HBU Nursing Med Check Off

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“Guys my name is danielle. I m a second semester. Hpu nursing student. The following following video that you are about to see is your medication administration check off.

Sophia gonna be in the role of our nurse. And she s gonna run you through everything that you need to do and what to expect as well as the paperwork you ll be filling out so sit back and enjoy the video. Hello how are you today. I m good.

How are you all right so. Here s your scenario for your medication. Checkup. So i m gonna match up my patient with this an area that i have so in the paper.

I can see my patients vitals and the medication orders that the doctor has prescribed so now. I m gonna go to the pyxis all right next up i have my orders so i m going to start. Looking but for heparin so heparin is given subcutaneously this is heparin. 10000 units per milliliter and the order is for 5000 units sub q.

So i know i m gonna need a syringe for that and it expires 2020. So we can use that now for my pio medications. I m gonna use a little cup next up i will look free lipid er so lipitor ten milligrams pio then we have colace a hundred milligrams so colace here it says fifty milligrams. So i know i m gonna have to use two of those so since my patient is in moderate pain.

I m gonna go with acetaminophen. So it says. The order. Says 500 milligrams.

And the bottle..

Says 500 milligrams. So i m going to use one. So once you open. It you re going to pour out without touching and pour it into your cup.

So now i have all my medications complete next up. I m going to draw up the tempering. So you have to grab a syringe that s going to. Fit what you re going to do.

So it. Says 10000. Units per milliliter and i know i only have 5000. Units so that means i m going to use 05.

Milliliters so i m gonna grab a sterile alcohol pad open it clean the top draw a point five of air. And then insert the air into the vial and take out point five milliliters. So next thing you want to do is you come into the patient s room. You make sure that your hands have been washed.

And you want to introduce yourself to the patient so hi. Miss smith. My name is sophia. I will be your student nurse.

Today and i am gonna be distributing your medication. So. Then you want to make sure that you have the right patient. So i would scan his wristband and also ask for a full name and date of birth or medical record number next.

I would position the patient up make sure that they have water because the medications that we re giving our p o..

So he needs to be able to swallow them so. The first thing. I want to do is go through the five rights. So i do have the right patient.

Then i want to make sure i have the right drug lipper and lipitor ride dose ten milligrams. Ten milligrams. Right route. It is a pill.

So it is. P oh. Right. Time it s given at 9 00 am daily.

And he is not allergic to it. He is allergic to digoxin so that does not matter here and the expiration date is 2015. But that s okay in the scenario. So for lipitor.

Mr. Smith. This is your medication to help lower your cholesterol. So this is colas and i do have the right patient again so coleus and colace the orders for a hundred milligram and each colace is 50 milligrams.

So i know i m going to need two of those it s given pio and it s in pill forms and it s every morning expiration date is 2018. But again it s okay in the scenario. So mr. Smith this is your colace that s gonna help you soften your stool you may experience some cramping.

But you shouldn t worry about that next up we have the acetaminophen..

The order was for 500 milligrams. And we check that in the pyxis. It is pio. So it is in pill form and it s given every four hours.

So i would check in the mark. When was the last time that he was given a cinnamon ofin and make sure that s been at least four hours. And this. Mr.

Smith is going to be to help with your pain. Lastly we have heparin sodium heparin is 5000. Units. And we had drawn up point five units as per the bottle and it s given sub q.

So i m gonna inject this this is to help thin out your blood and you should expect a little bit of bruising around the area of injection. And if you have any abnormal bleeding or hemorrhaging please let me know since it is sub q. I m gonna give it in the fatty part of the stomach after educating my patient. I would go ahead and give the injection so mr smith i m gonna give you your injection in your stomach.

I would pinch up a little bit and then insert so after giving the injection before opening up the rest of my pills. I would ask my patient if he s able to swallow or once to swallow them one. At a time or all at the same time so. If he says one at a time one at a time and give them his give him water if he says all of them at once go ahead and open all of it and then give him his water after administering medication.

I would ask the patient if there s anything else he needs from me. Then i would make sure that the call light is within reach that the bed is locked. If i race the bed up. I would make sure to lower it back down and make sure that the sight reels are up.

I would also tell the patient that i will be back in 30 minutes to check on his condition since i gave him a subcu injection..

So after giving meds and leaving the patient in his room. I m gonna go ahead and document the medications that i gave so i have my document sheet and i see i gave heparin so it is 9 00. Am so i m gonna initial next to heparin next to 9 00 am and i would go ahead and do this with all the rest of the medications that i gave during the medication. Administration documentation.

You document the medication that is given as needed for example in the video. Acetaminophen was given to help reduce pain levels. You date. It right the time.

That the medication was given the name of the medication. The reason for giving the medication. The result of giving the medication and you initial next. You document the medication that was not given again you date it right the time medication name.

The reason. The medication was not given for example. The patient refused to take the medication or the patient may have had an elevated blood pressure or a low blood pressure reading lastly you initial. It hey guys.

It s me again just a few last reminders before you do your medication. Administration checkup make sure you are in your scrub attire. You re a professional you show up 30 to 45 minutes prior to your sign off time make sure you bring the papers that your professor told you to bring i know nerves they re going to be a thing and you re going to be nervous. But breathe.

I believe in you and you are going to do great i hope this video helps and we ll see you next time ” ..

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