Here s why this $400 iMac is one of the best ever!

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“Me is a mid 2011 27. Inch imac and for a couple of reasons. I i think. This is one of the best imax ever made okay so to start i m gonna split this video into two parts the first it s gonna be an overview of this imac as it is currently and the second part is going to be more about why this is the best imac ever mayne arguably and also why you re gonna see a lot more of this thing on the channel.

But before we start with anything can we just admit how cool it looks to have sort of this like dual imac setup. It looks good alright so to start let s run through the specs. This is a top tier 27. Inch.

Mid. 2011. Imac and it comes equipped with a. 34 gigahertz quad core hyper threaded i7.

2600. Miles the stock four gigabytes of ram. However this imac like most 27 inch imac has user serviceable rams. So we re not staying with 4 gigabytes for very long for storage.

This machine should come with a one terabyte mechanical drive. I say should because that s what i ordered. But when my imac arrived it had a 2 terabyte hard drive installed nice nice nice. Nice graphics are handled by an amd radeon hd 6970 m.

With one gigabyte of dedicated vram. The main weaknesses of this machine. As it currently stands are the slow mechanical. Hard drive.

And the rather old graphics. Rev is no concern. Because anyone could have that upgraded quickly and cheaply. Just stick to more 2 gigabyte dimms in it and most people would be fine also the i7 2608 odle screamer.

Considering its age iran cinebench. Which yielded a score of 605 cb over 3 runs. That honestly was pretty surprising to me..


And it unlocks a lot of potential for this machine in some pro apps. Photoshop runs. Very well on this guy. And it looks nice on the large 1440p display final cut pro likewise runs.

Very smoothly on this imac thanks to that nice cpu performance. The 4k is just too taxing to be a viable option on this device speaking of photoshop and final cut. Pro and i think you know where i might be going. Here.

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Below and the first 500 people to click the link and sign up will get a free two months of skillshare premium okay back to the performance of this imac the graphics aren t necessarily bad. But they don t hold up nearly as well as the core i7 has i ran the unigine heav n benchmark. So we can compare to my other macs and this fella scored a measly 250 for comparison my 2016 macbook pro scores about 460 my 5k imac scores 689 and my late 2013. Macbook pro retina 15 inch scores a close to 78 with its nvidia gt 750 m kind of crazy if you think about it that this imac head arguably high end graphics for 2011.

And just two years later the sort of mediocre graphics in a macbook. Pro are right in that same ballpark. So obviously. These graphics are on the weaker side that being said.

I took no sympathy and fired up some games at native 1440p to see how well it does starting with csgo. I saw a stable 60fps at medium settings with plenty of headroom to finesse the settings to your needs next in civ. 5. I loaded up my save game with a relatively large civilization to strain the cpu and gpu interestingly when i zoomed in to look at a city or a tile.

I got a perfect 60 fps. But when i zoom out it cuts in half exactly locking in at 30fps. There s no middle ground..


It s always 30 or 60 exactly if anyone knows why this is please let me know next. I fired up portal to a lighter title because i wanted to see if i could get this thing to run some really nice settings and sure enough it runs at a constant 60 fps on the highest possible settings at the highest possible resolution this game. Honestly looks pretty good considering it s the same age as this imac finally i tried to run the witness. But was greeted by a fatal error because the game requires a metal support in gpu to run and this imac is unsupported by both metal and mac.

Os mojave. A major downside to an otherwise great device. There are several work grants to get mac os mojave on here and i ll talk a little bit more about graphics options for this machine later in the video. One thing.

That is worth noting about the graphics in this imac is that like the macbook pros from 2011 with amd hd 6000 series graphics. There is a good chance of gpu failure. There was a replacement program for the graphics in these models. Which has of course expired as these machines are seven almost eight years old so under most circumstances having an own gpu defect like that would mean that i would tell you to stay away from that machine at all costs.

However that s not the case here and i ll tell you why in a little bit for now. Though this imac has aged gracefully in fact apart from the thicker sides. It is almost indistinguishable from a new imac. If you look at them from the front.

They look exactly the same in fact. I bet you didn t even notice. That this isn t the 2011 imac. But my 2015 5 k.

Imac. You ve officially been pranked. I was a little nervous that the non retina display would look kind of chunky. But i m happy to report that unlike pre retina macbook pro screens.

Which have not aged. Very well this one looks pretty good even today. It s a nice ips display with rich colors and really impressive viewing angles for something so old in fact. The only complaint that i have and you may have noticed this from my footage is that this display is very very reflective it does not have that anti reflective coating that you ll find on a lot of newer mac s so at this point.

You re probably. Wondering why i m claiming that this thing is one of the best imax ever made because sure these are pretty good specs pretty ds performance for a machine that only costs 400 bucks. But it s not anything spectacular as it is right now to explain why this thing is so good..


I only need one word upgradability. Yeah. Despite being an all in one there is a lot that you can upgrade on this imac granted. It s not nearly as easy to work on as those weird build it yourself pcs that people keep telling me about in the comments.

I don t know what that s all about is that new. But with some patience this thing is very very upgradable seriously this thing is so easy to work on in fact. I ll show you right now. All you have to do is get your fingernails under this display and off it goes.

It s that easy you should probably use suction cups. Though it s just a little safer you don t crack the glass. So once you get the glass off there s just a couple of screws and a few connector cables and urine. So what can you actually upgrade well like a lot of imax including this 5k imac.

This has a socketed cpu. So you can change that it also has user upgradeable ram. As we ve talked about it also has space for a second sata hard drive or ssd or you could even bump up to three hard drives in this machine. If you take out the optical drive and put in one of those macbook pro hard drive caddies yep those things work in this as well and then you can run three drives more importantly and also more interestingly the graphics in this machine use the mx m type b.

Standard. Which means that you can replace and upgrade them you heard me right an imac with upgradable graphics. Now granted. It s not like this is the only one the 21 inch as well as older imax also had that but this is the most modern imac that has upgradable graphics also right about now you re probably noticing that i haven t opened this thing up and done any of those upgrades trust me.

I will so pretty much the rest of this year. Is going to be me turning this imac into one heck of a screamer. So this video is really a pre a video series that i ll be doing with longtime. Occasional co star noah from pogo coding and more so make sure you re subscribed with notifications on to see how that unfolds.

We re gonna call this thing. The franken mac. It s gonna be a screamer so to recap not only is this imac a pretty good value option. Considering the screamer of a cpu and pretty decent specs for the money.

It also has a lot of potential. The sky is the limit with these machines you can put some really nice hardware in these and still maintain the nice form factor and sleek design now obviously. It s not gonna be the easiest tasks..


There are bound to be hiccups. As you ll likely see from noah and i shortly if you re thinking of having a go at upgrading one of these hold off for a bit. So noah and i can have a go at it first let us mess up so you don t have to we re gonna figure out what it takes to modernize these machines even if granted it s not the most economical or the most practical thing to do don t expect this to be a flawless masterpiece. A work of art in the making.

But hopefully we ll put some things in it and they ll work i hope it works otherwise. It s gonna be a really boring video series. So. The reason that i think that this is such a great eye mask is because it is so versatile because you can change so much about it so does that make you practical not necessarily for a lot of people you re gonna probably avoid having to do all the work on this by just buying an imac that works as it is putting it on your desk.

And leaving it alone. But if you like to tinker and upgrade your technology. This is a really fun project so that ll do it for today s video as usual make sure to like comment and subscribe. Don t forget to follow me on twitter.

At luke me on e and please consider joining my subreddit. I ll be posting along the way as i do these upgrades and it ll be fun to chat with you guys as the upgrades. Progress and with that i will see you guys in the next video. So i didn t really know where to put this so i just kind of stuck this on the end.

But this was honestly one of the least professionally packed products. I ve ever gotten off of ebay. Okay now this is epic. I ll be the first one to admit that it s kind of hard to pack an imac.

But that does not sound right at all i can reach in and feel the top of the imac. I can i m literally touching the top of the imac right now i turn the flash on look at that that is not a whole well packed. Oh. My god got it open.

This is nowhere. This is just a plastic bag a ripped in half plastic bag this is nowhere near enough to be shipping or i back on ok. So this is the company that i got it from they sent me an email with this exact stuff on that i guess they really really want to make sure that you re happy with what you get the first thing they could do is you know package. This thing properly cuz jeez.

This is this is like what i think this is the worst packing job. I ve ever seen it s just awful you ” ..

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