicide commander a still big hits now it is in 1986. The bank decided to give a goodbye concert in oberhausen before they stopped working on music for almost 20 years. It is a big pleasure for us to show you an excerpt of this last show from 1986 of the song hysteria it s the swedish bands pr ncipe valiant the the brave prince is around for quite some time now since 2005. They have been labeled to us by tag pope in europe decide for yourself.

We are going to see a live performance of the clip before you knew me they can it be new in berlin in 2018. Jeff duckworth. The mastermind behind the project soft riot was the first guest on my show. But we ve had a friendly relationship ever since originally from vancouver.

Jack now resides in glasgow. As eccentric as his personality is so is his music most his videos are very characteristic colourful crazy very artistic surrealistic. We will see now a studio performance of the song. It s a laughing matter from his latest release when push comes to shove.

Hello. Everyone. This is soft ride from glasgow. Scotland.

I m thankful for the opportunity to be able to play the second edition of the gothic kath online festival against cove it 19. Which we re in the middle of now as you probably well know what i m going to do for this festival is do a studio slash live performance of my track. It s no laughing matter from the album when push comes to shove released november 2019 on possession records so keep safe stay healthy and check it out vile is the site project of lebanon ha novus. William meddling when he founded the project in 2014.

We wanted to explore the grimmest area since interface music and indeed. It is one of the darkest projects out there the german word cloud means anguish or agony and fits very well to the mood. His music transmits. We re going to see a performance of the song above the below thee.

Which william has recorded in his quarantine. The foreign resort is a post punk band from copenhagen denmark. Which was formed in 2008 they see themselves between the cuse pornography era and the driving seat sons of lcd soundsystem they will perform for us a cover version of real life scout song sent me an angel hey. Welcome fealty cab.

We got the phone restored welcome to a practice space come on in come on magic. Happens hey man. I was just fixing some drinks. Hello.

First hand sanitizer. Please very good gin and tonic here s one for you it s pretty strong birthday beer non alcoholic for the birthday kid morton hanson here we go happy birthday mother thank you mr fish thank you the couch where you ll be enjoying a fabulous one song show okay got the cats here we go. This is called send me an angel corona florence university oh on the boo is a post punk band from paris active since 2012 the album superior state has gained quite some attention it was even post punk rock comes number one album of 2018. We are going to see a live performance of the song paralyzed taken at the show in las eagle in bali.

Silently rain is a duo from paris formed in 2012. There are three albums out baile the sound of saigon blue rain is summer between post park cold wave is a real wave and dream pop and now we are going to see the song still you selfish shadows is the project of the italian daniela giustra formed in 2016. The nail is very actively producing music seeing his style somewhere between wave and glitch with a ground pop atmosphere and strive minimal crooner like locals we are going to see a performance of the song tried in fire. Which daniela has performed especially for the gothic edge festival.

Kaylynn camera was founded in 1979 by angelo bell kamini. It became one of the most legendary dark alternative projects of italy. The band is known for several lineup changes as well as for controversies caused by a bad research music journalism. Without giving the band.

The proper platform to defend themselves. Even though offended by this witch hunt. Killing camera did not cease to create great music they are still active. Nowadays.


We re going to see now the live performance of the song sky collapse taken in leipzig in 2020. How very much i ve tried in my bed by the role of lifetime. I have until a lot of people their line has made our life impossible turn well i work with weekly schedule. The show.

Thank you and now it s time for a little insight. What is going on behind the music the label p. Blica records is an independent music label founded in 2011 in athens with the vision of providing a platform for new and unconventional artists reco chooses its artists very carefully most of them from the dark alternative boom abrecan sees himself as a family or it s artists and listeners and they want to remain outside the usual structures of the music industry. All releases by fabrica are limited editions.

Many of which have become sought after collector pieces also in your fabrica. Fests are being helped where the label shows his artists to the rest of the world. We re going to see now a part of one of these fests. The performances she passed away.

Telephone. And level. On hanover from the year. 2018.

Oh oh oh oh oh sigue sigue. Sputnik is a new wave band from britain. Founded by martin de ville and stoney james in 1982. Their imagery and their themes are inspired by dystopian films.

Such as clockwork orange blade. Runner or mad. Max. Sigga.

Sigga. Sputnik s music is a mix of cult of seeds of and glam rock. Every co has even covered one of their songs love inside f. 111.

And now we will see the other way around civil service. Would think of have a david bowie. Song namely. The jeanne.

Jeanne. So far. Oh oh. Cases respect.

Since june. Is a dark ways originally from serbia. Now based in berlin. They have gained international reputation with songs like drowning never leave me or beg for a day.

The sound is heavily influenced by the eighties musicians we like like the cure or death mode. We are going to see now a live performance of the song fate taken at the drugstore club in belgrade in 2014. Some samba is the project of brendon fibers from the us founded in 2016. Brendon was a music lover since he was a child and he s also involved in several projects.

Some samba is his gothic self encompassing the sound of the best goth rock bands from the last 30 years. We re going to see now a performance of the song fear cheers wow. Oh breathe black imagine my joy. When i found out that the beauty of janila is we stuck with project thus partaking of the gothica festival.

As i m a big admirer of her frontman weekend sale the characteristic looking singer with his white blond hair is put on several hits in the past like the dark anthem. Suicide landscape for the melancholic song stairs. They gradually changed from dark wave to a more singer songwriter style and now we are going to hear one of those combo songs from the theater project sharply very nice recorded in zurich in 2020. And we will hear the song in the dark.

See then the dark. The blackbird. See then the dark a nameless star seethammadhara a fading memory. See that the dark.


They remember the shine. Oh. When one day you love food gold like a secret light as far as ooh when the night was cold alone. We remember the sun fire isn t love is alright stepping on my skin.

See the the nine. The shapeless listen and the night to a nameless prey. When one day my love would go like a secret light as far as love and an id was called the glow. We re flying with you soviet soviet is a three piece post punk band from pissarro italy.

Which was formed in 2008 so bits of it are for sure. One of the better known eggs from italy. Nowadays a little bombastic live show as i could witness at a concert in the glamorous and years ago. We re going to see now a quarantine recording of her song.

No lessons. The chameleons were all spanked and from manchester formed in 1981. They were known for the atmospheric guitar driven sound and are considered one of the most underrated bands from that area it entertained the commercial success of other bands from that manchester. See.

But they developed a cult following since a few years singing and bassist mark fergus continues to play chameleon songs live under the moniker chameleons walks. We are going to see now one of those performances like chameleons walks. They made the song second skin taken from the live show it from the spelt in fine foods. In 2012.

Stop. Oh all babies should not have invested and to reach the parkway. If not someone your seconds. And suddenly our centers delvis is the project of jazz finger destiny.

And eddie cooper from new york founded in 2013. The debut album services was very well received. It is very good music. When you have a long car ride ahead of you also the second album private life is very good solidifying.

The unique identity in the dark indian center of sphere. We re going to see a performance of one of the songs from the second album capital pains. Which the duo has recorded for us in the quarantine. They are also in this video.

They are flickers. There is an electronic dance music project founded in 1990 by gived events from absolute body control compared to absolute body control that is asha darker more danceable. We are going to see a performance of his song final reports taken from the show in antwerp in 2015. Be careful also here a strong focus in the video.

So now it s time for the time machine. She the invincible spirit is the electronic project of german musician thomas ludica. Which was launched in 1986 with his project became one of the most popular electronic edges of the 90s with heat such as devil dance and push. We re going to see now a performance of the song make a device taken at the market alley hamburg in 1992.

So we ve almost reached the end of the second corsica festival. But there will be one more song. I hope you enjoyed it so far the last song will be by the kv be the kdp is final occult project from the uk consisting of nickels wood. And can t they can t they is responsible for the visuals.

Which the band focuses on very much the sound has been described as electronica mixed with psychedelia post punk and showcase. We are going to see the performance of the song based taken from a live show in china in hangzhou also here lucas so please be careful. She said. Yeah so that was graphic and festival number two i hope you enjoyed it as much as the first one or maybe.

Even more thank you all for your support for your donations. Thanks to the musicians. The noob studio for the editing of the festival and thanks to all the people that were involved to make this event. Possible.

There s not much more i can say stay safe stay cool. And see you again at the gothica festival. Number three on the 23rd of many ” ..


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